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blue monday
21st Mar 2008, 10:51
Was hit in the rear by a girl i work with, the damage was a whole 373. she is trying to dispute the amount of damage done and is claiming she got out of the car and saw no damage and she thinks there was already damage there - people at work witnessed it and she did not leave her car, she is a lying faciscious (spl?)bitch, now i have asked her insurers to deal direct and they are now inspecting the car to quantify the pitiful amount of damage. I am struggling to stop myself pouring paint striper on her car. I could understand trying to dispute if its some one you don't know but someone you work with. Things like this make me hate people and put me in a bad mind set, especially when i start my new Ops Job in a week. How do i get my self out of this mind set as im still furious 2 days on and only have 3 .5 working days left there but am worried i'll do something i regret.

21st Mar 2008, 11:02
Calm, down, mate. Just keep thinking that you are a good guy and she is a stupid 8itch; in a few weeks the damage will be repaired and you will still be a good guy and she will still be a stupid 8itch. Rise above it. Keep smiling at her and privately thinking what a stupid cow she is - you win more respect from your colleagues this way. Let the insurance company sort out getting the car repaired - that is what you pay them for. Check if you have cover for your legal expenses/uninsured losses - i.e. no claims bonus, in case they want to do knock for knock.


21st Mar 2008, 12:26
When you notify your Insurer, which would be a wise move, as an intermediary to claiming off her Insurer, ask your workmates who saw it if they will act as witnesses for you. Don't be surprised, though, if they refuse because they'd rather upset the nice bloke than the mad cow from Hell. As UniFoxOs said, stay calm and reasonable. Go through the standard channels to get the practicalities sorted out.

When you've done that, one of two things will have happened; you will have a repaired car at no cost to yourself or one that has cost you. The former is a good result and you could call it quits. The latter would be a bugger, though. Wait until that final point before considering getting even. If you must get even, plan it carefully and slowly and tell nobody. Whatever you do must not be attributable to you but her thinking it was you would be a bonus.

Quoting a sign I saw in a Thai railway station master's office; "be serene and smile at all times".

21st Mar 2008, 12:42
she is a lying faciscious (spl?)bitchI have found that to be a common trait amongst bitches. Good luck mate. Trust me, I've been there and there is nothing worse than a lying bitch.


21st Mar 2008, 12:52
So she admits hitting you but disputes the damage.

She's lost

Beatriz Fontana
21st Mar 2008, 13:43
People like this woman just spiral into more hate if you retaliate. Whatever you do will be wrong to her so don't do anything direct and certainly don't try reasoning with her. Deep breath, let the insurers deal with it, and you'll be out of there knowing you'll never have to see the mad woman again.

Dan D'air
21st Mar 2008, 13:49
you'll be out of there knowing you'll never have to see the mad woman again.

Yes he will, he works with her. But if only that were true in real-life, Beatriz!!

21st Mar 2008, 14:55
She drove into the back of you. She's lost. Let the insurance deal with it on the same terms as if she were a complete and utter stranger - it's no skin off her nose (unless she has a hefty excess or will lose her NCB).

She is insured isn't she???



21st Mar 2008, 15:12
If she is insured, her insurance company will advise her to admit to nothing. I would take that into consideration and allow the insurers to do the haggling between themselves.
If you biff her, it won't be a matter for insurance companies, more a matter for a beak.

PS....White van man hit me up the backside, when he had finished straightening up after getting out of his cab, I felt no compunction at all to remonstrate with him. :}

blue monday
21st Mar 2008, 18:54
Thanks all, i think im now starting to calm down, im very principled and its the principle that is getting me worked up.Her insurers accept liability but are disputing quantum (on a 373 claim:\) because of what she said.

Time to enjoy the weekend now and see where things lie on tuesday.

Dea Certe
21st Mar 2008, 19:11
blue monday,

This may be of some comfort to you. I sat on a jury in an insurance dispute very much like the one you're facing. Four days of testimony, 45 minutes in the jury room and we found for the plaintiff. After the verdict, the insurance lawyer beat it out of the court room, which was good thing because we hated him for wasting our time!

Don't give up and do take the high road. The truth will come out.

Good luck!


Two's in
21st Mar 2008, 19:20
but are disputing quantum (on a 373 claim) because of what she said.

...disputing amounts is what insurance companies do, that's how they all get rich. Just stick to your guns, as the others have commented, the moment she ran in the back of you she lost the case.

Whirls, you had a typo back there, you said complete and utter stranger whereas I think you meant complete nutter and a stranger

21st Mar 2008, 19:43
Two's In, you're absolutely correct. It's a dreadful habit of mine, missing out words as my brain works faster than my fingers!!!

Thanks for pointing it out :)



Ken Wells
21st Mar 2008, 20:14
you think you have problems!.............

21st Mar 2008, 20:17
blue monday.

In a previous life I was a loss adjuster. Been out of it a few years but just managed to get my motor insurers to settle at 170% of their original offer. As others have said it's what they do.

If you have any problems PM me.

22nd Mar 2008, 01:06
Thanks all, i think im now starting to calm down, im very principled and its the principle that is getting me worked up.Her insurers accept liability but are disputing quantum (on a 373 claim) because of what she said.

Perhaps it will help your mind to know that ALL insurance people, the world around, are programmed to screw "the other party" to the wall to the maximum extent possible. This only abates when no claims are in play -- during which period they concentrate on screwing their own clients to the wall to extract maximum premiums for minimum work.

22nd Mar 2008, 02:51
She's prolly on her favourite discussion board right now, bitching about how she gave someone a gentle nudge in the rear, and now the lovechild is trying to sting her for all sorts of excessive and pre-existing damage and blah blah blah....in the end she'll end up believing it herself.

Brake fluid works just as well as paint stripper :E

R J Kinloch
22nd Mar 2008, 22:23
Tis better as it gets into the pores of the metal and you can't repaint over it.
Don't ask how I know this:D

23rd Mar 2008, 03:11
..Was hit in the rear by a girl i work with

isn't this an inappropriate sexual touching case?