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21st Mar 2008, 15:53
Ok then.

Several times now in gun debate threads I have observed people using the movie "Shoot'em Up" as a poster child for American gun violence - on both sides of the argument!!!

Now if you don't understand why carrots should be banned then you are not allowed to cite "Shoot'em Up"

Now what is this with everyone being experts on Americans by viewing Westerns?

I thought all the nations of the world (except the US) had superior education? Movies?

21st Mar 2008, 15:56
"Shoot'em Up" is a great movie!! But it's not a western!! And Clive Owen is English.

Now, try watching Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon, a poor emulation of Death Wish.

Oh, and guns/knives/lead pipes/carrots etc don't kill people, people kill people.:E


Led Goose
21st Mar 2008, 17:13
Guns dont kill people, rappers do.
(I saw it on a documentary on BBC 2)

21st Mar 2008, 18:01
Well that thread title fooled me, guess what I thought this was going to be about, possibly carrots as a foodstuff and a hatred of same. Ah well.

It's not carrots that kill, it's the stick that causes the damage.

21st Mar 2008, 20:53
several times now I have failed to see "shoot em up" referenced as a justification for either side of the firearms argument,so give me a quote on that or shut up.

Ken Wells
21st Mar 2008, 20:58
Broccoli ............now that should be banned:{

21st Mar 2008, 21:29
Broccoli, broccoli runs for shed!! Ban them froggy skinny green things, whats wrong with carrots?

PS. Loves me broccoli does I, with loads of grated nutmeg and Stilton melted a'top.

21st Mar 2008, 21:40

I didn't say justification, I said example of American violence culture.

Sorry! Please remove your piece from play.

Careful where you stick that carrot. Then again, don't be. Stick it in your mouth and shut up yourself. I've heard beta-carotine is good for your eyes. Probably then will help reading.

21st Mar 2008, 22:21
Now what is this with everyone being experts on Americans by viewing Westerns?

Is it any different to the Americans being experts on the English by watching the BBC, or the English being experts on world politics because they watch a lot of news? etc.

That's the problem with television. It makes an awful lot of "experts", who in fact only really have a very basic knowledge of the subject in hand.

A perfect example is the Middle East, which is always on the TV or in the newspapers.
Start a discussion about the religious and political situation there, and a lot of people will be convinced that they know exactly what is happening, but in reality, there are probably not too many people who actually do. (myself included)

22nd Mar 2008, 10:39
I have never based my views on America and Americans on hollywood's output if I did I would believe that all criminals in America are foreigners and that they all get shot by the police or by members of the general public.
When did you last see a bad guy arrested in a film?.
I have also never believed that films influence the behaviour of people in a detrimental way,I think that that is just the defence lawyer trying to divert the blame for his/her clients actions onto someone else,it used to be "God made me do it" now it's the latest popular violent film/computer game.
very few posters on pprune have ever tried to blame America's gun culture on films they usually blame it on Americans in general.Me? I blame the French!