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compressor stall
26th Mar 2008, 03:39
Hi all,

Can someone please suggest a website/resource where I might find some historical wind charts/data of the Atlantic Ocean covering a flight from West Africa to Brazil below say FL150 in September?

Thanks in advance.


26th Mar 2008, 08:39
G'Day Stallie

This falls bang in the remit of the Met boys on Ascension Island. You need their number, er I've forgotten, but Cable and Wireless enquiries Tel: +247 6721 [yup, that short a number] will get you an operator. The US guys I think answer to Pope AFB and tho' very personable and polite may not be helpful. The UK met boys are still there and Ariane subcontract to C&W although their info is commercially sensitive. [Both US and Ariane monitor the downwind ranges of their repective launchpads in Florida and Kourou]. If it is statistical and historical data you require I can send you a disk that may be helpful. The data is statistical and not a collation of observations. For example Freetown-> Ascension and Ascension->Recife are covered with the winds and temperatures to be expected for the level of significance you require e.g. 50%, 85%, whatever. For routes not covered in the tables you have to get the CX-2 out and do a bit of equation solving. For pressure altitudes "in between the piano keys" any interpolation formula works well, you can download a good one from NACO for example.

Best Rgds

The "e"

PS: A genial way to find a met person is to obtain from above operator the number of the Mountain View Club and or Two Boats Club. Usually someone in the MV Club 1200-1300 for lunch or 1900-?? relaxing. Beats ringing ops!

compressor stall
28th Mar 2008, 08:19
Thanks E!

Check PMs.

29th Mar 2008, 12:56
G'Day Stallie!

A pleasure always doing business with you. When they made you the threw the mould away. They tried that when I was born but it keeps growing back [groan].

I have sent a PM but I ought to add that I will sling in some current plates now that I know a bit more.

An e-wave is added from KO Sally who has very fond memories of our times in one of your intended stops. For me too the magic will never vanish.

Best Rgds

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