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25th Mar 2008, 21:33
BA annonce via BBC that Capt Lynn Barton will be the captain of the first plane to land at T5. Oh dear, I do hope not. All my experience suggests she would be better landing on one of the runways.

25th Mar 2008, 21:42
It's closer to the shops that way. :rolleyes:

25th Mar 2008, 21:49
Not flying in a Harrier is she?

Ken Wells
25th Mar 2008, 23:40
A good case for a third runway methinks!

Howard Hughes
26th Mar 2008, 10:09
BA to land at T5
What is the under shoot area full?;)

Curious Pax
26th Mar 2008, 10:11
Willie Walsh is quoted on Sky News: " this is a massive logistical exercise, which is without parallel." - whilst undoubtedly a huge undertaking I would have thought that going through the same exercise, but moving from one airport to another as happened in Hong Kong would have been a greater task!

Ken Wells
26th Mar 2008, 12:34
Sure she wasn't bidding for T Side?

26th Mar 2008, 13:03
Its OK. I've just tipped off the police that this lady is planning to "fly into" Terminal 5 on Thursday. They should have enought time to get to her with a couple of Typhoons beforehand. It would be a shame to see it destroyed so soon. It surely won't take BAA long to ruin it anyway.

26th Mar 2008, 13:32
I'm sure the landing will be fine.... But the parking will be terrible!


26th Mar 2008, 13:50
I thought Lynn was only 49...?!

26th Mar 2008, 13:51
oooooh nasty!

Where's falpsy to defend the honour of female aviators?

26th Mar 2008, 14:02
But I was only being chivalrous... :{

26th Mar 2008, 14:27
" this is a massive logistical exercise, which is without parallel."

Being an Irishman, Willie has conveniently forgotten D Day, which is probably the largest logistics challenge (not an exercise) ever, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story :ok:

26th Mar 2008, 14:34
:8I am flying out of LHR T5 tomorrow, what's the likelihood of getting there without bumping into any protestors?:8

26th Mar 2008, 15:31
Good luck to her, however, I do think BA have managed to put the corporate spin on the fact that she is a female pilot and was the first to be employed by them all those years ago. If you are on that particular flight you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be running to time!

I am flying out of LHR T5 tomorrow, what's the likelihood of getting there without bumping into any protestors?

I'm sure the unwashed rent a mob crowd will make their prescence known tomorrow, hopefully the boys in blue will be one step ahead of them this time.

26th Mar 2008, 19:39
Will she ever make it to the terminal? The media tells me that aircraft generally park on runways!

Mr Grumps
26th Mar 2008, 21:04
I hope nothing too disastrous happens tomorrow as I'm using staff travel in the evening.

26th Mar 2008, 21:08
I'm sure the unwashed rent a mob crowd will make their prescence known tomorrow, hopefully the boys in blue will be one step ahead of them this time.

Flash mob invasion of T5

Up to 1,000 protesters are expected to flood Heathrow's Terminal 5 when it opens to the public tomorrow.
The anti-climate change activists, buoyed in recent weeks by high-profile demonstrations at the airport and at Westminster, are preparing to invade the 4billion building.
The flash mob protest will take place at 11am with activists revealing T-shirts proclaiming: "Stop Airport Expansion."
Campaigners have vowed the mass demonstration will be peaceful and not disrupt flights.
Security sources fear the protesters will join queues for flights or block escalators, causing mayhem.
Police chiefs have met to discuss the security implications and the number of officers is expected to be increased.
A Metropolitan police spokesman said: "We are working closely with airport authorities to put in place a suitable policing plan for the commercial opening of Terminal 5.
"We would strongly advise anyone planning any action that they are compliant with the law. Protest activity within the airport is illegal and draws police resources away from their primary-function of protecting the airport. Such behaviour can be at the least disruptive to the travelling public and intimidating for staff and the public.
"We will have a robust policing plan in place on the day so that anyone breaking the law is dealt with."
A spokesman for airport operator BAA said: "We welcome the ( environmental) debate - it is an important one to be had. But the protests tomorrow are not the appropriate forum in which to hold the debate. We will take whatever-action is necessary to protect the safety and security of the airport and our passengers. We hope that protesters will respect that and respect the right of people to fly."
Campaigners say about 800 T-shirts have been handed out and as many as 1,000 people are expected for the protest.
They claim interest has intensified following the stunts last month on a plane's tailfin and on the roof of the palace of Westminster. At a secret meeting near Russell Square Tube station on Monday, final details of tomorrow's protest were agreed. To avoid breaking conspiracy laws, protesters will arrive singly at the terminal, find fellow activists and begin "spontaneous" actions.
In a note circulated to protesters this week, organisers Plane Stupid said: "The airport opens to the public this Thursday, so if you've nothing to do (or feel like taking a sickie) come to the T5 Flash Mob. Get a 'stop airport expansion' T-shirt ... when the clock strikes 11am, whip your jacket off and let everyone know you what you think. Wearing a T-shirt in public isn't a crime - it's about the only thing you can do in the Terminal that's not illegal!"
A spokesman for the flash mob said: "The protest will be legal and peaceful. It will be calling for a freeze on airport expansion." Another source said: "The aim is basically to make complete and utter nuisances of themselves."

27th Mar 2008, 12:34
Sounds like the baggage-handling system has gone LBU with delays of around an hour for inbound passengers being able to collect their bags.
Problem being aimed at staff rather than equipment . . .


From the Beeb website:-
Passengers were experiencing difficulties collecting their bags, and there were reports of delays in luggage being loaded onto planes.
Some passengers waited two hours for their bags from a Frankfurt flight that landed at around 0830 GMT.
One unlucky passenger was Jenny Uhl, travelling with her friend, Verena Keller.
Ms Uhl said: "The terminal looks nice, but the bag situation is not good."
Another passenger, Klaus Hausler, said he had been delayed.
"I waited an hour and a half for my bags but could get no information from anyone. It was not good,"

27th Mar 2008, 12:45
Just heard on the beeb that some HKG pax are still waiting for their bags!! Oh well, better late than never, which HAS happened to my bags b4, usually when travelling across the Atlantic......

Flap 5
27th Mar 2008, 16:44
I thought they spent a couple of weeks testing the systems out? Surely the people who were going to use them would have been trained then? Apparently part of the problem was baggage staff not being able to log in to the system. Eh? How did they log in last week when they were being trained on it? Don't tell me they didn't actually train on the terminal 5 system when it was being tested?!

27th Mar 2008, 18:09
AFAICT (guessing) any training was carried out on a working system and nobody seems to have considered how to circumvent any glitches.
A competent 'manager' should contemplate possible failures and arrange contingency planning to ensure that alternative facilities were available (even if it meant fully staffing the previous terminal so that passengers - and maybe even aircraft - could be switched back to a system that would allow business to continue) . . .

That, IMO is basic basic management practice.
(and I did mean to repeat basic).

28th Mar 2008, 16:08
Agree with G-CPTN - when my projects "go-live" I have every available hand on-site from as early as people can manage. I've never had to press the "panic" button, but if I ever had to disaster could be averted.

Willy Walsh should be ashamed of his "dissapearing act" in this fiasco and resign. The Operations Director of BAA should also resign. They won't, of course, because they will be too busy spending their completion bonus.

The other airlines are cashing in on this. I am booked onto a domestic flight on Monday from T5 and thought - best switch to another airline in a differnt terminal. Cost to fly London to EDI on Monday from alternative carrier - over 450:*.

I feel genuinely sorry for the BA and BAA staff that are now forced to deal with the, rightly, thoroughly p1ssed off general public.