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25th Mar 2008, 14:32
How do the Spanish manage to give me a cup of fresh brewed strong coffee ( not the weak American variety) for 1.20

I read recently that Costa coffee want Pounds 2.50 for what I must admit was the best cup on offer in the UK.

25th Mar 2008, 14:49
Yes, a medium cup of coffee at an 'average' Costa will come in at about 2.50 or thereabouts. Maybe more at airports, motorway service stations. However, in their defence, it is the nicest coffee I've ever tasted - but that's subjective, isn't it!

The amazing thing about Costa coffee in the UK is it's ubiquity. You can get a Costa on motorways, high streets, in Abbey National building society, at train stations, in many independent coffee shops, in just about every book shop...the list goes on!

25th Mar 2008, 15:28
There's a luverly lady who does the mid Norfolk market towns, serving an amazing array of coffee and tea blends from the back of her Smart Car, anything from eyewatering, kneeknocking expresso to the most delicate of fragrant teas.
All for only a 1 a cup and it's a sight better than anything served by the corporate rip off merchants, (although I have to say, for all the bland muck they serve, MacDonalds used to sell a very good range of coffee at a decent price and still let the local ambulance service have it for nowt).

25th Mar 2008, 15:34
Wetherspoon coffee...............around 0.87. Costa is a total rip-off, should be boycotted. We visit Cambridge regularly, lots of coffee outlets, all charging around the 2.50 mark, except Wetherspoon. Students must be a lot better off than we was in my day!

2.50? should be bloody shot!


25th Mar 2008, 15:41
90p and a free refill.
Fresh, strong and in my local coffee shop.

Costas/Starbucks etc - rip offs

What Limits
25th Mar 2008, 15:56
A medium Double-Double in Tim Horton's is about 70p.

25th Mar 2008, 16:17
It doesn't matter, as long as I can park my BMW right outside.

25th Mar 2008, 17:52
An average of approximately 50p for a reasonably good cuppa coffee in this neck of woods.

Somehow, most folks seem to prefer the 'instant' variety -- possibly because of its aroma! -- which could cost as low as just 8p!!


25th Mar 2008, 19:23
Base price of a simple Costa's Coffee is Rs. 60 here - around 0.75 pounds or 1 Euro. And I hated it. The coffee at Coffee Day (Rs. 35), Barista (Rs. 45) and Mocha (Rs. 60) (all chains across India) is much better.

And all beaten by filter coffee brewed at the local South Indian fast food joint for twenty bucks :)

26th Mar 2008, 07:41
Singapore has seen an explosion of Starbucks, I cannot understand the attraction of the place: it serves a vile coffee and about SGD7 a time. I drink tea more often than not, average about 4.50 at Spinelli's, or 1.10 for a 'teh tarik' going local. Great, but very sweet - that'll be the condensed milk then. (Note, about GBP1 = SGD2.30).

Howard Hughes
26th Mar 2008, 07:46
$2-30 AUD - $3-80 AUD depending on your tipple, best coffee I have ever tasted Mauritian Coffee!:ok:

26th Mar 2008, 08:04
About 3,500 KRW for a single espresso in one of the many chain coffee shops, 4,000 KRW for a crappy American style in a local coffee shop and up to 6,000 KRW for capuccionos etc. In the 5* hotels, these prices are doubled.

1,000 KRW = 1 USD.

26th Mar 2008, 16:46
Paid $1.21 or something for a Tim Horton's at CYQT at 5.28 AM yesterday. Ten seconds later told by some new guy on security that I couldn't take it airside, despite doing exactly that for the last 4 years. Pulled lid off and took a gulp and left it. Burnt my bloody tongue and spoiled my entire day........

PILOTS NEED COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!:ugh:

26th Mar 2008, 17:20
Starbucks in Warrenton, Virginia - $1.75 for a medium coffee - various blends available. I was in UK last weekend and stopped a couple of times on M1 going north - could not believe how expensive for a tea bag dunked in tepid water. Fuggedaboutit! I make my own tea :rolleyes: now, on road or at home.

26th Mar 2008, 17:26
Thought I would add my words, in detail, on this subject..... Coffee! Don't touch the stuff.

El Grifo
26th Mar 2008, 18:39
Yep, here on "La Isla Mitica" one euro is all I pay.
The coffee comes accompanied by a refreshing glass of water.

Viva Espana :ok:

26th Mar 2008, 20:04
Heading for 3 for a grande cappuccino in the Dublin coffee shops, but I don't know a place near me that can do what you describe - just coffee.

I was spoilt on a trip to Portugal a couple of years ago: my friend took me to a place in Braga where Double Espresso shots were 0.80. Bzzzzzz.... :ooh:

At my university I can get a decent-sized fresh cappuccino from a machine for 1. They tried to increase it to 1.20 earlier this year, but management told them to eat it, probably because they know the place runs on coffee. That and Kinder Bueno bars... :ok:

26th Mar 2008, 21:58
Average price of 1.50.

One cup throws me ulcer out though, so I can't have much. :mad:

26th Mar 2008, 22:09
Starbucks - Tall coffee - $3.65
Dunkin Donuts just upped the price of their large coffee from $2.06 to $2.16

26th Mar 2008, 23:09
In a local cafe a good, strong and large coffee costs 1,40. A reasonable cappuccino cost 1,60.

Made at home with coffee that I get from Italy an espresso costs about 0,20 and tastes much better.

27th Mar 2008, 02:58
Just been reading 'The Undercover Economist' by Tim Harford. Quite a bit of chapter two (I think) is about how coffee is priced. The stuff itself (including milk and sugar) is pennies; the main cost in many places is rent of the premises involved.

In locations with high passing trade, this can be many pennies - especially if the rent agreement includes an exclusivity clause (no other coffee shop to be allowed within the station premises or something).

Mr Rush: Spinelli is the only coffee business in Singapore that has its own local roasting plant; Starbuckwater beans are cooked far, far away. They're vacuum sealed after the roast, but the lag before brewing must be quite large. I roast at home and the difference in taste between beans after one day and three days is quite considerable.

Which reminds me, it's time for an excursion to the kitchen. Cheers,