View Full Version : They are joking aren't they?

tony draper
20th Mar 2008, 20:16
Reporters are demanding that shooting a Journalists be made a War Crime? they have to be kidding right?
Hmmm,just deleted what I was going to post,they are not worth being banned over,

Evening Star
20th Mar 2008, 20:25
As we say at the Ivory Tower, if the law is ever changed to allow us to shoot students, we have a shortlist. Can quite easily accept the value of extending that thinking to certain types of journo.:E

20th Mar 2008, 20:48
All a bit silly, since war is in itself a crime. And anyway, why should reporters feel entitled to special consideration? They put themselves in harm`s way by being in those situations.

20th Mar 2008, 21:04
Maybe they mean if the journalist is only wounded . . .

20th Mar 2008, 22:14
So you're safe if you shoot him again to make sure he's a goner? Sounds good to me!

tony draper
20th Mar 2008, 22:14
Nah it just said reporters, Journalist don't exists now.:rolleyes:

21st Mar 2008, 01:41
...it's kinda weird that they put themselves in harm's way and then they want somebody to take the blame if they get shot? :ouch:

Two's in
21st Mar 2008, 02:55
It was probably a typo by some lazy pissed up journo - what it should have said was that shooting a journalist was;

1. A Public Service.
2. An act of kindness to literary aficionados everywhere.
3. A triumph of determination over lowest commmon denomination.
4. Worth over 200 Carbon Credits.
5. Guaranteed to generate even more lazy journalism in reporting the dreadful deed.