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25th Mar 2008, 09:56
ETOPS permissions are supposed to depend on the worldwide IFSD rate of the airplane type.

Does it mean that the ETOPS privileges are dependent on ill-maintained third world carrier fleets - that when too many old 767 or A320 planes find their way to such second hand operators as have poor maintenance practices and frequent IFSD-s, the world fleet average IFSD rate would rise such that all the type operators - including those with brand new well-maintained planes - lose their ETOPS privileges? (For example, if the threshold for ETOPS 180 is 0,02 per 1000 hours and out of 500 world fleet, just 10 are operated by Congo with 1 IFSD per 1000 hours, the rate exceeds threshold even if there are no other IFSD-s anywhere else in the world).

Seeing how everybody and their dog seems to have ordered Boeing 787 (despite endless delays, there seem to be few cancellations and some new orders), will 787 ever earn ETOPS?

25th Mar 2008, 12:48
Answer to first question... NO.
Answer to second question... YES.

25th Mar 2008, 12:48
The IFSD rate for a co's ETOPS is based on a pool of operators (with same frame and engine), not worldwide fleet. So, if Air ABC in Crapland does not keep up with the others in that pool, they will be kicked out and the average re-assessed. Air Air ABC's new pool (them and themselves!) will lose their ETOPS.