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winch wannabe
23rd Mar 2008, 20:36

I dont understand how reporters can get it so wrong!! well done again lads all involved.

23rd Mar 2008, 23:53
Bbc :- Spot The Mistake
It should be "BBC".

Apart from that, perhaps 22 Sqn isn't based at Kinloss? :rolleyes:

24th Mar 2008, 00:05
First post and nothing but banter. :D

N Joe
24th Mar 2008, 00:06

"Bloody BBC why can't they get some simple words right eh."

Ive never been any good at punctuation but shouldnt you're question have a question mark;

N Joe

24th Mar 2008, 00:12
N Joe, people in glass houses eh? Nothing I love more than one person having a pop at another's grammar and getting it so spectacularly incorrect themselves!

You are = you're

Your = possesive

Also, an apostrophe should be used when a letter is omitted i.e. shouldn't.

Admitting that one is no good at grammar and castigating another for poor use is no argument.



Actually there are a lot of things I love more but hey, this is banter isn't it?

24th Mar 2008, 00:24
I hate people who feel the need to end a post with their user name. It's not as if the reader is going to somehow forget who posted it, is it?



24th Mar 2008, 00:26
OMG, I'm devasted! wg13_dummy hates me! What on earth shall I do! :oh::rolleyes:

N Joe, don't worry, there were/are many more more mistakes you could have made. :D:D :ok:



24th Mar 2008, 00:28
OMG, I'm devasted! wg13_dummy hates me! What on earth shall I do!



Poke off out of the mil forum for a start?

24th Mar 2008, 00:29
No! Who are you???



24th Mar 2008, 00:34
Your = possesive

Wot, no spellchecker?:=:=:=

Pontius Navigator
24th Mar 2008, 10:31
Signing off


is useful if you cut and paste rather than use a full quote. Then you can remember who you cut from.



Cheers p:mad:s me off too when there is no drink involved.

24th Mar 2008, 10:59
Cheers ps me off too when there is no drink involved

Pprune rule one applies here, computer mouse one hand, tea mug in the other:at ninety degrees to the electronics.
Pprune rule two, take small sips.

2 sheds
24th Mar 2008, 11:19
So what point exactly was being made by the starter of this thread? Whatever is was, the news media get a whole lot more spectacularly wrong. Have you noticed how aircraft apparently always park on the runway?

2 s

24th Mar 2008, 13:16
but has anyone actually read the bBC articla? I know I haven't :zzz:

Ken Wells
24th Mar 2008, 14:15
There you go kids, a report from todays North wales Daily Post

Mum rescued from Dolgellau ravine
Mar 24 2008 By Eryl Crump

A MUM-of-two is seriously ill in hospital with hypothermia after she was rescued from a deep ravine near Dolgellau.

The woman, named locally as 43-year- old Mandy Evans of Wenallt, Dolgellau, was found at Coed Pandy, just after 11am yesterday.

She is believed to have fallen between 20 and 30 feet into the ravine near the old tannery mill about 300 yards south of the town centre.

A North Wales Police spokeswoman said she was reported missing from her home in the town shortly after 5am, and a major search, including the use of specially trained dogs, was launched.

She was spotted in the ravine, at 11.07am. Paramedics were quickly at the scene once she was found. But attempts to get her to safety were hampered by the sheer drop into the nearby river Arran and woodland.

Police joined other rescue workers to help carry her across the river until to the waiting RAF Sea King helicopter, which was diverted from a training exercise.

A police spokeswoman yesterday afternoon: "The woman is in a critical condition in hospital following a rescue operation in Dolgellau.

"Shortly after 5am police received reports the woman was missing from her home. Officers, including the force helicopter, were deployed to carry out a search.

"She was found in the ravine. She was carried by our officers over a river to meet the RAF helicopter who took her to Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor. No further details are currently available"

Helicopter pilot Flt Lt Thomas Bunn of RAF Valley said the overhanging trees and the steep sides of the ravine hampered the rescue attempts.

"We were called in because of the time critical aspect of the incident," he said.

"Once established in the hover the winchman was lowered with medical equipment to make an assessment.

"She was in a serious condition but stable, a stretcher was requested which was winched down to the side of the river whilst the winchman and road paramedics continued working to stabilise the casualty further.

"The female was then placed into the stretcher and winched to the aircraft with the aid of a rope which was held by Police and ambulance crews to stabilise and prevent both winchman and casualty spinning.

"We then made the turbulent transit through the mountains to Bangor where an awaiting ambulance rushed the casualty from the landing pad into A & E."

Mrs Evans is married and has two children, Hayley and Scott, both teenagers. Last night her husband, Keith, and other family members were at her hospital bedside.

She works as a residential care worker at Plas Coch, Dolgellau.

Care home owner Bill Robinson said she was a "model employee".

He told the Daily Post: "All the clients and staff are shocked by what has happened to Mandy. She is a very good carer who works well with our clients who all have learning difficulties.

"We wish her well and hope she’ll be back home soon."

A friend added: "I saw her on the bus only on Saturday and she was fine. I saw the helicopters over town this morning and was really upset to find out that Mandy was involved. She’s a very nice, bubbly person with a very caring nature."

The North Wales Police helicopter had hovered above the town for more than an hour and used its thermal imaging camera to search for the woman from the air while police were assisted by mountain rescue teams on the ground.

The police spokeswoman said they were not treating the incident as suspicious but were making inquiries as to how Mrs Evans came to be in the ravine.

It is understood Mrs Evans was taken off the critical list and her condition was thought to be improving last night.

The RAF Sea King helicopter based at Valley provides 24hr, all weather every day cover to the area. It is equipped with a heat-seeking camera, radar, winch and equipment and qualified crew comparable with an ambulance.

Richard Taylor
24th Mar 2008, 20:38
There are no ravines near Dolgellau...in fact, there IS no Dolgellau...:E

That it? :\