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21st Mar 2008, 10:22
The Silverjet thread in Airlines, Airports & Routes is no longer a place to discuss how the airline is doing. I am now banned from that thread and a post that gives CAA pax numbers for Feb has been removed.

It serves people in the industry badly if facts are supressed about how airlines are doing. We will change the rumour network into a airline PR department if it becomes one-sided.

What you can no longer find out:-
The lates CAA data is out for Feb 2008.

If you look in detail you will see
newark 6524 pax
Dubai 2334
free 129 (worked out by taking revenue seats from total above)
newark 5810 pax
Dubai 3455
free 436

They had big drop in Newark as only 1 plane was used for last 2 weeks of Feb.
They are also giving away vast numbers of free seats.

read before its removed.

21st Mar 2008, 10:45
Did you tread on your old fella?