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Kaptin M
22nd Aug 2001, 17:13
CNN aired an interview, conducted by Dalton Tananaka, with Catahy Pacific spokesperson, Tony Tyler, today. During the interview, Mr Tyler stated that Cathay's operations were "back to normal" with an 86% on time departure.

He also said that the pilots' "go slow" (he avoided answering Mr Tananaka's question of "Aren't the pilots simply working to company rules?") was having no effect on CX, and is obviously not perturbed by the current action as he staed approximately ONLY FIVE TIMES during the 5 minute interview, that "CX might be willing to consider" (what sort of double double talk talk is that!) a return to the negotiating table if the pilots ceased their actions. It's quite obvious - from his persistent insistence - that the constant dripping of water IS wearing away the stone!

"The dispute is over!" (Bob Hawke, Australian P.M., 2 weeks into the 8 month 1989 pilots dispute.)

22nd Aug 2001, 17:19
It really is asolutely unbelieveable what ****-faced Tony, Tony the Liar etc has said during the dispute so far. Unbelievable! :mad:

At least he may be suggesting returning to the negotiating table. Wonderful "normal" 86% departure record. :rolleyes:

23rd Aug 2001, 01:26
and the propaganda wars continue.......

23rd Aug 2001, 13:35
I saw John F on CNN this morning and have only one thing to say: I'm a fan! :D

Old Scrotum
23rd Aug 2001, 16:51
The gentleman concerns seems to have a lot in common with what was known as as a"Cheap Changi Watch" :rolleyes:

Kaptin M
24th Aug 2001, 02:09
I bet the 86% departure record EXCLUDED the 38 CANCELLED flights!

25th Aug 2001, 12:21
The scheduled block times have been increased to make it more difficult to be late.

25th Aug 2001, 19:52
Only for late arrival, though.

25th Aug 2001, 22:37
The slowdown, err, work to rule over at CX shows no sign of abating. The 52 sacked pilots haven't been reinstated and it's interesting to note that management's manifesto of --We're back to business as usual--is not exactly bulletproof, as this photo shows....


Cathay Pacific Airways pilots march to a meeting in Hong Kong August 22, 2001. Cathay Pacific Airways' pilots are likely to vote overwhelmingly on Wednesday for tougher job action as their dispute with management drags on, a pilots' union spokesman said. In the last week, the airline has been forced to cancel a number of flights because a growing number of pilots were calling in sick. REUTERS/Kin Cheung
- Aug 22 12:01 AM ET

Doctor Bob
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26th Aug 2001, 07:46
Tony Tyler's lies are catching up with him and the public is taking notice. BTTT! :D