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tony draper
24th Mar 2008, 21:29
Hmmm, apparently 10k is still the thread limit,one could not remember what meant eleven in Roman numerals whether twer IX or XI or indeed IIIIIIIIIII.

Dan D'air
24th Mar 2008, 21:31


24th Mar 2008, 21:31
A rose by any other name, Sir . . . . .


24th Mar 2008, 21:35
Nice to see the beat go on. Have now met two people in person as a result of this thread [well, it's ancestor] and spoken on the phone with a few others. Still wish it had the button for downloading the thread, although I seem to remember being told how to do so the last time I whinged about the same thing.

24th Mar 2008, 21:40
oooh nice room, but think that the carpet needs to be a tad darker - engine oil tends to show up on anything lighter.

Oh, found an guitar thingy in the old shed so brought it over with me - think it might be yours Mr Draper sir?

just going to find my corner, pour myself a drink and settle in now... :ok:

green granite
24th Mar 2008, 21:43
The pool table has gone, where are we going to store stuff?

tony draper
24th Mar 2008, 21:45
Here's another Mk 11.

Sailor Vee
24th Mar 2008, 21:45
In Arabic it would be ١١

Dan D'air
24th Mar 2008, 21:47
I have read the Koran backwards. (Think about it.)

24th Mar 2008, 21:50
naroK eht?

24th Mar 2008, 21:51
dunno bout reading the koran backwards but Narok is a kenyan rift valley.... :hmm:

nice plaice or so i'm told....

whoooo 1st fish pun!!! :E

Richard Taylor
24th Mar 2008, 21:52
Well done to Mads Dad for the MMMMMMMMMM post in the last one! :E

24th Mar 2008, 21:54
So where is the beer?? :)

Dea Certe
24th Mar 2008, 22:00
Good to see that ratty blanket that used to be in the corner has disappeared.

We need con-pilot to see the bar is properly appointed.


tony draper
24th Mar 2008, 22:02
Actually this was the prototype for the later TRABY threads.:ok:

24th Mar 2008, 22:02
It's a palindrome!


tony draper
24th Mar 2008, 22:13
No a Palindrome is a type of Camel that gets another Camel to carry his hump.

Sailor Vee
24th Mar 2008, 22:15
I have read the Koran backwards. (Think about it.)I used a mirror and got it right!

Dan, do you think it may have gone over the heads of many?

24th Mar 2008, 22:16
there's one tentative tiny shoot from the mint....I trust that you know about mint?

When we moved into our first house I planted mint just outside the back door in a bed that ran along the all of the house between the all and the concrete path (it was a new build). The mint thrived, and did so well that it under-ran the concrete path and sprouted up on the other side.
Much excavating was necessary to remove the roots (from both sides of and underneath the path).
I then acquired a metal bath (actually it was a cistern) in which the mint was restrained . . .

And then there was the pretty Rhus tree that I planted next to the lawn for its colourful foliage (not realising its propensity to sucker from the roots which had under-run the lawn . . . ).

Oh and the Russian Vine which I planted to provide cover over the unattractive boundary fence (the garden centre especially recommended it) which should more accurately be named rushing vine . . .

One learns (by the mistakes).

24th Mar 2008, 22:20
Actually this was the prototype for the later TRABY threads.
Was it closed by a mod?

Strange that c*r*v*ns are forbidden, but P*k*ys are fair game . . .
Funny old World.

24th Mar 2008, 22:29
there's one tentative tiny shoot from the mint....

.... which is planted in a large tub with no access to the outside world.

24th Mar 2008, 22:33
One notices that TRABs mark X and XI have both omitted the 'Totally' which, hitherto or heretofore, had traditionally preceded the 'Pointless' in the thread title. What does this tell us?

Confused in Canuckistan.

tony draper
24th Mar 2008, 22:34
There were a 100 reply limit to threads int olden days Mr G-C,think they let that one run on a bit.

24th Mar 2008, 22:36
one tentative tiny shoot from the mint

... and one giant leaf for mintkind?

DX Wombat
24th Mar 2008, 22:52
planted in a large tub with no access to the outside world.:{ How do you expect the poor thing to grow? :sad:

tony draper
24th Mar 2008, 23:05
Watched those Attenbourgh progs about the Vegetable Kingdom,can't see a bathtub slowing the buggas down, yer plants is exceeding sneaky critters.

24th Mar 2008, 23:22
yer plants is exceeding sneaky critters.

tell me about it! the buggers are still fecking hiding from me! :*

24th Mar 2008, 23:24
there's one tentative tiny shoot from the mint....
.... which is planted in a large tub with no access to the outside world.:D Ah! I might have known that there would be someone with knowledge around the place (I suspect - maybe erroneously - that Rads is not heretofore experienced in herbiculture - though on reflection, maybe I am very, very wrong . . . )

24th Mar 2008, 23:26
For the attention of Captin Twott Ruster
Me and mum hadda half in the old Rorkes yesterday (Monsoons)
Asahi on tap ...cold beautiful :ok:
Aye..heres the rub... $14 !!!

24th Mar 2008, 23:29
Actually, you are very, very wrong . . ..

Rads has spent a great deal of time working with and involved with flowers and plants in general. She also worked for a while with one of the top London florists.

So - - - she may be blonde but .........................................:=

24th Mar 2008, 23:33
Ah your tinship, glad you are about.Grandson and i have just beenwatching a bit of AFL.He wants to know why some of the players have a bit of black tape around their biceps.Some have one piece ,some have two and some have none.
Be grateful if you could enlighten us..

24th Mar 2008, 23:36
why some of the players have a bit of black tape around their biceps.Some have one piece ,some have two and some have none.Suppose some are corporals, some lance-corporals and some sergeants . . .

24th Mar 2008, 23:42
Actually, you are
very, very wrong . . .

she may be blonde but .........................................
'Twas not the blondeness, that prompted my belief, but knowledge of her life as a chalet girl and dwelling in an urban flat (and, of course, her being such a young thing . . . ). :ok:

24th Mar 2008, 23:45
My life was a lot fuller than that sir - like many other people on here, I don't choose to reveal my entire life history...

To give you an idea, this post link which i've pasted below was 'lightened up' as a joke response to the thread in general, but the fundamentals of it is EXACTLY what my childhood was like. Also, being a headmaster meant that my father was able to take us away for long holidays, many of which were spent in the wilds of Wales and Scotland, staying for weeks in gas lit cottages (ie no electricity etc) where we often foraged for our own food, and learnt which plants were edible and which weren't - this led itself to a natural curiosity of horticulture, herbiculture and general flora.



25th Mar 2008, 00:02
Respect! :ok:

Sounds like you had a similar childhood to that of my mother-in-law (though not the headmaster bit).
RIP Patsheen . . .

25th Mar 2008, 00:14
The 10k limit to TTRABY is interesting since there are two threads comfortably exceeding this, 'The Last Two Letters Start the Next Word' (11740 replies) and the Granddaddy of them all, the 'Finish the Sentence Thread' (15942 replies). (All at last count).

Nice to see traditions being upheld though.

tony draper
25th Mar 2008, 01:00
Yer but they int proper replies is they? just a couple of words each.:=:rolleyes:

25th Mar 2008, 01:03
Traditions are only as good as those that uphold them.
Ergo, a group of shoddy disreputables continuing to do what smart types once did: reduce the quality.
Mr Draper, who are you nominating in this thread as.
Punctuation and grammer officers.
Spelling patrol.

25th Mar 2008, 01:11
Hee Hee Radar - understand a lotmore after reading that!

How dare we have a well balanced mid urban rural outlook these days?

Must have caught something back then!

25th Mar 2008, 02:03
Ah your tinship, glad you are about.Grandson and i have just beenwatching a bit of AFL.He wants to know why some of the players have a bit of black tape around their biceps......

One does not follow yer aerial ping-pong code of course,League man is me.
But the black arm band is exactly that.
A mark of respect for some ex player or prominent club member what has kicked the bucket.

25th Mar 2008, 02:10
yes, sir Drapes..there are times folk should contain their replies to fewer words.

Know of many that can talk for hours and say nothing.


Beatriz Fontana
25th Mar 2008, 08:55
This incarnation of the thread is far too heavy. Can we revert to recent type?

Sun is shining here and a balmy 6 degrees C. Had a lovely cycle ride first thing (minding the icy patches). Iranian has decided to stretch out on the window sill to watch two fat wood pigeons patrol the lawn.

There, that's better!

Rather be Gardening
25th Mar 2008, 09:57
Did somebody mention gardening? Re the mint thingy, I have planted little random patches of Corsican Mint (small leaves & low-growing) and chamomile throughout the lawn, partly because I find a pristine lawn boring but mainly because it smells wonderful when I mow it. Daisies and buttercups are also welcome.

Aviation content - unidentified biplane pootled back and forth across the Haven a bit earlier. That's the way to fly - taking your time to look at the landscape below (probably wondering where the heck Withybush airfield was).

Radar - loved the snapshot of your childhood. :ok:

tony draper
25th Mar 2008, 10:02
Bright sunshine here but there are still patches of snow in sheltered parts and on car roofs so one suspects tiz still dammed cold out there.
Re mint one recals as a sprog scuttling along to one's park for mint that had escaped from the allotments that used to be in the park during the war.

25th Mar 2008, 10:04
Good to see that ratty blanket that used to be in the corner has disappeared.

Harumph! That, dear lady, is my best "messing around in the shed/garage/garden coat".

Typical "day after Bank Holiday" weather, bit sunnier, warmer, less wind.

25th Mar 2008, 10:18

Off for some more physio in a few minutes. Back is still properly buggared, legs keep packing up on me at awkward moments. As Gainesy said, typical day after BH! Grump, grump.

That's better, start the day off with a good old British moan!! :\:\


25th Mar 2008, 10:27
Actually, Mr. Draper, a thought occurs to me. The end of the last thread may NOT have been the 100,000 mark. I'm pretty sure that TRABS MkIII and IV ended up welded together leaving us a TRAB short in the sequence, so to speak. If I'm remembering correctly, then we won't have our 100,000th reply until the end of this incarnation.

25th Mar 2008, 10:39
's better, start the day off with a good old British moan!!

Can't say fairrer than that.:ok:

One is a year older. It snowed on one's birthday. One did buggah all ... twice over.

The Baroness is now in Kuwait ... with a company phone that does not roam despite specifically requesting same before departure. So we might be restricted to e-mail comms until her return. Unless, that is, she can convince the local office to purchase two cheap phones and SIM cards for use by visitors. 'We hadn't thought of that.', they said when she suggested it!:eek:

One has a plan to take her away for a speshul weekend when she gets back.

tony draper
25th Mar 2008, 10:46
Bout time Spring Sprung as well, blossom on me cherry tree is struggling :uhoh:
Right off to the toon for a couple of hours,keep toot watch she does not drag her anchor.

25th Mar 2008, 11:08
Nice and sunny but chilly here. I need to go down to the shop to get some milk and something else. Except I can't remember what else. Drat.

And learnt a random snippet this morning. As most people know a lot of birds are named after various people, often their discoverer (like the Napoleons Gull spotted near here, named after the Emperors nephew). The Isabelline Wheatear however was named after it's colouring which is a rather dingy grey. The colour, however, was named after the Archduchess Isabella of Austria. What apparently happened was that when her husband, the Archduke, went off to war and she vowed not to wash her underwear until he returned. By the time he returned (3 years later) the aforesaid garments were a rather dirty shade of yellowish grey, which was named Isabelline in her honour (?).

25th Mar 2008, 11:12
Whereas I have vowed to wash my underwear until the Baroness returns ... She will be so happy!

So Mad, what's the plan. Go and get the milk in the hope that you will remember the 'else' before you get back? Or, stay at home hoping to remember the 'else' before you set out (meanwhile watching the level of the milk in the bottle get ever nearer 'Danger')?

25th Mar 2008, 11:14
As opposed to?

25th Mar 2008, 11:16
Good morning all,

My front garden is a spring garden and is at it's best then, magnolia is starting to bloom as are the bluebells and tulips, with the sun shining it is wonderful :ok:

25th Mar 2008, 11:20
Isabelline Wheatear

Hmm, bit of a mouthful. I would suggest that Yellow Gusset is easier, in keeping with the tale, and sounds sort of avian to boot.

Good job the clatty cow's old man didn't go to the Hundred Years War.:yuk:

25th Mar 2008, 11:44
By the time he returned (3 years later) the aforesaid garments were a rather dirty shade of yellowish grey,
Why on earth didn't the stupid cow simply wear new ones every day?? As an archduchess she surely couldn't have been THAT short of money that she couldn't afford them.

Or why not wear none at all ...? :O

25th Mar 2008, 11:54
rant on> Was expecting a parcel today with lots of work type bits for a job tomorrow. Came in especially to deal with it. Found note from well known aviation linked courier company saying that no-one was in when they arrived. Errr yes reception opens at 9am just as it has done Mon-Fri for the last 18 years and exactly as the sign outside says. Are they going to come back 24 minutes later at 9am? Nope they are going to try at the same time tomorrow. Idiotic Barstewards - especially as they deliver here regularly and handle our outgoing overseas shipments. <rant off

Enjoyed Radar's tale of being a "ferral" youth. I could never work out why school playground fencing was of the wire mesh link type that always curled up at the bottom the very first time anything larger than a marble touched it. What was the point of it as neither kids/Radars nor balls could ever be contained within?

25th Mar 2008, 12:04
Still got a 3 inch scar on my wrist from that stuff, reached under it to retrieve a cricket ball and snagged on it where the end had been cut. I reckon I was about seven at the time. A few weeks later, while batting, the ball hit my foot and bounced up smacking me in the mouth, split lip, more blood.

tony draper
25th Mar 2008, 12:31
Working near a cricket ground once wi a bunch of other chaps,dinner time they decide to have a game so we make a bat out of a bit of flooring and have a tennis ball to throw at it,chap wacks tennis ball into the long grass one scuttles in to retrieve it and finds a corker instead so one flings it at great speed back to wicket keeper who thrusts out his hand expecting a tennis ball to land therein ,loud smack and much in the way of howls of pain.

25th Mar 2008, 12:52
I guess you could say he was "caught out" by the deception, Mr. Draper. :rolleyes:

25th Mar 2008, 12:55
Been busy trying to fix MadsMums pooter this morning (networking went on strike) so haven't had time to think. Something, somewhere, has switched the Windows Firewall back on her machine and it's caused havoc.

Was going to wander off to t'shop, pick up milk and then stare hopelessly round in the hope of inspiration striking TB but even whilst typing this I've remembered it's eggs is the other thing I need to get. Although by the time I get there I'll probably forget the milk.

25th Mar 2008, 13:33
A new TRAB thread. Wunderbar!

Got knocked out by a cricket ball once as I tried to catch it. As my body slumped to the floor the ball flew up into the air and descended to land on my chest.

Where it stayed.

The batsman was out and so was I.

I only have my mates' accounts of the incident since I didn't remember it at all when I came to. :}

25th Mar 2008, 13:41

Did you hear of the 87 year old who reckoned he'd have to give up golf because his eyesight was going and he couldn't see where the ball had gone?

His wife said, "Take my brother with you. He may be 102 but he's full of beans and his eyesight is excellent. He can tell you where the ball has gone."

Next morning the two seniors are at the first tee. The guy smacks a great drive distance-wise but there's a bit of fade on it and it goes into the light rough. He's lost of sight it.

His chum says, "Don't worry. I know exactly where the ball is."

As they walk down the fairway the guy marvels, "At 102 you can still see where the ball is. That's amazing! Now where is it?"

"I can't remember....."

Dan D'air
25th Mar 2008, 14:04

This new TRABB has taken off quickly........at this climb rate we'll be up to 10k by Whitsuntide.

25th Mar 2008, 14:08
Ha! Wait till the wimminfolk start in on frilly curtains and decorating the place, all the blokes then leg it into sheds the world over.:)

Dan D'air
25th Mar 2008, 14:12
Gainesy, That reminds me, got back from work this morning, had a look around the place and everything seems to have moved. It's almost the same, but not quite...........like when you haven't seen the missus for 6 months. (RN det. not HMP):O

25th Mar 2008, 14:17
I've saved the frilly curtains from the last place ... waste not, want not! :E

25th Mar 2008, 18:10
Ah, the Mk XI TRABB home. Can I put in a request for an umbrella stand this time, please?

Just had a break in the snow. It has lasted at least half an hour. Shame there is more of the stuff on the way for the rest of the week.

Beatriz Fontana
25th Mar 2008, 18:30

That's a bit of a sweeping statement on us wimmin folk! Frilly curtains not my kind of thing at all!

Manic day at work and tomorrow is going to be even worse so a couple of alcoholic beverages down the local beckons methinks.

BTW, am I the only one looking forward to the four-day strike on the local trains next week? I quite like the idea of a few extra days off!

25th Mar 2008, 18:39
Hmm, R66, you know plants... hmmm, we need our "garden" sorted. Thinking booze, food and stuff. :E

home!! yay. Standby in Lootin and now home. Yippee. Interesting tour with a bit of wx dramas to keep me earning my pay. :ok:

25th Mar 2008, 19:15
Thinking booze, food and stuff

As always Reddo, certain peeps do have their priorities the right way round.... :E

Hope you made a copy of that key though! ;)

ah yersh, twill be a very speshul weekend indeedy.... :}



yep sore neck and back today after building and filling that thing in under an hour yesterday! it really did take an awful lot of rubble, gravel and bags after bags after bags of soil it did! :\

kick started the sweet peas in it, and will plant pretty trailing stuff over the rim and through the spaces in the bricks to 'soften' the edges. just got to rig up a trellis for the climbers before they get too big...

now - where's my handcream?!! :O

tony draper
25th Mar 2008, 19:24
Hmmm,looks like Horizon will be interesting tonight, prog about how human memory works, must remember to leave a note to self so one wont forget about it.

25th Mar 2008, 20:09
now - where's my handcream?!! :OPaging the Wholigan. (And you with the dirty minds can stop it ...NOW!)

Concrete base and breeze blocks ... odds on the mint escaping, anyone!:)

Devoid of the Baroness to monitor my televisual intake, I found ('found'?, as if I did not have anything to do with the television being on and with that channel selected) myself watching 'Breakfast on Pluto'. Cillian Murphy (male) makes a rather stunning girl. The story didn't seem that bad either ... must watch other than the last 20 minutes some time.

25th Mar 2008, 20:51
Concrete base and breeze blocks ... odds on the mint escaping, anyone!Ah well TB, if indeed that were where the mint was, you would have a definite point! However, the mint is in a large round tub on the concrete yard and the only stuff that will be in the "trough" is the sweet peas currently there, and some things like: trailing aubretia to cascade down the outside of the blocks; a little bit of ground cover to keep the weeds at bay; and mebbe some ranunculus for a distinct splash of bright colour. See - - - I know plants too!


tony draper
25th Mar 2008, 21:07
Breeze blocks Ha! wont even keep a car out the garden they wont,:E

25th Mar 2008, 22:13
The Mint escaped from any container I ever planted it in, the only thing I know that has ever worked is very long pieces of slate roofing stuck in around the roots and dug in a long way down. However I'm planting my new mint where it is welcome to spread.

25th Mar 2008, 22:22
wont even keep a car out the garden they wont,

Hehehehe - ya bugga Drapes - peeps is sposed to be allowed to forget that episode!!!


tony draper
26th Mar 2008, 00:40
Oh dear one thinks one has a virus,first time in twenty years of puting,keep getting security alerts about a worm or summat.

Dan D'air
26th Mar 2008, 01:00
There has definitely got to be a conspiracy theory somewhere in there about escaping mint and computer virii. Or is it viruses?? Or even comic genii?? Or comic geniuses?? Ooh.............. Black Sedan, Gotta go......

tony draper
26th Mar 2008, 01:08
Here's a puzzles for yers see if you can figure out what this is a map of.:E
Oh bollix!!one did not notice it were captioned:(

26th Mar 2008, 01:31

Lemmee see. Apollo 11 landing site? :E

R66, yeah, we're useless with shrubs etc. Need a helping hand for our "vision". I'll do my bit and keep the Big Fella awake, you inspire him with shrubs. :ok:
Wholi, I'll take you to the pub(s). :ok:

tony draper
26th Mar 2008, 09:24
Morning peeps,indeed it is Captain Reddo,tiz a map of Armstrong and Aldrin's walks,they did not go very far,spose if I were tasked to wander about in a vacuum and roasting temperatures picking up rocks I wudden go very far from me spaceship either.
Smells a lot warmer outside this morning,suns struggling to come out as well.

Beatriz Fontana
26th Mar 2008, 09:30
Ah, growing mint. I have a small pot of Moroccan on the window sill. Always remember that my dad sank a big old fashioned kitchen sink in the garden which kept the mint in check for years.

Cloudy but nice morning here. Great cycle ride first thing! Train is packed.

26th Mar 2008, 09:53
One is now an allotment holder. Having grown tired of hijacking small pieces of border (communal garden) around the Halls we are branching out (cue gardening puns - NOT) and have a quarter plot upon which to dig, plant and grow. As we are allowed to use up to 10% of the area for flowers/ornamental shrubs I am looking forward to getting some agapanthusesesssss into the ground instead of pots. It has rasberry canes and rhubarb already in residence - so the incidence of jam and chutney making can be expected to increase.


Ah, a text from the Baroness ... the technology has been released. We have contact.

Father D Could you let me have the link for the lunar perambulation map, as I would like to get a better look at the legend.

26th Mar 2008, 09:59
... I would like to get a better look at the legend.
I'm sure Mr. Draper will send you a piccy of himself if you ask nicely!! :p

west lakes
26th Mar 2008, 10:02
One is now an allotment holder

Ah but has one got a shed for the above mentioned plot of land - essential part of any allotment is the shed:)

26th Mar 2008, 10:04
Yes, see lately inserted piccy, and a composter. However, only parties of one are allowed in this shed ...

tony draper
26th Mar 2008, 10:07
Here yer go Mr B.
Can't you just copy the image to yer desktop and use the magnifying glass thingy?,thats what I does to magnify little writing.

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Mar 2008, 10:10
Mint is traditionally grown around the garden tap in these parts. It's too dry for the wee beasties to venture out of range of the soothing drip so they don't get out to invade the rest of the garden much. Any escapees are quickly rounded up and bunged in a pot of peas.:ok:

26th Mar 2008, 10:48
Persisting it down here. And need to go get some vegetables to go with the pork fillet for tea.

tony draper
26th Mar 2008, 11:22
Lorra comment ont news re this new boss of France coming across,least the chap seems to have a personality which is more than any of our present leadership have, don't approve of his taste in tall skinny wimin though.
Raining here now buggrit!

26th Mar 2008, 11:35
Heard him on the radio Mr D, my French isn't up to scratch, but seeing as how he's a politician, one could safely say he is a lying git.

Dan D'air
26th Mar 2008, 12:41
Gainesy, That's a tad cynical of you.........................

26th Mar 2008, 12:53
Gainesy? Cynical? Never!!!

26th Mar 2008, 13:51
Oooh.. bit of a head ache today... :suspect:

I think I'll just veg out in front of the tv. :cool:

26th Mar 2008, 14:10
Dan - Cynical, Gainesy maybe, correct he is.

Don't forget that Sarkozy is French as well.

The prosecution rests. :E

tony draper
26th Mar 2008, 14:45
Orinthological assistance required,
Just yacking to Bro Draper, he is the fambly bird spotter and he claims he saw a rather exotic looking spuggy int park,upon examination of his wee bird book he recons twer either a Zebra Finch or Fire Crest,one has heard of yer various Finches but never heard of a bird called a Fire Crest,anyway any info on these critters and the likelyhood of them being this far oop norf.

green granite
26th Mar 2008, 14:50
but never heard of a bird called a Fire Crest

here you go

tony draper
26th Mar 2008, 14:58
Hmmm possibly were a Firecrest then,yon map shows em as far North as Yorkshire,anyway upon further examination of his wee bird book he allows it may have been a Gold Finch,although Bro Draper is not prone to making mistakes where birds are concerned,err apart from that incident in Singapore in 62.

26th Mar 2008, 17:52
What is all this stuff about mint?

Plant erbs. Flat leaf parsley, chives, spring onions, oregano, rosemary, angelica, basil, dill, marjoram, sage, savory, tarragon, thyme.

That will fill up your box and you can use them more often than mint.

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Mar 2008, 18:04
Already got 'em. Basil is a weed and needs to be attacked weekly with pruning shears. Might be worth starting a pesto business but that will guarantee the demise of said shrub when Murphy hears about it....:\

Beatriz Fontana
26th Mar 2008, 18:08
The weather in London is very eerie this pm. Sky is a yellowy / charcoal colour and the bank of cloud is hanging low but with enough of the lighter sky behind it still visible. Like a blind pulled half way down the window. Looking back across Canary Wharf there's a curtain of heavy rain. Beautiful but miserable because it's chucking it down.

Makes me yearn for sunnier climes :(

26th Mar 2008, 18:56
Back from Seffrica and the only problem for 10 hours and fifteen minutes was the American lady (loose term) who insisted that 4 large pieces of handluggage was well within limits. She didn't travel with us.
Marvellous flight otherwise. FAs so grateful that Captn and self managed to get all their Mums/friends/kids onboard that they couldn't work hard enough.
Pax effusively happy upon disembarkation, trainee Captn managed to kiss the runway and all the Seffricans had valid visas for entering Schengen.
If only it always were this way. :ok:

Rusty, being stood up in favour of a brewery was a definite first mate! ;)

26th Mar 2008, 19:03

Did the trainee captain apologise for being a grump earlier?

26th Mar 2008, 19:38
I am in total shock - FINALLY we have shoots from the flat leaf parsley!!! about five so far.... will be watching progress with a magnifying glass.

and the mint shoot has 2 brothers now... :ok:

Plant erbs. Flat leaf parsley, chives, spring onions, oregano, rosemary, angelica, basil, dill, marjoram, sage, savory, tarragon, thyme.

Flat leaf parsley - tick (and curly)
Chives - tick
spring onions - would garlic suffice?
Oregano - tick
Rosemary - tick
angelica - no - blooming great large triffid like thing that grows wild in the hedgegrows around here anyhows.
basil - tick (what's more have different colours of such!)
Dill - no but would like...
Marjoram - no
Sage - tick
tarragon - no, will look into that - tarragon chook - yummy!
thyme - tick

also have coriander, mixed peppery salady stuff, rhubarb, and other stuff that i can't remember just now....

oh and Nasturtiums - the flowers are delishly peppery in salads!

tony draper
26th Mar 2008, 19:58
Nice work if you can get it!:)
Captioned as Wine Taster London Docks 1950,looks like the chap is going to take some work home as well.

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Mar 2008, 20:03
Oo er, missus...:ooh:

In my defence, 'twere fly fishing and a brewery.:O

One will make amends next time we're both in town. How do you like your steak...?:ok:

26th Mar 2008, 22:34
oh and Nasturtiums - the flowers are delishly peppery in salads!
The leaves too, Radar ... I've often used them in salads as well. :ok:

tony draper
26th Mar 2008, 22:52
Hmm, usual bunch of total w*nkers and raddled harridans taking part int Apprentice.:uhoh:

27th Mar 2008, 00:43
Evening all - apologies for recent absence - will explain sometime... nowt horrid, just time- and energy-consuming!

STS-123 has completed deorbit burn and will be landing "shortly" (as the septics say) ... so if y'all switch to www.nasa.gov/shuttle (http://www.nasa.gov/shuttle) and then find and click on the NASA TV link you will catch her landing!!

One promises not to be absent for too long again... one missed the move so hopefully the spa and water features made it over OK?


27th Mar 2008, 00:45
Captioned as Wine Taster London Docks 1950,From the way that chap is holding his finger it seems that the device he is using to extract the fluid from the barrel is operated by inserting it into the barrel without the finger over the end, then placing the finger firmly over the end and withdrawing the device which is then inserted into the bottle whereupon the finger is removed (as shown in the photograph) allowing the fluid to descend into the bottle.
Clever device crafted from a simple tube.
Nowadays they would probably need an electrical pump . . .

27th Mar 2008, 00:52

Click on the image and it should appear large.

27th Mar 2008, 01:44
BHP Billiton will need nearly half of South Australia's current electricity supply to power its vastly expanded Olympic Dam copper and uranium mine.
. . . power demand for the mine was expected to top 690megawatts when it reaches full production in 10 years.
. . . is equivalent to nearly 42 per cent of South Australia's total electricity consumption . . .
BHP is the state's largest single power consumer, taking 120MW. The company will use the additional 570MW to power on-site mineral processing to separate uranium, copper and gold, as well as for the expanded Roxby Downs township, a larger airport and the new open-cut mining operation.
An industry insider yesterday described as "staggering" BHP's new power needs, which exceed previous forecasts by 170MW.
It would require the building of new power stations in the state at a time when incentives for business to invest in traditional power generation are clouded by efforts to combat global warming.
(From:- http://www.news.com.au/business/story/0,23636,23436543-14334,00.html )

Alcan (a smelter of Aluminium) built a plant alongside a coalmine (Lynemouth) and the coal was used to generate electricity for use in the smelting process.
One tonne of aluminium requires the same amount of electricity as the average family uses in 20 years. less than 200 metres from the smelter is Lynemouth Power Station. The station's site was due to the coal mines nearby, which were also the fundamental reason for the nearby village's creation. The power station has a 390 MW capacity to meet all the load requirements of the smelter.
(From:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcan_Lynemouth_Aluminium_Smelter )

27th Mar 2008, 04:36
Rusty, being stood up in favour of a brewery was a definite first mate!
How do you like your steak...?
At a guess Rusty, mate, somewhere in the same vicinity she is.:E

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Mar 2008, 07:16
Squeak, bleat....:O

Couple of webcams for those who indulge: http://www.midafricam.co.za/main/

Dea Certe
27th Mar 2008, 07:28

Good to see you again! You've been missed!


27th Mar 2008, 08:16
German Chicken And Cabbage Soup With Garlic Sausage

This traditional German soup is spiked with the essence of caraway and celery.

1 large onion, cut into small dice
2 tsp. ground caraway seeds
1 tsp. ground celery seeds
2 Tbs. unsalted butter
1 Tbs. olive or vegetable oil
2 large new potatoes (about 3/4 lb.), cut into small dice
10 cups Light Chicken Stock
3/4 lb. garlic sausage, cut into 1/2-inch thick rounds
2 cups coarsely chopped, cooked dark chicken meat
1/2 large head white cabbage, cored and finely shredded (about 4 cups)
1/2 cup minced fresh parsley, for garnish
Salt and pepper, to taste
In a heavy-bottomed, 6-quart saucepan, cook the onions and spices in the butter and olive oil over moderate heat for 10 minutes, stirring frequently.
Add the potatoes, chicken stock, and sausage and bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat to moderate and cook for 7 to 10 minutes, or until the potatoes are tender.
Add the chicken and cabbage and cook for 3 to 5 minutes, or until the cabbage is just wilted.
Season with salt and pepper. Garnish portions with parsley just before serving.
Makes about 11 cups.

tony draper
27th Mar 2008, 09:45
Aluminium used to be regarded as a precious metal Mr G-C, Napoleon thunk himself very posh because he had a aluminium knife fork and spoon,purely for decorative purposes of course because as everybody knows French blokes eat with their fingers.:rolleyes:
The device you describe for removing wine from they barrels was called a Pipet in my chemistry days.
Dull and damp here.:(
This is interesting, Erf 250 million years hence gawd elp us.
One is thinking along the lines of Fish n Chips today

27th Mar 2008, 10:55
Bright and sunny down here, but clouds on the horizon near JF's gaff. Still a cold northerly wind though.

Good to see yer OK Madam Brockie.:ok:

27th Mar 2008, 11:23
Yerse, getting a tad dull here. Must be those jet roller-skate thingies that Cap'n Reddo flies, blowing it all down from Farnborough International Tourist Escape Place . . . .

Got the builders and plumbers in this week - bl00dy chaos upstairs and down, the cats have taken umbrage and fecked off next door till it returns to normality. Should be around middle of next year at this rate! Tea and coffe supplies dwindling visibly, sugar bowl seems perpetually empty, cr&p in the garage has been kindly shifted by the appliance of folding lucre to a dustbin collecting chummie who slowed down to a crawl outside the house as we flung half the house into it! Would have cost a small fortune to take it all to the dump, as well as the loss of working time.

Good to have chums . . . . :ok:


27th Mar 2008, 11:51
This is interesting, Erf 250 million years hence gawd elp us.

At least France doesn't seem much closer!:p

Mr Fairr
Good to have chums
When you can get to see tham, that is! Have you not heard the smoke calling?

German Chicken And Cabbage Soup With Garlic Sausage
Does a German chicken do the goose step?

27th Mar 2008, 12:21
Not sure, but crows walk pigeon toed.

27th Mar 2008, 12:22
Seeing as how maps seem to be popular at the moment, here's one that you City types may find of use next Tuesday, Reds and Typhoons flypast ToT London Eye 13.00 local.

tony draper
27th Mar 2008, 12:29
What in the name of all thats holy does,Bling Bling!! mean? every oaf and oafess on telly is using the phrase this morning.

27th Mar 2008, 12:35
Generally attributed to jewellry that is over the top. Necklaces an inch thick stretching down to the navel with a four inch crucifix and such things. Worn by the lower iq types, know what I mean, know what I'm sayin.

tony draper
27th Mar 2008, 12:59
Ah! the kind of thing the Pope wears yer mean?,one has never done Jewelry, one wore a ring for three months once many years ago but never before or since, don't even wear a watch nor bangles or beads,one does admit to a weakness for cufflinks though,got some spiffing cufflinks but seldom have the opportunity to wear em now.

27th Mar 2008, 13:18
Once found myself waiting at a roundabout on the outskirts of Newcastle when a large car crossed my path. The two male occupants were each adorned with several thick and heavy gold chains (looked like mayoral chains, but these guys weren't civil dignitaries). They were obviously confident that they wouldn't be mugged for this jewellery as they were parading with open windows and cruising at low speed, obviously 'marking their patch'.

27th Mar 2008, 13:44
Bit chilly here today. Means it's a perfect day to stay indoors to reinstall everything after windows hard disk completely died last night (I hate the noise of bearings grinding)....

27th Mar 2008, 14:10
Gainesy - ta very much for the flyby info. Please make a note in your diary to remind me again on Tuesday morning since I'm crud at remembering things like this and don't keep a diary beacuse I'd lose it/leave it on the bus etc.

Ayethenkyow. :E

Some years back a mate of mine was attacked by two bling wearing thugs in Deptford. He's ex Royal Green Jackets and put up a good enough account of himself for them to leg it -- minus a big chunky gold necklace which my mate got 75 quid for in a pawn shop.....:ok:

tony draper
27th Mar 2008, 14:49
Hmmm,one has a feeling the coaxial dropin from one's aerial is buggad,no matter what I do the picks on me digibox keep breaking up and pixalating,wierd thing is me off air analog pickies are fine,twill have to wait anyway,one int getting up ont roof untill there is a distinct improvement int weather,me days of scuttling about up a height in all weathers is past.

27th Mar 2008, 15:36
From the Baroness (in Kuwait for those not paying attention)

Severe sand storms – my room is covered in dust and visibility is down to 200 yards.

Now that is one ****-off big hotel room!:}

27th Mar 2008, 15:41
For Iceland, the high-wire act of the last five years may have finally reached its limits. The central bank was forced to raise interest rates to 15pc this week in an emergency move to halt the collapse of krona, which has fallen 18pc since mid-March.
(From - and more at- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtml?xml=/money/2008/03/27/cniceland127.xml )
There was a time (not long ago) when it seemed that 'Iceland' was set to take over the World (well, Britain at least) . . .
. . . though wasn't there was some airline activity in Scandiland IIRC . . .

27th Mar 2008, 16:02
Beautiful day here, sunny, warm, one of those Spring days when one should feel glad to be alive. But.....

Since the forecast for the next week involves rain every day (persistent or showers) I'd better go get some gardening done.

My opinion of gardening is it's one of those jobs that is far better looking back on it (e.g. that lawn looks good now it's been cut) than it is to actually perform it (i.e. how much more of this grass is there to bloody cut?).

27th Mar 2008, 17:30
Angels, you'll have to remind me about er,,, thingy whatsit, then I'll give you a heads up to not leave yer diary in a cab.

Does anybody actually ever sit in their own garden and do nowt? I can't, I always see something which bugs me and have to sort out and before yer know it I've spent an afternoon trimming or something. Built a picnic table last year and have never actually sat at it with a drink or snack, well it pissed down for months just after I finished it. (All reclaimed hardwood from a skip/dumpster BTW, also made a note never to use that particular builder, far too much waste of expensive materials).

tony draper
27th Mar 2008, 19:36
Hmmm,just discovered one has a Ship named after one,behold! the Liberty Ship Tony.:rolleyes:

Oh dear seems to be a bit bother at that new Heathrow Aerodrome:uhoh:

27th Mar 2008, 20:40
Dashed silly chaps (feckers, but tryin to be nice) shouldn't have moved from Croydinium. Really though, should've come down to our 'Little Aerodrome in the Country'. At least we had road, rail 'n' air together afore any one else!

27th Mar 2008, 21:33
Well. Had a nice hair cut and then went for a little jog.

Filled out a form for financial/investment advice and then did some online shopping. :E

27th Mar 2008, 22:35
One is ditinctly pissed off. Two girls beating another one up on the farm, that was lovely to sort out considering one of the beater uppers father is a 1st class pr1ck of the highest order. Then we let Brambles owners know that Leo and him weren't getting on, owenr is total bunny boiler and has just turned up and removed horse whilst accusing us of neglect, etc. Never mind I bathed the sodding horse this arvo. Looneys! Then I remembered I was supposed to have my eyebrows "done" today. Never mind, I have rebooked that for Tuesday! Now drinking a lovely glass of delicious chardonnay!

Beatriz Fontana
27th Mar 2008, 23:05
Tomorrow I'm traveling north to the homeland to see my dad awarded with a campaign medal he should've received half a century ago. It's going to be a proud moment for him as it's the first medal he's ever received (Suez medal, anyone?). I'm going to blub, I know it.

Shame the man in my life is otherwise engaged tomorrow, otherwise I'd have taken him along on the eight hour round trip, too. I'll just have to share the experience in the RBL over the weekend instead.

Every so often it's good to remind ourselves of the sacrifices the older boys made.

27th Mar 2008, 23:12
Was just told by someone who travelled the other day that during the flight the pilot left the cockpit and took a seat in first class to have a smoke :eek:. Also saw a guy today who had the crotch cut out of his jeans and was wearing no pants! Everyone was horrified but could not look away. Watched the apprentice and that guy with the caterpillar eyebrows should have been kicked out with the 'never experienced failure in my life' Nicholas...;)

tony draper
27th Mar 2008, 23:31
The ashtray in the cockpit was prolly full,can't blame the chap for wanting a swift drag onna long flight.

28th Mar 2008, 00:00
After surgery on Tuesday I returned home this afternoon. A new fixing strip of metal screwed in the foot.
With regard to the Draper antenna, will Drapes press gang a cherry picker or scaling ladder?

tony draper
28th Mar 2008, 00:21
One has a perfectly good set of ladders one only used cherry pickers when some other buggah was paying forrem.
Miserable wet night here,buggah all on telly until midnight,Family Guy an it's prolly a episode one has already seen.

28th Mar 2008, 01:05
No sign
of rain
what a shame.
The garden is sad :{ (I mint to say thirsty.)

28th Mar 2008, 01:07
Good to see you back, Brockie ... hope all is well in your world!! :ok:

Very late night at work yesterday ... jury didn't come back with their decision until 2200 and I still have all MY work to do after they've gone home. Oh well ... helps keep the cats in the manner of which they approve! :rolleyes:

The sun must be slowly heading back to your side, Mr. Draper ... it's getting cooler here now and has been down to around the 30C mark for the last couple of weeks or so.

28th Mar 2008, 01:43
(I mint to say thirsty.)
Does this mean it's thyme for some gardening puns??

Welcome, your majesty!! :ok:

28th Mar 2008, 02:32
Does this mean it's thyme for some gardening puns??

I cannot answer that Blue Diamond. But I'm sure someone on here will be able to orange a few;)

28th Mar 2008, 02:34
Lettuce hope so. We've bean known to come up with a few good ones here!! :p

28th Mar 2008, 03:52
Ms Diamond,

Your jury should have been like the one I was on a couple of decades ago. It was a civil personal injury case with three plaintiffs and an individual as defendant. Five lawyers. The trial lasted five weeks, four days per week.

We twelve jurors were then sent to the room to deliberate. The person chosen by the judge as jury foreman was clearly incapable for the job. One of the other jurors volunteered to run the deliberations and we jurors accepted his offer. He was a whiz at running meetings and we had a decision that followed what he wanted in under four hours. He was the "Washington Vice President" of a substantial aerospace company. I suppose he made his living running meetings and getting his way (when he wasn't lobbying the Government).

28th Mar 2008, 07:08
It was a very difficult case, seacue, and I can understand why they took so long over their decision. It intrigues me that you said the judge chose the jury's foreman though ... here in Oz that is a matter for the jury to decide and it is made very clear that the foreperson has no other duty than to announce the verdict at the end.

He or she has no more or less say in the proceedings than any other juror and no more or less responsibility in the process by which they arrive at their decision. Everyone has a duty to listen carefully to what everyone else has to say and everyone has a duty to hold to their belief even if they are the only dissenting voice.

One would find it very difficult being a juror in most cases ... :(

28th Mar 2008, 08:16
Lots of rain arriving tangentially. One hopes that Lexxity has dung all her farm jobs cause the low weather trough is full of water.

tony draper
28th Mar 2008, 09:22
Dammed wind is back here again,when will it all end one asks oneself in despair,never mind the clocks go back 25 hours on Saturday.

28th Mar 2008, 09:53
the clocks go back 25 hours on Saturday. :confused: I settle for the 'Spring forward - Fall back - one hour' principle.

tony draper
28th Mar 2008, 10:10
At last a ergonomic bar stool for Scotsmen.:eek:

28th Mar 2008, 10:13
Persisting it down here, scheduled to stay so all day. Supposed to be windy as well but currently no sign of that (thanks for small mercies I suppose).

And when I wake up in a panic on Sunday morning because I've forgotten to change the clocks it will actually be justified (I tend to end up putting the digital ones forward at least 25 hours because I normally overshoot the minute first time then have to go round again because they won't go backwards. Happen just as well I can't fly).

green granite
28th Mar 2008, 10:26
Mr D regarding yer tv problem, I had the same thing with mine, but when I plugged the Aerial directly into the box analogue channel 5 was perfect but when viewed with the aerial though the set top box it was very snowy which indicated that it wasn't the aerial but the set top box, borrowed one and sure enough perfect. Turned out to be the aerial amp on the S.T.B.

tony draper
28th Mar 2008, 10:35
No tiz not that, the analog signals are fine including channel five,which suggests puzzlingly it can't be the aerial,good channel five suggests a good signal,which it should be as I am line of sight with the transmiter about five miles away,tiz just the decoded digital pickies I am having trouble with.
If I stick a ae amp in line it puts the signal over the top,might try a different digibox,they's cheap enough now.

28th Mar 2008, 11:33
Reading the T5 chaos thread, I am beginning to wonder if I will see the Baroness ever again, cos she is due in there next Friday!

I know, how about a trade? BA/BAA can keep her bag (they probably will anyway) if I can have my 'bag'!;)

Just hope the 'speshul' weekend does not turn into 'extra speshul':(

28th Mar 2008, 11:37
Bright and sunny here, only trouble is that its on the other side of about 20,000ft of rain cloud.:(

28th Mar 2008, 11:55
Ms Diamond,

The judge appointed as foreman the first juror who was selected. Yes, that is the person to announce the decision, but someone also has to moderate the deliberations so everyone doesn't talk at once and everyone has a chance to talk. I think the jurors were relatively satisfied with the volunteer foreman. He certainly let everyone say their piece. The major skill I thought he exhibited was resolving the case into manageable parts which could be decided more-or-less separately.

Beatriz Fontana
28th Mar 2008, 11:57
A journey of adventure so far as I head north.

Realized how nasty it is on the Tube: packed, stuffy, full of miserable people sniffing and coughing. An arrest on the concourse at Kings Cross, mightly impressive stuff seeing someone rugby tackled like that. What a souless place London actually is, I can't believe I used to live here. And I completely missed the fact that GNER is no more and the trains are now operated by National Express! The song by The Divine Comedy is still apt...

Free wireless Internet on board though so much ppruning to be done :)

Wish the man in my life was here, I could imagine him having great fun listening to all these Northern accents in such a confined space...

28th Mar 2008, 12:26
May I ask what country this was in, seacue? I'm just wondering if it may be a bit different for civil cases ... all of mine are criminal ones and we have very, very few jury-decided civil matters. They come up once every blue moon and are as rare as hen's teeth here. :)

I've often wondered though how our juries decide who will be foreperson. They are usually sent in to the jury room almost immediately following selection and use a buzzer/light to indicate when they have made their choice. I suspect they all go in there, look around and ask if anyone has ever done this before. If anyone admits to that, they are likely to be picked as foreperson!! :p

tony draper
28th Mar 2008, 12:59
Madam Fontana remember tiz the Southern Accent that is the furrin interloper here,Good Queen Bess and that Shakespeare bloke wudda spoke in a accent similar to us Northern folk.

Beatriz Fontana
28th Mar 2008, 13:08
Couldn't agree more, Mr D!

Just crossed the border into God's own county :)

28th Mar 2008, 13:14
Bea - :ok::D for your Father.

Just to cap yesterday off Leo woke up about 10pm ish with tummy ache, then :yuk: until about 10am ish today! He is now asleep next to me on the sofa. Bless him.

WX is pish!

28th Mar 2008, 13:25
Ms Diamond,

U S of A, State of Maryland, 15 miles / 25 km from that big White House in Washington.

Other states may well do things differently.

28th Mar 2008, 13:37
Here's an interesting critter for you, Mr. Draper ... 'tis called "Flip Ship" ...


You can read about it here (http://www.sio.ucsd.edu/voyager/flip/).

west lakes
28th Mar 2008, 16:11

been one of those mixed days, wet & windy am, dryer this afternoon - but still too cold. (though we did have snow forecast last night):cool:

28th Mar 2008, 16:22
Rain has just stopped, garden looks like a marsh. Hmm wish I hadn't said that, just got an urge for choc covered marshmallows. Buggrit.:{

28th Mar 2008, 17:27
The sun stopped shining
Then it was night
It started to rain
Everyone was so happy:D
Except the bathroom roof
It seems to have sprung a leek :(

tony draper
28th Mar 2008, 17:36
Thank you Madam BD,a interesting vessel indeed, one would not care to sitting on the aft toilet facility throne when she does her thing though.
Sun has come out here,most pleasant still a tad chilly though.
Just did meself a couple of hot dogs,wi plenty of onions and mustard, had to use buns of a normal configuration, finger buns being scarce around these parts,hot dogs never taste quite right in round buns somehow,however these were very nice.

28th Mar 2008, 17:41
It seems to have sprung a leek ...
That could be a problem if you need to go for a pea. :ooh:

28th Mar 2008, 17:44
Sir Draper,
Have you considered cutting your bun so it looks like a long bun? I'm sure if you closed your eyes it would feel the same? Or if you're home for a while you can buy some yeast and other and try and make the required bread yourself. It could prove to be most rewarding on a chilly day. :ok:

28th Mar 2008, 18:48
Bloody snowing here at sea level and cold. Could have used the snow at Christmas, not the end of March.

28th Mar 2008, 19:54
I'm going for a haircut tomorrow. It may not be pointless, but it is a snippet!:}
One needs to look one's best in one's attempt to collect the Baroness from T5 next Friday and transport her to the speshul weekend.

green granite
28th Mar 2008, 21:43
An interesting pet :hmm:


tony draper
28th Mar 2008, 23:31
Dont panic!! dont panic!!http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/skyisfalling.gif

29th Mar 2008, 05:24
'Tas escaped from an old Dr Oooooooo episode.

I actually thought it was a spoof from 29 secs through. It suddenly looked to me like two humans facing each other, bent over, with their torsos in the dog's body. Just watch the way the leg joints are reversed, back and front.

It makes the Japanese robots look just like the toys they are.

29th Mar 2008, 05:45
Thread Baron is up early. I wonder if he is drinking tea.
One has got a touch of the onsomnimia and spad belling, remedy will be refuelling. Though tis a bit before time for the egg and bacon roll.

29th Mar 2008, 08:42
"And if you look outside it's blue skies..." quoth the Met man.

Not ere it ain't cock.

Today one should be mainly logging, so a large English breakfast is needed, that ain't gonna happen either. One is temporarily egg-less.

All in all, I think I'll just go back to bed till about half-past May.

29th Mar 2008, 08:45
One is temporarily egg-less. All in all, I think I'll just go back to bed till about half-past May.Well, Gainesy, if you are egg-less, a lay-in is just what you need, chuck.:}

29th Mar 2008, 09:03
Since it's still bloody cold here, here's something to warm cockles.

Creamy Onion Soup
4 Tablespoons butter
2 pounds onions, thinly sliced
4 cups vegetable or chicken stock
3 cups whipping cream
salt and white pepper
Stilton Toast: French bread, 2 ounces Stilton cheese, 2 ounces Cheddar cheese, and butter.

Toast 6 thick slices of French bread in a 300 degree oven until crisp. Blend the Stilton with a couple Tablespoons of butter, then spread on the toast. When ready to serve the soup, pop one of these on top of each serving bowl and sprinkle with lots of cheddar cheese. Melt butter in a large saucepan over low heat. Add onions, cover, and cook until translucent--stirring occasionally--for about 30 minutes. Add the stock and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Add cream and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer to thicken slightly--about 15 minutes. Season generously with salt and pepper. Ladle into bowls, top with Stilton Toast, and run under the broiler until the cheese is melted and brown. Serve immediately.

29th Mar 2008, 10:02
just tried to use the goo goo search engine and it's gorn all black?!

ah well a timely reminder for the bi-yearly scuffle around the hoose....:hmm:

tony draper
29th Mar 2008, 10:16
Blue sky and bright sunshine here,still smells cold out though.
Speaking of weather phenomenon here's a very rare one called a Fire Rainbow,
The caption reads.




29th Mar 2008, 10:20
that is seriously beautiful Mr Draper sire - i've never heard of that before.....

fecking badgers have raided the garbage... :*

29th Mar 2008, 10:51
Google - turning the lights out for Earth Hour which is why the background is black.

radar - you'll like this website then - cloudappreciationsociety.org

29th Mar 2008, 11:07
My cousin lit farts that looked like that Mr Draper

tony draper
29th Mar 2008, 11:10
Looks like the photy was taken from one of those heavier than air machines you folks are so fond of,not seen anything like it meself either,seen clouds close to the sun with a faint rainbow tinge around the edges but nowt like that.
Be like the green flash,doubt if one shall see either in the flesh now.:(
Just back from a ramble round one's park wi SWH, absolutley glorious day spoiled by the cursed incessant wind,we have been much afflicted by wind this year.
However, the more observant among trabists have prolly had the same thought as I re the caption to that photy,if a precise angle of 58 degrees is necessary to trigger the phenomenon,and it hung in the sky thus for one whole hour, the sun would have moved 15 degrees in that time, and one assumes would no longer be at a angle of 58 degrees?? one supposes the cloud itself could have moved and changed it's aspect angle to keep pace at the same time.
There are a million puzzles out there for the man or woman with a mind cursed with curiosoty.

29th Mar 2008, 12:02
Builders depleted by half, en-suite just about finished, had first shower and first tom, in reverse order, and the plumbing seems to have been properly connected. Very satisfying, christening new porcelain, I must say. :ok:

Off to watch #1 son playing rugger this afternoon. Top of the table clash and I have a funny feeling about the game, not a propitious start to the proceedings. :ooh:

Landscape chappies can't finish the pointing of the patio slabs as it's too wet and the sticky bit won't join the slab bits together. :(

First outing running the line tomorrow, see how the back goes. Cold and wet all bl00dy weekend, so I'll need a resupply of Nigerians to keep the damp out. :suspect:

Not much else to report, though Gainesy got it spot on with the Wx. Nice letter in todays' Times explaining Wx-guessing to the uninitiated. Clear as a bell to all and sundry!

Pip pip!!


Sailor Vee
29th Mar 2008, 12:38
Bin having trouble getting pprune onto the lappy for a few days, bollix!!

I'm pretty sure that TRABS MkIII and IV ended up welded together leaving us a TRAB short in the sequence, so to speakIt was marks 2 and 3 that were welded together for some strange reason, Bluey, so you're correct about the number of p**tings.

tony draper
29th Mar 2008, 13:35
Just shows how one's mind has slowed down with the advancing years,one was next door discussing one's digi box probs with bro when he says "Why not bring it here and try it" ? now understand one is the fambly expert on all things lecky telecoms or puterwise, so one was a tad resentfull, understand Bro Drapes is in charge of the mechanical and all things football, few years ago that would have been the first thing one would have thought to do.
Anyway his digi box displays pefect pickies, replace it with mine and they are crap, ergo tiz the digi box itself which is at fault not one ae system.
Ah well new digi box required ,twould be a waste of time to open the buggah up be nowt in there one could alter or fettle with one's soldering iron.

29th Mar 2008, 14:43
ALDI have a small digibox on special at the moment.
Trouble with ALDI is that when it's gone it's gone . . .

29th Mar 2008, 15:25
Blue Diamond...I find your posts to be very punny and intelligent. :ok: I believe you are a true sage!

I've had a few glasses of wine, so am feeling a little daisy...but...it just occurred to me that we could all save a lot of time if we didn't look both ways when crossing a one way street.

Sailor Vee
29th Mar 2008, 15:44
Then you get twotted by the likes of David Cameron going the wrong way!

Rather be Gardening
29th Mar 2008, 16:01
FSL - request permission to have a bit of a grumble please. It has been persisting it down and blowing a gale all day - dog and I are both fed up with the wind, especially him as it cut short his daily wander along the foreshore. In fact, it consisted of us both going out to the gate, me looking at the horizontal rain blowing up the river and saying "blow this for a lark, go and run around the garden instead". The rabbits have eaten 3 of my new rose bushes overnight, despite wire netting fence that I put up around them yesterday (the roses, not the rabbits) - reckon I must be the only person in the world with bloody houdini rabbits. Worked out that the fetching red colouration on the leaves of some of the fruit trees is, in fact, a nasty disease called peach leaf curl. It's only 3pm and already I feel like committing gratuitous violence on the next living creature that crosses my path :{:{:{

I feel better for that (sniffle, sniffle, cough). I promise to show a bit more moral fibre in future .......

Beatriz Fontana
29th Mar 2008, 16:23
I sympathize entirely. I'm on a packed noisy long distance train, drunken blokes staggering in the aisles, grumpy passengers being kicked out of reserved seats that they're not entitled to...

And I've just heard that the whole reason for me coming home tonight instead of tomorrow is unavailble tonight!! I can't believe it!

Ok, rant and mini sulk over.

29th Mar 2008, 16:31
You can all use our new work motto if you like. Repeat after me, "it could be worse, I could work for BA at T5." :E

Absolutely hissing it down here and blowing a hooley too. Yeuck.

tony draper
29th Mar 2008, 16:37
yer,after a beautiful morning it's ghastly here,absolutely hoofing it down,SWH asked to go walkies or should one rather say demanded, so one got ready with the expectation of him doing a 180 soon as he got to the front door and looked outside,no such luck, out he trotted into the rain so one was obliged to follow,just had to change out of one's comfortable sittng about the house trousers because they is soaked into one's less comfortable going abroad in the world trousers,one did not change them before venturing forth because one wasn't expecting to be doing any venturing forth,most annoying.

29th Mar 2008, 16:53
packed noisy long distance train, drunken blokes staggering in the aisles, grumpy passengers being kicked out of reserved seats that they're not entitled to...And this is news how? Buck up, girl ... though I sympathise with you that your 'reason' is 'unavailable'.

Does he know you talk about him in such glowing terms?;) To be fair, more often than not he is the love of your life.:O

I feel like committing gratuitous violence on the next living creature that crosses my pathMe door's locked! I'm staying where I am!

Beatriz Fontana
29th Mar 2008, 17:01

I know, I know. I don't travel long distance by train. Hopefully I'll had a car the next time I venture north. And yes, I'm usually very glowing about my man... I'm just a little miffed - I'll get over it. He'll just have to owe me ;)

29th Mar 2008, 17:06
... and you will collect.:E Do you think his ears are burning? If they are, they will be warming the rest of him up for later.

29th Mar 2008, 17:19
Lidl are pulling out of Norway, where will we get our cheap beer ??

tony draper
29th Mar 2008, 17:23
The Metro Center Gateshead of course.:rolleyes:

29th Mar 2008, 17:42
I note that the good ladies of Copenhagen have won the right to go 'topless' at public swimming pools.

http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/article977650.ece (http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/article977650.ece)

Yet I also note that man nipples are being airbrushed from the streets of Orlando.


It must be a very confusing business handling chest area problems.

29th Mar 2008, 17:52
I believe you are a true sage!
Well thank you, Your majesty ... one likes to keep one's finger on the pulse. :)

Here's an interesting stringed instrument for you, Mr. Draper ...


Beatriz Fontana
29th Mar 2008, 18:21
ThreadBaron, I can but hope....

29th Mar 2008, 19:43
Years ago I was nearly impacted by a car coming the wrong way on a one-way street in Boston, Massacchhuussetts, USA. Don't trust Boston drivers.

tony draper
29th Mar 2008, 20:46
Interesting instrument Madam Bluey you will have noted tiz simultaniously both left and right handed,here is a more conventional one.

29th Mar 2008, 21:11
Where can I find that pic of the Fire Rainbow? Tried, but failed!

tony draper
29th Mar 2008, 21:51
Why dont yer just copy the picky I posted to yer desktop? the website I got it from has exactly the same picky and caption? might even be gone now.

29th Mar 2008, 21:57
Feeling tired already.

Can't see me sitting up until 2am to put the clocks on.....

tony draper
29th Mar 2008, 22:26
I never do, one shall alter the clocks sometime termorra if I remembers,SWH will have his morning walk at 10 AM as per norm,but the rest of the world will think it is 11 AM is all, we don't care.
Ah Master and Commander is on channel 4 ,norra bad filum.

Beatriz Fontana
29th Mar 2008, 22:52
... and I'm still hoping :)

Finishing this Old Speckled Hen then home via the curry house. Will be early to bed with the Exchange and Mart to look for a new car... Must suit single young girl with a need for speed and space for a mountain bike.

tony draper
29th Mar 2008, 23:00
Exchange and Mart? good grief Madam Beatriz do they still print that, one used to get it every week(or was it month)? one is a tad surprised in these days of Ebay and such that it still has any customers.

Beatriz Fontana
29th Mar 2008, 23:05
OK, maybe it's Auto Trader :)
Exchange and Mart sounded funnier...

ps: the chicken shashlick is particularly tasty this evening! A little more spicy than normal.

Meanwhile, Iranian has been given some new toys to play with, which he is happily batting around the kitchen.

29th Mar 2008, 23:29
Erm, that were a joke, Mr D. I'm not (quite) as stupid as I look.

tony draper
29th Mar 2008, 23:47
Err one did assume as much Mr frostbite,so was my reply:E however tiz true one generally does not bother altering the four clocks scattered about the towers untill one gets round to it later tomorrow prolly around five pm after me after Sunday lunch settee siesta.

29th Mar 2008, 23:48
Success. After a great struggle, got the champagne bottle opened. :ok: Hurt a lot though. :\

30th Mar 2008, 01:43
Reddo Champagne: one deduces that she has survived the lurching cave of terror again.
Ones great toe is throbbing, so it is elevated. The foot starts to swell when near the floor.

30th Mar 2008, 10:11
I believe you are a true sageDid you mean that Bluey is good for stuffing?

Now, shhh! Tis cuppa tea and Times time.

tony draper
30th Mar 2008, 10:21
Morning peeps just noticed one wont have to alter the clock int kitchen it's still on BST from last year,twere one of they little jobs one kept putting off.
A tad overcast here weatherwise.

30th Mar 2008, 10:41
Lovely sunny day here. Even better it's bit warmer than of late and no wind.

MadsMum is exhibiting at a local Art and Craft sale today so been helping her prepare for that (mainly by getting a nice big stew into the slow cooker for tea) so there's nothing needed to do when she gets home).

green granite
30th Mar 2008, 11:14
Did you mean that Bluey is good for stuffing?

Living a tad dangerously there Mr Baron? I'd stand well back when she reappears if I were you :E:E

tony draper
30th Mar 2008, 11:27
Hmmm, Jean Micheal Jarre ont telly now,they berra knock all this sucking up to the French thats going on ata the mo or there will be trouble,still, one liked the chaps music,chap's talking sense as well, he prefers the analog to the digital,wish one had hung on to the Memory Moog one had,worth a few bob now no doubt.

30th Mar 2008, 11:30
Seems as if many are affected by clock changes and have not attended roll call.
One managed to break a glass beaker and china bowl. The floor needs the dedication of a diligent sweeper.
Lots of those flat bottomed clouds.

tony draper
30th Mar 2008, 12:02
Here's a nice photo from Mr Wholigans neck of the woods Fowey Harbour,one notes there's not a single proper ship in evidence,just those wee toy boats.

30th Mar 2008, 12:25
Did you mean that Bluey is good for stuffing?
You can run, Baron, but you cannot hide. :suspect:

30th Mar 2008, 13:44
Nah, no LCOT this week. Not due for another month or so.

Until last night I haven't been able to open a bottle of champagne because of my sprained thumb. :ok: See?

30th Mar 2008, 13:48
That was a serious injury indeed, reddo ... Hope the recovery is soon complete! :)

30th Mar 2008, 14:00
Do they not now export china clay through Fowey harbour any more Mr Draper?

About 20 years ago read a couple of fairly light weight but mildly entertaining autobiographical books by a bloke called Denys Val Baker who lived with his fairly large family in a cottage which must be somewhere on that photo. He could only get to his home by dinghy at high tide.

30th Mar 2008, 14:03
You can run, Baron, but you cannot hide.Eeek ...errr, well .... it's ju .... did you not ..... can I please ex .... I was only ... It's not my faul ...:sad:

Distraction required


Where ya bin? Long time, no see piccy of that Jack lad. How's he getting on?

See, Bluey likes pictures of the TRRAB kids ....... so she might fergit my slight indiscretion.

30th Mar 2008, 14:26
Once saw a bloke drive his Graber Alvis off the wrong end of the Fowey - Bodinnick ferry. Cross, he was. So were the ferry blokes, took'em ages to get it back on again. Pretty car is a Graber Alvis, I'd like one.

30th Mar 2008, 15:07
Thanks for the enquiries Mr 'Baron, pleased to say that on the whole things running reasonably smoothly in the DB household. Significant amount of time being taken up sorting things out in the wake of the death of MIL about a month ago. Obviously as she was 96 and getting somewhat frail the only surprise was the suddenness of the event but whilst her affairs are fairly simple its still all surprisingly draining emotionally as old memories are continually stirred up as we go through her things.


Now just over two and a half, pleased to say that Jack is thriving. We scattered MIL's ashes in the tiny graveyard at the small church in the grounds of Babington House (the now famous country house hotel near Mells in Somerset). At the most solemn part, whilst the vicar was saying a prayer as we actually did the distribution, in very short order Jack managed three times to trip over previous graves (simple mounds, no stones), causing all present to laugh at him whilst still being affected by the inevitable sadness coming from saying goodbye to a decent human being and old friend.

Its absolutely fascinating to see his individual personality developing and he's getting a wicked sense of humour!

Beatriz Fontana
30th Mar 2008, 15:17
Keep your spirits up, Duckbutt!

Pub at lunchtime was much quieter than normal... clocks to blame methinks. Otherwise its a beautiful day on the Surrey Hants border, just a shame there's no one to share it with today :{

30th Mar 2008, 15:28
Thank you for that Beatriz. No, not getting particularly depressed as its just a part of the natural cycle of things that we all have to got through at at some time in our lives. Just, as I said, a little emotionally draining that's all.

Much better day today after yesterday's continuous, heavy rain. Sun shining, temperature up around 12 deg. Off to help the lady of the house with getting her allotment ready for the summer.

30th Mar 2008, 15:38
Jack! Cracker!

Now, who else but a child could get away with making you laugh at a funeral? I am sure MIL laughed too.

30th Mar 2008, 17:43
Just spotted this on local area teletext news:

Warning to mini-moto riders
Police in Cheshire are warning riders of mini-motorbikes that they will be seized and crushed.

Don't mess about, the Cheshire police!

Sailor Vee
30th Mar 2008, 17:58
Jack! Cracker!
Does that mean you have to give them a pencil? ;)

(Foreign and younger Trabbinauts will not understand!)

30th Mar 2008, 18:06

Oh yes, Friday evenings, teatime TV. Who could ever forget the woeful, totally talent free duo of Don Maclean and Peter Glaze!

Sailor Vee
30th Mar 2008, 18:11
They did have some pleasant wimmin on tho'

and the prizes were stunning!:yuk:


30th Mar 2008, 18:52
The cabbages weren't. Unless Eamon dropped one on yer noggin.

green granite
30th Mar 2008, 19:41
Police in Cheshire are warning riders of mini-motorbikes that they will be seized and crushed.

That'll made a bloody mess then. :E

30th Mar 2008, 19:55
Jack's growing up so fast! I bet the days of his hernia op seem a trillion miles away now!

Leo still not well, but looks like he's on the mend. Needed to get the doc out to him yesterday as he was complaining about light hurting his eyes and a poorly neck, oh oh! Want to know how long the wait was? 8 hours! So we had to bundle him into the car and trundle to the emergency doc which was in a less than salubrious area. Luckily it was a side effect of his fever, but Doc said we were right to check! Phew, this being a Mum business is tough sometimes!

Off for a nice bath soon as was at work for 0400hrs this am. So that was quite tiring.

tony draper
30th Mar 2008, 21:36
Tonights interesting QI snippet,the guillotines was last used for an execution in 1977,the customer was a one legged Frenchman,which is fitting somehow.

Sailor Vee
30th Mar 2008, 22:02
Have you been putting something in the water close to St James', Herr D? The toon won in London!

tony draper
30th Mar 2008, 22:10
Indeed one understands they did,the signs were all there Bro returned from watching it in his club with a smile on his face rather than a look of despair,a matter of complete indifference to me of course,unless they start winning on a regular basis.
The Draper tribe were famed for this,watching to see who was winning before joining battle, on the winning side of course,Bro Draper is something of a anomaly.

30th Mar 2008, 23:05
What a lovely looking little grandson youīve got there Duck. Condolences on your MIL passing on. Circle of life and all that, normal but seldom pain-free.

Overheard Son & GF talking.
"Why canīt I say that around your Mum?"
"We donīt mention trouble sleeping with a one hour clock change in this family; it sets her off badly. Something to do with her job I reckon."

No Country for Old Men was a thorough waste of a sunday evening.

Phew, this being a Mum business is tough sometimes!
Amen to that Lexxy.

31st Mar 2008, 01:53
A slate-grey, cool and rainy day here as we catch the tail end of whatever our latest cyclone was called. Perth is not often affected by cyclones (apart from getting much-needed rain) but here's an interesting account from 10th March 1872. Cyclones didn't have names in those days so it's not identified as anything other than, "A storm of unprecedented severity."

'In Perth a storm of unprecedented severity occurred on the 10th March. About 7 am heavy rain fell, and from then for about 5 hours the gale raged with unabated fury. At noon the barometer read 29.20 inches, and the wind blew from eastnortheast. The destruction of property within the city was considerable, chimneys having been blown down and trees levelled to the ground. Telegraph communication was cut off between Perth and Fremantle, also beyond Guildford and between Pinjarra and Bunbury. The town hall of Perth and the Colonists Hospital were greatly damaged, Several cottages were blown down but no lives were lost. At Bunbury, the town was visited by a most violent storm of wind and rain. The barque Midas dragged her anchors and finally ran aground and became a total wreck. The storm came from the northeast and north without warning. From noon it blew with utmost fury until about 4 p. m., when it began to gradually abate.
At Fremantle the port was visited by the most extraordinary weather that had been witnessed for some considerable time at that period of the year. The wind was so terrific that huge stones were lifted a distance of several feet from the ground.'

Solid Rust Twotter
31st Mar 2008, 06:41
Sounds like ideal weather for a jug of hot choc and a good book, Mme BD.

31st Mar 2008, 08:04
Indeed, Rusty ... and we have even had a half-hearted attempt at a thunderstorm too, albeit without much by way of lightning. Plenty of the rumbly/growly stuff though. :ok: One has a plentiful supply of all the necessary ingredients for such a day ... hot choccie, cream, marshmallows, cardamom, books and cats. That last item, of course, serves the dual purpose of keeping one's lap warm and giving one somewhere convenient to prop up the book one is reading ... :E

Solid Rust Twotter
31st Mar 2008, 08:30
Not to mention the dribbles and Chinese Death by a Thousand Perforations torture as mogg rumbles gently in low gear.:ok: