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20th Mar 2008, 16:43
Had the pleasure of attending an "industry" dinner last night.

All was going well, couple of pre-dinner G+T's.......

Got seated on a sponsors table - fantastic, free wine.....

So, I said to my neighbour, who is the keynote guest speaker.

Edwina of Major fame who knows eggactly where she is coming from.

Against her advisors (one guesses twas the blokey she sat next to) wishes she took questions!

Sooooooooooo many opportunities, so little time.

I did ask a question of Edwina cos it's only right - it was gonna be profound but one rose to the occasion and asked an inane question about the influence of China and India..... on the UK economy - true to form one cannot remember the answer

So, to the point, could fellow PPRuners rise to the occasion?

Apologies if you were there, if you were you must have received an award - contratulations!

Flap 5
20th Mar 2008, 16:49
Your'e not still pi$$ed are you?

tony draper
20th Mar 2008, 16:56
Alus fancied Edwina,she always had a sexy glint in her eye and she had a great pair of legs.:rolleyes:

20th Mar 2008, 16:57
Are you going to change your name to Diddoo? :p

20th Mar 2008, 16:57
Thought you were going to admit you asked her for a $ha& afterwards......

Beatriz Fontana
20th Mar 2008, 17:00
Yes, I would and yes, I have done on a number of occasions.

Sadly though, I'd get moderated off and banned if I told you!!

20th Mar 2008, 17:02
stockings or tights?:E


20th Mar 2008, 18:16
I am a diddnadoo!

Must confess she stirs the unmentionables - why oh why?

Having pondered for a moment, it's all in the hand gestures and you just know her mouthpiece ......well whatever.

Nearly There
20th Mar 2008, 19:02
Its a man in drag:=.....sick the lot of you..of all the women on the planet, please tell me this is the friday joke thread:ok:

20th Mar 2008, 19:29
You're so right!

Bunch of perves will be chatting up Widdicombe next.....

Beatriz Fontana
20th Mar 2008, 21:51
Or Margaret Beckett....

20th Mar 2008, 22:04
thereth spakes a bunch of males with oranges and plastic bags to hand.... :ooh:

barry lloyd
20th Mar 2008, 23:37
She's a Scouser!
Surely no self-respecting PPruNer would admit to wanting to [email protected] a Scouser - especially after [email protected] Norris has had her - allegedly.

Two's in
21st Mar 2008, 00:15
What about Hattie Jacques in her Matron's uniform?