View Full Version : Whos Girlfriend / Wife/ Partner reads Pprune.

23rd Mar 2008, 14:23
My GF is now a pprune devotee, partuicularly of Jetblast, but also the other forums, almost on a daily basis calls me......"hey babe, did u read on pprune........", often long before I get to logon myself.

Cripes, now shes even starting to talk like a pilot, learning the lingo.

Anyone else have this happen??

23rd Mar 2008, 14:49
There are other forums? :confused:

Standard Noise
23rd Mar 2008, 15:24
Mrs Noise thinks we're all sad feckers.

Farmer 1
23rd Mar 2008, 16:17
My wife never lets me read Pprune.

23rd Mar 2008, 17:13
My wife thought the server downtime was the best thing that has happened in the history of pprune. :=

23rd Mar 2008, 22:10
I was the first to use PPRuNe, now my Husband, Dad and Cousin follow me around it. Buggers.

Rwy in Sight
23rd Mar 2008, 22:11
An ex (a wonderful great lady that I miss much) got register to PPRuNe because I talked so much about it.

Currently, I use the PPRuNe to get away from discussions with a female friend that I have encourage to come sleeping in my place. It is great to let her chat and concentrate on what is important - very useful.

Rwy in Sight

Dea Certe
23rd Mar 2008, 22:22
Hubby reads on occasion. He likes the Friday Jokes and the Hamster Wheel.

Anyone remember a sad tale posted advising against shaving one's butt? Funniest thing I ever read and can't find it on search.


24th Mar 2008, 00:52
Got and old girlfriend reads it in England, and a mate in the States.
Haven't registered yet...

...or maybe they have. :uhoh:

Rather be Gardening
24th Mar 2008, 11:02
Husband knows PPruNe exists, but have managed to distract him with a bunch of golf/skiing/sailing websites instead. Oh, and I told him PPruNe was a gardening site, which has guaranteed he never comes near the place. :E

Well, you have to have some things that are your own, don't you?

24th Mar 2008, 11:48
HAHAH are you serious about the gardening bit?
I think its a site about trimming bushes with a prop. :p

and no, no family members look at pprune, or girlfriends either
well theres my half uncle, who is an ATC anyway..

green granite
24th Mar 2008, 14:03
I was the first to use PPRuNe, now my Husband, Dad and Cousin follow me around it. Buggers.

Wait till Leo learns to type Lexxie :E

24th Mar 2008, 14:08
Oh please don't. I also forgot to mention cousins boyfriend, but he was on here before her. Hi Matt!

24th Mar 2008, 20:17
Shaving one's butt?
Just for you Dea :ok:
Read this yesterday and duly bookmarked it! I had to stop myself from laughing which made it even funnier :E

24th Mar 2008, 20:39
:ok: Thanks :E:D

Dea Certe
24th Mar 2008, 21:05

Thank you! Made me laugh like a mad woman once again. Didn't realize it was posted that recently. Copied and pasted for the next time I need a good, hard laugh!

Wonder what ever happened to the author.


Buster Hyman
25th Mar 2008, 03:50
Geez...they'll be wanting to vote next!!!:rolleyes:

25th Mar 2008, 11:08
Yep but I think he registered on here before I did, also met boyfriends through here so obviously really.
Father was registered but now I think just reads in as unregistered my sister was registered as well.