View Full Version : Makes you feel proud.

20th Mar 2008, 11:58

Could you have signed the deportation order? God knows we are not a cruel people but we come bloody close sometimes.


20th Mar 2008, 12:09
Not right, not right at all!!

20th Mar 2008, 13:18
Could you have signed the deportation order?Yes.

She had TERMINAL cancer. She was going to die here or there.


20th Mar 2008, 17:02
There was a thread about this a few weeks ago. Sorry, I don't agree we should have paid for her medical care; my late father got very little help when he was suffering from advanced Alzheimers, many other seriously ill British taxpayers have been refused treatment because of funding and you can take a look at this from today's news:

Why wouldn't the Ghanaian government offer to pay for her treatment? That is just the question I asked in an e-mail to the Ghanaian High Commission in London a while ago and predictably received no response. Let's look after our own before helping people who shouldn't have been here to start with (failed visa).
Or, considering the amount of obscenely-paid African footballers signed up by clubs in Britain, why didn't any of them offer to pay for her treatment? Or were they forgetting their roots...