View Full Version : Getting tickets for Old Firm match - ideas?

21st Mar 2008, 22:57
Ello peeps,

I'm going up to Edinburgh next weekend and understand that there is an Old Firm derby happening in Glasgow.

I've tried obtaining tickets from the Rangers website, but failed miserably.

Other than paying 200+ on a potentially dodgy site, does anyone know a good source for reasonably priced tickets etc?

Any help appreciated - it'll stop us drinking for a couple of hours if we get tickets :)

21st Mar 2008, 23:31
To be honest I think they'll all be sold out now officially. Best bet is going to the ground and seeing if theres any touts around, but theres a good chance you'll pay a fortune.

22nd Mar 2008, 00:48
You would be better saving your money until you can get to a proper football game in England. :p

22nd Mar 2008, 02:15
The only way you will get a ticket is from someone you know.

You have no chance otherwise. :(

22nd Mar 2008, 08:07
Just wait until the next game: They play eachother 20 times a year these days. Old Firm derbys are not what they used to be (which isn't a bad thing).