View Full Version : Maybe Dr Draper is really....right

17th Mar 2008, 09:22
As the Dr D has said many a time why not just chip 'em all?

They now want your Oyster card details


and to make things simpler why not just start with the kiddies?


tony draper
17th Mar 2008, 09:30
Well a lot of peeps thought I was joking,but I weren't,I was deadly serious,tiz the obvious answer

17th Mar 2008, 10:20
We should add children to the DNA database before they've commited any crime, because they come from a bad neighbourhood? This is somewhere between a police state wish list & an admission that we cannot police our country. Now I've heard it all.

17th Mar 2008, 10:33
You just realised, Parapunter?

Some of us have been warning y'all for years. Is another reason I got out of the UK....

17th Mar 2008, 11:08
We would appear to have all the trappings of a Police State, except policing.

tony draper
17th Mar 2008, 11:15
May one also suggest said chip is firmly afixed to the Aorta making removal and transplant into a fake you very difficult.

17th Mar 2008, 11:45
No Mr. HB, one has always known that it is the insidious nature of the right wing to beaver away in the background chipping away at liberty. Trouble is, the left wing is worse, usually riven with internicine squabbling. Not that it matters a jot now, as we are ruled by a troughing managerial class who know how to measure everything and change nothing.

What is clear is that Mr. Orwell was right.

17th Mar 2008, 11:54
What is clear is that Mr. Orwell was right.

It has been a rare event in human history for a state to voluntarily relinquish elements of control over the populace.

Mr L Snowpharter

17th Mar 2008, 11:56
Was the current lot I was meaning, ParaP, it's been noticed due to their love of new legislation, their "must poke nose into EVERYTHING you do" attitude, the rise in departments interfering into all aspects of your life (anyone else see the latest one about the tax man?), their love of bribes and bungs, and their disdain for how the country was traditionally "run" which has steadily eroded the rights, etc, of the masses whilst enhancing the "rights" of the few. These latest ones about ASBO's for 10 year olds (yeah, that'll work) and the taking of kiddie's DNA because they MIGHT get into trouble are merely the end results of them legislating everything else into the ground.

Stalin would have been proud of them

G&T ice n slice
17th Mar 2008, 16:58
I'm busily practicing:

"Die Fahne hoch!, Die Reihen fest geschlossen..."

and, of course, that all-time hit:

"Deutschland erwache aus deinem bösen Traum...."

As it does seem that's the way we're heading.

So it's "waes hael !" from me


17th Mar 2008, 17:17
Rule Nr.1: Herr Draper is always right
Rule Nr.2: In case Herr Draper is not right, Rule Nr.1 will be automatically applied.

tony draper
17th Mar 2008, 17:49
Don't know what you folks are worried about I honestly dont.

simon brown
17th Mar 2008, 21:01
George Orwell's 1984 should act as a warning, not a template for government policy

tony draper
17th Mar 2008, 21:10
I wonder how many peeps who quote Orwell have actually read 1984? peeps I have engaged in political debate oft use Mr Blair's tome such as " it's like feckin big brother" but when pressed mutter "err no I haven't but I seen it on telly" personally I think Winston was a bit of a plonker,nice safe civil service job,free meals in the canteen, free apartment,plus free telly and gin, and he had to rock the boat,deserved all he got IMHO.

17th Mar 2008, 21:23
Sounds like you never met your Julia:rolleyes::}

tony draper
17th Mar 2008, 21:27
Love? Bah!! it's really just chemicals yer know.:rolleyes:

17th Mar 2008, 22:42
I'm torn between deciding that we have gone all 1984 or Animal Farm.

B Fraser
17th Mar 2008, 23:05
I think that in many ways we've gone further toward "The Road To Wigan Pier". Today, the spreadsheet and the beancounter are king whereas Orwell in his day found that a machine was incredibly dull. Those machines are now objects of fascination.

You can never find a decent anarchist when you need one.

tony draper
17th Mar 2008, 23:16
One finds oneself leaning more in that direction oneself of late Mr Fraser.
One would make a fine Warlord.:E

Dea Certe
17th Mar 2008, 23:36
Animal Farm and 1984 were required reading for 7th and 8th grade here (age 12 and 13).

I worry far more about corporations having my personal info than the government but I'd rather they just leave me alone.

My grandparents told me when Social Security was first in effect here, everyone feared the SS numbers were the "Mark of the Beast" from Revelations. The public was promised the numbers would never be used for anything else. Now you can't get a drivers license, open a bank account or get a job without one!

If corporate America has access to all your personal details, it's very scary what they could do with it. You could be denied health insurance if you aren't buying "healthy food" or booze and ciggies. Or rejected for jobs. That's why my loyalty cards have bogus information on them!

Mr Draper has never been wrong about anything, to my knowledge.


Very scary times we live in.

tony draper
17th Mar 2008, 23:57
That's not entirely true Madam Certe,there was that one incident in 73.:rolleyes:

Buster Hyman
18th Mar 2008, 00:10
Personally, I preferred the Plague Dogs...it was double plus good.:ok:

Dea Certe
18th Mar 2008, 03:29
Ah, the Plague Dogs! I recall the hero, Snitter, was a Jack Russel.

Mr. Draper,

That incident in '73, you weren't entirely wrong, were you? Perhaps you were merely mistaken.