View Full Version : Cup-a-soup powdery bit at the bottom.

16th Mar 2008, 21:10
Out of all lifes mysteries, this is the one I'd like to solve.

No matter how hard, (or strong), one stirs the spoon, the powdery, salty, dry, tasty bit always remains.

16th Mar 2008, 21:26
AH HA, the task is not to use a spoon, use a fork and stir right into the corners. Open lid a tad, scrunch up contents, hold cover tight, shake like heck, over fill a bit and really dig out the powder bits.Last thing, add a bit more boiling water and dig around again, just like getting that really elusive bit from yer right nostril! Learnt this from many 24 hr night shifts when Pot Noddles first came on the scene.

Get a microwave & bring yer own soup/noodles/stew/curry etc., less slat & no MSG etc.

Beatriz Fontana
16th Mar 2008, 21:29
You're doing it wrong (phnar...).

Pour a small amount of hot water into the cup with all the packet and stir vigorously into a paste. Then top up.

Works every time, I promise

Bea x

barry lloyd
16th Mar 2008, 22:06
As a big cup-a-soup fan, I'm with Bea and Merlin. I fill the mug with hot water first, then gently sprinkle the powder onto it, whilst forking it (if you'll pardon the expression!) at the same time - works for me!

Dan Gerous
16th Mar 2008, 22:43
Pour powder into cup, fill with water and stir. Consume beverage, then inspect cup. If there is a residue left, insert finger and run around the bottom of the cup, then lick finger clean. One of lifes little pleasures, dee-lish-arse.:)

17th Mar 2008, 01:45
They taste better if yer snort the powder up yer nose with a with a rolled up tenner

17th Mar 2008, 04:50
Beatriz, would your method work for that booger referred to by Merlinxx?

17th Mar 2008, 08:24
They taste better if yer snort the powder up yer nose with a with a rolled up tenner

Tried that method, yes delicious.

P.S. Any good tips how to get the dried pea out of my left nostril? :(

17th Mar 2008, 08:54
Thanks for the replies, trials with the eld favourite, Beef and Tomato, will be commenced this week.

17th Mar 2008, 08:56
A Bic pen top, great for yer ears as well (and a few other bits of the anatomy)

17th Mar 2008, 08:58
Best use index finger then chew slowly, aaaaaAAAAAhh such spring time pleasures!

17th Mar 2008, 11:22
The powdery stuff is the same used in Oreo cookies. Once you taste it they own you for life. Just try having only one....

17th Mar 2008, 11:30
Armed with all this advice, I added cup a soup to my shopping list. Went outside, started car, chickened out, stopped the engine, took keys, went indoors, found pen, crossed it off list, perhaps I might not follow the correct procedure and end up with those infernal bits in the bottom.
Danger passed.... ;)

17th Mar 2008, 11:35
A Bic pen top,

Hmm, a very useful thread, this one, as always.

Anyone got tips how to:

a) Remove a dried pea from left nostril.

b) Remove a Bic pen top from a human ear?


17th Mar 2008, 11:46
woah woah!

you need to put the powder in, and then do not stir it until you have put all the water in, and then you may stir in whatever fashion you want, i stir it anticlockwise

17th Mar 2008, 11:55
Half water in first then tip in the powder whilst stirring (spoon or fork - usually a teaspoon). Top-up with more hot water (or leave space for some cold water) although you have to leave it for the solids (peas and pasta) to swell before drinking. Swill around when two-thirds consumed to get the 'soup' solids to be drinkable rather than remain in the mug.

17th Mar 2008, 13:33
You're doing it wrong. The powdery stuff is probably bits of spoon disolving in the stuff.

Standard Noise
17th Mar 2008, 13:48
Why not have some proper soup in a mug rather than risk death-by-salty-cup-a-soup poisoning. Bad for yer blood pressure all that salt!
Anyhoo, if you only use the amount of water stated on the packet, it's like drinking warm wallpaper paste.:yuk:

I do partake of the odd Pot Noodle, but only cos they have a reduced salt version.

17th Mar 2008, 14:37
I've previously noticed warnings on similar products that "the contents may settle". So perhaps those powdery bits remaining at the bottom are in fact illegal migrant powdery bits, clinging on in the hope that they will not be forcibly-repatriated to Iran (in spite of gayness being a capital offence there) or back to Zimbabwe where the powdery bits at the bottom of 1 cup of soup are expected to feed 5,000 after the addition of 2,500L of water (Biblicly-speaking)...?! ;)