View Full Version : Is YCAB the crappiest airfield in Oz?

19th Mar 2008, 10:57
Caboolture gets my vote as the crappiest airfield in Australia. Don't think I have every landed anywhere worse - and that includes a few claypans and oil survey tracks.

1) Overgrown grass
2) Bog holes
3) Narrow taxiways (if you can call them that)
4) Unmarked culvets
6) Built next to a dump - so permanent bird (ie Ibis) hazard!
7) Roo hazard
8) Intersecting runways used willy-nilly
9) Gliders
10) Feral tug
11) RAA infestation
12) Home of the dawn and dusk patrol!

What have I missed?

13) Trees right at the end of the south-east Rwy
14) .....followed by powerlines
15) Using 118.8 as a chat frequency!!!
16) Shares a CTAF(R) frequency with Caloundra and Redcliffe.

Dr :8

BN APP 125.6
19th Mar 2008, 11:01
Your manners?


19th Mar 2008, 11:10
Bit blunt huh, 125.6?

That place is an accident waiting to happen. If the prang on the Gold Coast was the result of a bird strike, its only a matter of time at YCAB.

Hey, I had to give YBBN a miss last week. Had to take the Bo into YBAF instead for a little radio work. I only invaded your airspace last Sunday morning - took the Bro's Mooney IFR to YBMC.

Are you working Good Friday morning? I'll be heading into your airspace in the FTDK - YRED to YTWB. Direct at 6k will work!

Dr :8

19th Mar 2008, 11:16
My vote would be Dry River, but CAB is indeed a bit sad. Did a CIR there in 2000, was rough as guts then, with all the aforementioned, plus untold numbers of gliders doing random patterns through the immediate area - great when you're under the hood.......... The trees right at the end of the south-east Rwy , followed by the powerlines.....mmmmmm:hmm:

Still, it's cheap, close to Bris and CDR; but I'd prefer RED or CDR to CAB, given the choice.

19th Mar 2008, 11:27
Dry River? - as in our part of the world?

No way, Jamjar - ya gotta get out more! The Bo goes in and out of there nicely.

Bit scary in a 404 on a summers day huh? Trees, rising ground, blasting!

Try shutting your eyes when you rotate!

Dr :8

Flying Binghi
19th Mar 2008, 12:10
Sounds like FTDK has had a few too many :E

Peter Fanelli
19th Mar 2008, 12:40
Hardly surprising really, Canberra is about the crappiest city I've ever visited.

Chimbu chuckles
19th Mar 2008, 13:19
Umm Canberra?:confused:

Re Caboulture...FTDK and I had this conversation over the weekend (sober) and really he is absolutely right.

YCAB is in need of some serious TLC...but that won't address the very real bird hazard. I have never seen so many big birds (Ibis in this case) up close as at YCAB. One view I have heard expressed is the tip provides some degree of protection from encroaching suburbia...but I wonder.

I look at the damage large birds do to more 'substantial' aircraft (Bonanzas etc) and find myself wondering how a SAA/homebuilt would fare...particularly the faster ones like the Jabiru.

BN APP 125.6
19th Mar 2008, 13:28
The more I think about it, FTDK is probably right (except the bit about RAA infestation - most are GA/Airline converts these days!) - but the critiques mentioned are not unique to YCAB. Last time I visited BK it looked in need of some money spent as well.

Must say I avoid the place after nearly getting cleaned up once by a helicopter appearing on the cross strip from behind that tree line as I was rotating of 12, and making 3 approaches to get in there one night after the Roo's wouldn't budge.

Is the problem council funding? - now a new council as of this week.

Must admit, I like being based at YRED - even if it does seem to have more helicopters than an Apocalypse Now set.


Yes - I have the joy of working right through Easter, including tomorrow afternoon/evening, traditionally the busiest day of the year for movements. Good thing I like my job!

May your Easter flying be safe - here is wishing you all the shortest & quickest route you ever had.

19th Mar 2008, 14:01
Ahaha, i predicted this thread would come up in the coming future, after hearing the FTDK's comments while taxiing the mooney around YCAB.
It truly is the worst maintained airport i've seen. Even lady elliot island is better!

The taxiways are very spiratic, you have to look quite close to find the taxiways, and go really slow along the unsealed taxiways in case of any coming pot-holes.
The taxiways are just barely enough to fit the full width of the main gear on (when there is taxiways).

I do quite enjoy YCAB for a little adventure, but I am in complete agreement about its state of disrepair,
two times out of three I've been in an aircraft taking off from YCAB, we have had an Ibis flying in close proximity to our aircraft. It is truly a wonder there haven't been any (serious) birdstrikes yet.

19th Mar 2008, 14:31
....or that other little gem, Wandoan. 850m fence to fence, with two humps and a radio tower (complete with guy wires) right off the end...... went in and out of there a few years back in a A36 (WMA) with a howling crosswind.....had to pull about 25 degrees of bank to stay clear of the wires..... yikes!:mad:

It was a PIFR I did at CAB not the CIR, in a dinky PA28-140 (RVZ), barely cleared the trees off the south east strip; but had no probs with the (multitude of) birds - they outran me!!!:ooh: Last time into there was in an Aztruck; had to dodge the roo's which feed all over the rwys and have NO FEAR of aeroplanes.:ugh:

mmmmm, DRV in summer, fully loaded, cross wind, the tree wall getting closer and the wind gusting around the sides of the dirt mound.....sweeeet!

Peter Fanelli
19th Mar 2008, 19:54
Umm Canberra?
Geez, that'll teach me to try and read pprune when I get home from work tired.



Well for what it's worth, Canberra is a crappy city, and I've never been to the other place you mention. :)

19th Mar 2008, 20:26
Not directly an issue with the field it's self (FDK covered most of those!) but something that originates from YCAB more often than not.

15) Using 118.8 as a chat frequency!!! :ugh:

I've flown in to a few ALA's, The hascienda strip in Nambucca Heads being the most memorable. All grass, powerlines at one end, river at both, but at least the owners will move the cows and wild life for you! :}

19th Mar 2008, 20:29
The only positive I will give YCAB is that its runway configuration is a bit more forgiving when you have a classical SE QLD ridge combined with a tasman high, pushing strong and gusty S/SE winds onshore over YRED.

YRED in the late afternoons typically over the last few weeks especially, can make departures almost non existant, and approaches quite dangerous.

So with the above taken into consideration, I can give YCAB a tick in one area I guess.

15) Using 118.8 as a chat frequency!!!

Those old wardogs @ YCAB just love to spin up a good yarn on 118.8 .. I cant count how many times I have been denied giving my mandatory broadcasts in the circuit because a couple of old fools have been banging their falsies over how great their kit plane is climbing today or trying to pre-arrange a bit of a get together at the local watering hole to exchange some more war stories.

How on earth are you supposed to utilize 'radio alerted see and avoid' if you cant hear any broadcasts due to above said falsie banging? :ugh:

19th Mar 2008, 21:00
banging their falsies over how great their kit plane is climbing today

excuse: "status reports":p

19th Mar 2008, 21:50
Dont forget the new overpass they build on finals!

And that kangaroo hazard is really bad....

19th Mar 2008, 21:56
16) Shares a CTAF(R) frequency with Caloundra and Redcliffe.

Therefore three fields all with a high level of training traffic both rotary and fixed wing all operating within 25NM of each other. Add to that a class G ceiling of about 4000 feet over the three fields. Have to agree with FTDK - its not a case of if but when.

19th Mar 2008, 22:50
Geeeez you lot need to harden up a little:E

Its good training, all these hazards, that are present at many other fields all in one place. You can't buy that sort of experience:8.

The IBIS are getting a bit much.....I had 4 close encounters on Friday/Saturday. Chuck wanted his Boeing back!:eek:

YCDR should get its own CTAF.

Runways and taxiways need some serious $$$ spent and urban sprawl should be controlled.....what will the new council do remains to be seen!


19th Mar 2008, 22:52
No one has mentioned those bloody ditches right in the middle of no where too all over the field too! Ohh hang on the Dr calls them 'culverts' :P

BN APP 125.6
19th Mar 2008, 23:57
Crosswinds 99% of the time are a fact of life at YRED.

The approach actually looks weird when there isn't one.

20th Mar 2008, 00:21
BN APP 125.6 You mean when you're on the centre line all the way on finals? A rare occasionn indeed

Caboulture can really bite if you're more accustomed to the civility of YBAF or YRED and then all of a sudden you rock up on a Saturday afternoon and find every man and his Rotax in the air. Between the 3 airfields the radio chatter can become overwhelming pretty quickly. :ugh:

Certainly a place to do your homework before visiting

20th Mar 2008, 00:56

Dare I say it....ya better off turning your radio off and looking out the window!


Flying Binghi
20th Mar 2008, 01:32
I see YBAF has been mentioned. Perhaps we need to compare the cost of useing YBAF to YCAB...

YBAF - a nice field with top notch people in the tower and nice long smooth runways... but it costs money to use.

YCAB - bit ruff in places but very useable to most of the aircraft that use it... for free.

I note many migrating in the last few years from YBAF to YCAB.

20th Mar 2008, 03:12
So, as a pilot who did his primary training at Caboolture (and is part of said 'RAA infestation'), am I better or worse off for it?



20th Mar 2008, 03:14
almost as many as YBAF to YRED.
I Agree, YCAB worst i have ever seen!
It may improve if C.R.A.P. give the thumbs up to the 760 Ha marina down the road.

20th Mar 2008, 03:37
YCAB - bit ruff in places

A bit rough in places?

Man, I spent all day Tuesday at the dentist having the crowns put back on my teeth after shaking them all off taxying the Mooney at YCAB on Saturday!

Dr :8

20th Mar 2008, 03:40
any pictures to show?

das Uber Soldat
20th Mar 2008, 06:53
katoomba gets my vote.

20th Mar 2008, 06:55
The problem with YCAB as well is just how stubbon the kangaroos are. One day I needed to do three low passes of the runway to try to scare them. They are so used to aircraft now they are not really scared. You can even taxi right up to one and get within a couple of feet before they move (I thought I was about to dice up some meat).

To the 118.8 debate; YCAB and YRED should be on the same frequency, but get rid of YCDR like someone else mentioned. It is a significant distance away and really goes against Airservice's non-towered aerodrome procedures (10 mile inbound calls and the like). Add to the problem every man and his dog in the glasshouse mountains and bribie island area making radio calls, but all the Redcliffe Aero Club pilots making a call for every leg of the circuit, and you have one noisy CTAF. Not that it worries me these days, but any pilots flying in the CTAF should put this suggestion to AsA (maybe through the questionnaire they posted a month or so ago).

Looks like they are also extending the runway to the east due to the highway upgrade.

Despite its flaws, enjoy both YCAB and YRED while they last. Council amalgamation will put both strips at the bottom of the priority list and could be sold off in the coming years.

20th Mar 2008, 06:56
So Soldat, how many of the "16 Criteria for a Crappy Aerodrome" listed below can you list for Katoomba?

1) Overgrown grass
2) Bog holes
3) Narrow taxiways (if you can call them that)
4) Unmarked culvets
6) Built next to a dump - so permanent bird (ie Ibis) hazard!
7) Roo hazard
8) Intersecting runways used willy-nilly
9) Gliders
10) Feral tug
11) RAA infestation
12) Home of the dawn and dusk patrol!
13) Trees right at the end of the main runway
14) Powerlines at the end of main runway
15) CTAF frequency used as a chat frequency!!!
16) Shares a CTAF(R) frequency with two other very busy aerodromes.

Dr :8

20th Mar 2008, 08:22
but all the Redcliffe Aero Club pilots making a call for every leg of the circuit

You can't get your back up over students from RAC following procedures & making their mandatory (downwind/base/final) broadcasts in the circuit! Sometimes you only ever get to give your turning finals call let alone get in a base leg call :rolleyes:

It's the others who are using the CTAF(R) for chit-chat which is the main problem here :ugh:

das Uber Soldat
20th Mar 2008, 08:58
haha Dr I suppose on a simple list of points you've got me. Though KAT does have some nasty trees and power lines right at the end of the runway.

Shell Harbour is another interesting one.

20th Mar 2008, 09:14
FTDK....Your forgot the meat bombs.....:eek:

20th Mar 2008, 09:15
Sorry Pyrotek, my money is definitely on Lady Elliot Island. After operating in and out of both, Caboolture is a breeze

20th Mar 2008, 10:17
I went in there a lot a few years ago. Was on short short final for RWY 30 I think it is, in a C421 with a fair sized CB off the upwind end. So didn't want to go around all that much. It was about 10 mins before last light when few of the resident wallabies decided to make their presence known right in front of me just short of touchdown. The main culprit was just to my right and as I didn't want to clobber him with the wing or have him go throught the prop I lifted the right wing a little and clobbered him with the right main gear wheel. It all happened rather quickly as these things do. In fact it wasn't really that different from a lot of arrivals in the north or on many station or outback strips I've been to. Though I haven't hit one before.

The aircraft suffered no damage as it was a "clean" hit...and it clobbered the poor bugger only on the head. Al from the warbird maintenance place (an old friend) and I went for a closer look after. It was such a good clean shot that I suggested stew that night. Al wasn't to interested and it was to much for just me. Anyway, I just thought I'd add my bit...yes there is the occasional bit of wildlife around there.

BN APP 125.6
20th Mar 2008, 10:18

Not sure about YCAB, but YRED wont be sold off.

Unless they intend to compensate me, and many others, generously for the 23+ years remaining on many of the leases there. Also, it is not council land, but sublet Crown Land so it cannot be rezoned for housing easily AFAIK.

Add to that - it is a bloody goldmine for council coffers!

20th Mar 2008, 11:05
Have not been there for a couple of years but I do recall it was a bit bumpy, difficult to work out which bit was actually the runway and some fairly strange runway sharing amongst the locals, who also had a very interesting interpretation of radio communication. Otherwise, it was pretty good. Maybe try the FTDK accross the water there at Tangalooma International? Now that one is interesting.

20th Mar 2008, 11:06
my money is definitely on Lady Elliot Island.
Well I haven't been there in YEARS, I must go back, it's such a nice place.
I went there last in early 2000, when i was 9 years old. I absolutely loved flying in and out the place, i hung out at the airstrip all day of every day and watched the aircraft fly in and out of the airport. Good Times, Good Times.

I even got shown the cockpit of the Cessna Caravan when i was there, I hung out so much at that strip, I was known by the staff...
I guess it's been a passion since i was about 4, when i first traveled on a 747 to Europe (first time i actually remember, I did come from Europe initially)
I remember being invited to the flight deck etc.
Those were wonderful times.

Anyway, off my life story,
I guess it's a thing of my memory only really remembering how fun it was, not actually the details of the airstrip!
But as I was saying, CAB is pretty bad, if anyone wants to take a daytrip to lady elliot so I can compare/get a tan, gimme a shout!


20th Mar 2008, 11:56
Pyrotek, Dude, RE-READ MY POST

20th Mar 2008, 12:15
j3pipercub: I was referring to how faded my memories are of the place.

I understand your post, saying that Lady Elliot is better than CAB.
and then i remarked about how nice the island is, despite the landing strip

20th Mar 2008, 12:42
"if anyone wants to take a daytrip to lady elliot so I can compare/get a tan, gimme a shout!"

My apologies, I took this as not reading or ignoring the post, I think I know what you are aiming at. The airstrip is private, no other aircraft except for seair are allowed, with very rare exceptions

Anyway, thread drift. I found that the roos tend not to take much notice of the aeroplane noise or shape, but from personal experience (at CAB and on the ground only) make some part of yourself visible eg put your arm out the window and wave it, that tends to get even the big reds moving


20th Mar 2008, 12:44
ah, thats fine j3, you are forgiven :)

now i think the best way to alert a roo of your presence is to give it a closeup view of your main gear.... or you hope that it retreats before that.

^^ Edited to void j3's next post ^^

20th Mar 2008, 13:27
The damn roo's at YCAB are that lazy and unfazed by planes its safer to land around them than try to shoo them away!:ok:


20th Mar 2008, 13:46
if only there was a big yellow sign with a kangaroo on it: near the runway or something. just like on the roads.


21st Mar 2008, 03:20
You can't get your back up over students from RAC following procedures & making their mandatory (downwind/base/final) broadcasts in the circuit! Sometimes you only ever get to give your turning finals call let alone get in a base leg call :rolleyes:

It's the others who are using the CTAF(R) for chit-chat which is the main problem here

Ask any other operator at YRED, YCAB or YCDR and they think making so many calls is a joke. Listen to other airfields and you'll hear what the real world is doing.

The calls are not mandatory, rather recommended. However, what is the point in making so many calls when you are the only one in the circuit? Everyone went along their business just as safely a few years back when only a base call was given. Why give a 10nm calls, beachmere call, over the top call, crosswind call, downwind, base, final and clear of the runway call for that airstrip? Use common sense and make the calls that are necessary.

I notice RAC's website has also mentioned they won't be making the downwind call anymore. :D

And yes, the YCAB formation flyers making all their formation calls on the CTAF is a major pain in the ass for anyone flying in the area.

Finally, no one has mentioned the fact that a few accidents have happened at YCAB over the past couple of years.

21st Mar 2008, 06:00
Dont get me wrong .... too much radio chatter at all three AD's. Join the circuit and a base call should be plenty of advice really.

And just how many of these accidents are the result of what?

I know of a formation mishap.....damage to a/c only. A motor glider death a couple of years ago from doing an impossible turn, mid week with hardly anyone around.....a skydiver who hit a bit hard......


21st Mar 2008, 11:07
Generally agree.....but I suggest you take a peek here at this for your general viewing pleasure, note anything missing?


Might be an R


21st Mar 2008, 13:26
Can't remember exact facts, but:

Formation flight midair (everyone walked away, good job:ok:)
glider crash as mentioned above
a couple of vintage crashes
gyrocopter crashNone as a result of CTAF procedures, that is a different argument.

21st Mar 2008, 22:19

22nd Mar 2008, 01:07
Its my home strip but it is a bit rough for such a great location etc...
So you want pics do ya.....:ok:

RWY 12 Final....road is now finnished
Whats that Skip, you wanna be a plane spotter when you grow up?
Mt Dumpmore....and growing
Nice taxiway, one bit anyway, note the skippies

Run up pad, pretty rough around here after the highway roadwork trucks have been around here.....:uhoh:

The jaba vacating the strip for a lovely rough taxiway!:\

Still its not as bad as no airport at all:eek:


22nd Mar 2008, 01:15
A good start Jaba but, come on, you've got the day off, Mrs Jaba is crook so she won't care where you are, get in the car and drive to YCAB - and take photos of the following:

1) the overgrown grass
2) the bog holes
4) the unmarked culvets
5) the ROUGH AS GUTS - you'll need video for that!
6) the permanent bird hazard - a windscreen full of Ibis will do

Dr :8

22nd Mar 2008, 01:42
Been given the all clear to go...........just not sure how I am going to go with the windscreen full of Ibis. Seen it plenty but filming it and flying at the same time:eek:.......yeah....i know the rules.....Photograph, aviate navigate.....

See what I can do!


23rd Mar 2008, 02:00
Oh, more rant to come:

This is a thing happening at both YRED and YCAB though...


These guys have no manners.
Doing circuits at RED yesterday, with another 152 doing circuits in front of us, and then some bloody other aircraft is thinking "I'm faster than him, i'll take a low level circuit and wide base and overtake the rear 152. By final he'd slotted himself in between us without asking to do so, to the point where there were three aircraft on short final. otherwise there would have been two, one 152 just doing a t&g, and one just beginning final (us).
This guy is a danger to everyone else,
Well the instructors basically told him to f**k off, so he ran to CAB.
Apparently the same guy was told to f**k off from CAB a week earlier so he came to RED.

Safety Margins guys. Another issue with aircraft from that area. (or is that normal for any aerodrome like that?)

Flying Binghi
23rd Mar 2008, 02:12
PyroTek, sounds like the drive to the airport - drivers doing high speed ducking and weaving to gain an extra car length of advantage...

23rd Mar 2008, 02:24

I think you have my mobile number, how about you give me a call. Maybe I can arrange for said offender to receive some remedial training.

And so the FTDK is not the only one who gets cut off at YRED......so did you take any of his examples to the cockpit yesterday:}


23rd Mar 2008, 03:39
Sounds like I may have to go back down there and conduct some more tutorials on circuit ettique!

Dr :8

PS: Part of the problem is the size of the circuits conducted - HUGE! This means that if, in order to space yourself from a slower aircraft in front you extend your downwind leg (which puts you somewhere out over Kingaroy) - you just invite w*ankers to cut inside you.

23rd Mar 2008, 08:17
OK Forkie, you wanted bog holes, pot holes, long grass, Ibis, culverts and kangaroos!

Kangaroo's today were unreal, I think more issues with them grazing on the centre of the strip and nicely camoflaged in the sandy colour about 200m in from the thresh hold of 12.

But hey, some of us develop some good bush skills you just don't get at YBAF:E.








23rd Mar 2008, 08:32
christ! those bloody kangaroos sat at the end of the bitchimen on 12, they looked like they were part of it.. it consequently called for a go-around.

Capt Wally
23rd Mar 2008, 11:49
geeeez this place is down right dangerous. Talk about an accident just waiting to happen there! Do you guys really need to increase yr chances of getting killed there by flying into to the place for leasure purposes?


23rd Mar 2008, 12:11
It seems to be becoming clear that YCAB is the crappiest aerodrome in Oz!

Dr :8

Flying Binghi
23rd Mar 2008, 12:21
Yes, I can see why Jab wants to emigrate to the US :E:):)

23rd Mar 2008, 12:53
Hey Dr., I think I'm seeing the subliminal messages in your reply:
"I think it is becoming clear that CAB is the words Aerodrome in Oz"

waiiitt. thats not subliminal at all.
I think someone with authority needs to look at it quick smart, before there is an inevitable accident.

23rd Mar 2008, 13:36

You are a funny [email protected]!:}

I never said I wanted to emigrate to the US.......but I like the twist or spin! Are you in polotics or the media.....if not you missed your calling in life!:E

And as for YCAB.....for all its deficiencies, its still a great airfield close to Brisvegas.......and you get to learn all those bush skills you would never get in a big city field!

And for CW, its still way safer than SE-IFR:ok::}

Oooohhhhhhhh dear another can of worms :suspect:


23rd Mar 2008, 13:43
yeah, all the bush skills, like dodging kangaroos 150metres down the runway. fools. :cool:
Jaba did it(and committed to the landing)!;)

23rd Mar 2008, 13:51
You trying to get me in trouble?

We landed well short and 30m to the right.......more than the width of these so called civilised airfields the rest of them enjoy!

You are correct though.....these skippys are quite dumb! You have never seen as many "unscared" roo's in one place. If you are not with in 10 feet of the buggers they just look at you wondering what you are doing on THEIR airstrip:uhoh:.


23rd Mar 2008, 14:53
Dinner time at the Caboolture Aero Club:


23rd Mar 2008, 15:03
jaba, not trying to get you in trouble at all, it was an exemplary landing, you weren't gonna get down any other way.

Capt Wally
23rd Mar 2008, 22:15
hey 'jab' no can-o-worms mate, SE IFR would be safer than ldg at RED probably 'cause you wouldn't even know you hit a Roo upon impact!;)
Damn Roos are a problem everywhere. You don't need to go to RED to see the dumb fockers!

I know a fello Lear driver hit a Roo at Moruya in NSW a few years ago now at dusk after V1 & just on rotation with the L/H gear leg. At TOC he discovered that a wicked shimmy developed as he approached Mach 0.8 so had to come back to Mach 0.75 (geez that's slow) When he landed back at base the L/H gear door was missing & there was a very expensive hole in the L/H flap, any wonder it vibrated at high speed. 'Skip' was found to have lost his head over the incident. Roos are a big hazard obviously but birds are greater I believe.

I see Bob Tait has moved his theroy ops to RED, maybe he will attract a better class of educated Roo:E


23rd Mar 2008, 23:51
Oh no not - Roo's on the strip :mad:
- Some pot holes :mad:
- Some long grass :{
- and more than three planes with no tower? :yuk:

FTDK maybe being the skygod you are you should stay away from these dangerouse airports with dirt runways and out of control ultralight/glider pilots and stick to you 1500 meter paved runways in your awsome spam can! It would make the rest of us feel alot safer!!

Just another thread about FTDK being awsome.


24th Mar 2008, 00:22
OCTA - I guess you're the Mayor of Caboolture and YCAB is your pride and joy, huh?

Dr :8

24th Mar 2008, 00:40
Why'd they move this topic? It was GA related.

24th Mar 2008, 00:44
No sorry thats not me. I just live in a real world where some times things are not perfect. When YOU don't pay a cent for it and YOU have a choice to land your plane everywhere else make use of it and stop your complaining. Its not that bad I have operated out of alot worse with no problems. If it is a problem maybe you should get some more training in dealing with """"bush"""" strips or just stick the with taking the Bo into those proper airports with nice paved strips, taxiways and airconed buildings so you don't get to hot and stressed out and leave those scary places to the "weekend hackers" and Ultralight pilots!

24th Mar 2008, 03:31
OCTA, it seems that you have some issues with me, but that's OK.

However, I think that Caboolture has more of the things in the one place that are likely to a) damage an aeroplane, and b) injure or kill someone than any other "recognised" aerodrome that I have been to in either Oz or NZ.

and NO, I don't need to get out more!

I have spent 35 years flying all over Oz and NZ, been into more station strips than I can remember and landed on more than a few roads, paddocks, claypans and fireplough tracks.

In two landings and departures at YCAB I had two close calls with Ibis, courtesy of the dump right next door. YBTL can be a problem with the town common (wetlands) being right under the approach to 07 - but nothing like YCAB.

Did you see the pic on PPRuNe of the wing of a Kingair down south somewhere that hit an Ibis? If that happens to a puddle-jumper, people will die!

Most of the other issues with YCAB will just damage aircraft - like dropping a wheel off the narrow taxyways into a bog hole and having a prop strike.

YCAB is a disaster waiting to happen. Someone has to say it! If it can't be fixed, it should be closed and YRED expanded.

Dr :8

24th Mar 2008, 06:59
yeah, expand YRED with what space? the airport is sitting right on the sea...
Possibly expand behind it i guess and reroute the road to go around a (possible) second runway?
Theres a whole paddock of LONG grass...

24th Mar 2008, 08:35
Pyro, yes that long grass could be used... however Brisbane Radar would have a coronary if GA aircraft kept punching their airspace as part of circuits and an EFAT in the opposite direction would land you in the drink :}

How's the training going?

24th Mar 2008, 09:19
true, since the ceiling there is 1500, and probably going to be lowered with 01L/19R at YBBN being conceived soon.

And I don't think EFAT from (possible 07R/25L) would cause people to land in the drink, it is more inland after all.

I mean, at CAB, a fence around the perimeter, like a tall barbed wire fence (like the one being built at YRED) could stop the kangaroos for one.

WannaBeBiggles, thanks for the interest, training is going well, up to circuits :cool:

24th Mar 2008, 09:30

Quick question for you. Is CAB fenced?

Where I'm based they have just spent thousands protecting it from the hordes of terrorists that infect Central Australia. This has effectively kept the feral cats and dogs off the premises. As a result the bird life has expanded exponentially causing some problems. The previous driver to me was doing night circuits for currency when he struck some ginormous bird on the runway putting an end to play for the evening. It put a hefty dent in the flaps but luckily missed the prop.

Just up the road a bit the problem of roos has become so bad at a RAAF base because of the same reason that AeroMed has ceased basing one of its Kingairs there. On takeoff one of them struck a roo busting the nose leg. The effing luvvies, of course, won't let a cull go ahead as its not nice.:mad:

24th Mar 2008, 10:50
CAB is not fenced. hence, you leave the area for 10 mins and come back to land and almost hit a few kangaroo on the way.
It needs to be fenced with the same fences they are putting up at YRED (big barbed wire ones)

24th Mar 2008, 10:53
Good to hear, last time I talked to you, you were just on climbing, turning and decending I believe ;)

24th Mar 2008, 20:20
PLovett, no YCAB is not fenced. That would certainly help with the roo problem but not the myriad of other issues, the biggest one being the birds. Ibis make a big mess of aeroplanes.

Dr :8

25th Mar 2008, 22:37
There is just one thing that was great about YCAB.... the airshow they used to put on.
Good relaxed atmosphere to sit on a camp chair with an esky for the day and watch some of guido's finest strut their stuff.
Gone are those days.:(

26th Mar 2008, 06:32
is there any way that CAB can be reported to local authorities (or casa?) about its 'issues'?

27th Mar 2008, 02:15
It appears that our strategy to keep "outsiders" away from YCAB is working - as is our Ibis anti-birdstrike training program. Actually the only bird-strike I am aware of in the time I have been associated with the field was with an eagle back in 2001. Did a pretty nasty job of the gliding club Pawnee with lotsa damage just outboard of the spar.

Seriously though, while the field is pretty basic, and does experience the hazards referred to, it is generally OK for the majority of local users. It's on state government land leased to the local council which leases it to the aero club - the only maintainer and with a modest budget reflected in reasonable membership fees and hangar lease charges.

We are actually in the process of trying to combat the threat of closure when the current lease expires in 2018. The state government has proposed that Caloundra (lease exp in 2013) and Caboolture users inhabit a new field somewhere in the area between the two. From the perspective of most users of both fields, what we really need is an additional field which would provide a home for those conveniently located. The government is not planning to fund the field and probably wants to give an investor "critical mass" to get such a project to happen. Sounds like high costs/charges would be a likely result which would be very discouraging for the average recreational pilot.

9th Apr 2008, 19:31
As a regular visitor to SEQLD from the UK, I rather like the fields at Caboolture and Caloundra.

The museum at the latter is always worth a visit. They've got a large model of an HS121 T3B. Although the real thing would struggle with the temperatures there in February, it was still a great plane to fly.

The QLD government would do well to allow at least these two pockets of green to stay or they are in danger of having a solid strip of the built form all the way from Brizza to Noosa.

One Gold Coast on the planet is enough.

A. Le Rhone
9th Apr 2008, 21:21
Yes I agree...Caboolture is a great location and should be kept and upgraded.

Bureaucrats are eager to close airports all around this country and we don't need 'our own' (Fork Tongue?) deriding these assets and giving the beureacrats further ammunition.

'Simple' Solution: Get the government onside financially (using the persuasive argument of the errors of the Federal Liberals in allowing the privatisation thus death of YBAF). Convert the tip to an aviation viewing platform, fence the perimeter, grade a few of the bumps and lower the powerlines. There you have it - a well positioned, spacious asset kept for future generations of aviators, commuters, airfield employees and airshow visitors.

In 60 years when VLJ's like the Eclipse are far more popular than airlines, they will admire the foresight of their predecessors in retaining such a valuable asset.

Convert the criticism to energy, fix this great airport for the future.

Al E. Vator
9th Apr 2008, 22:34

Keep that excellent location at Caboolture and upgrade it.

All we have in Melbourne is Tyabb and Lilydale/Coldstream. The latter two are always on tenterhooks. Like Archerfield, Moorabbin is now a privately-owned disgrace. Essendon is great but is too much of a political hot-potato it appears.

Treasure what you have at Caboolture.

Stop whining on PPrune, Fix the niggling problems and do it NOW.

Petition your local council members and the state government and get that airport fixed.