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15th Mar 2008, 21:40
First post here on PPRuNe, apologies if already mentioned, has anybody noticed that the Gimli Glider is being shown on Nat'l Geographic channel Monday 17th at 21:00 as one of their Accident Investigation series ?
Info trailed matches all the chacteristics.

15th Mar 2008, 23:35
Very good series!!

Looking forward to this one - Did a case study on this for a A-level at school many years ago!!


16th Mar 2008, 00:25
C-GUAN was just retired a few weeks ago after an (almost) uneventful career.

CA Pearson and F/O Quintal did a remarkable job, all things considered.

P.s. Good luck BA pilots! You are fighting the good fight.


16th Mar 2008, 01:13

Actually, it was C-GAUN. Which is even more ironic.

And indeed it was retired, with the original cockpit crew (Capt. Bob Pearson, retired, and F.O. Maurice Quintal plus some of the cabin crew) on the retirement flight to the desert.

I flew as SLF many times on ship 604 and also had the pleasure of meeting Capt. Pearson, which for a lowly PPL like myself, was like a kid who plays hockey meeting his favourite NHL star.

16th Mar 2008, 03:03
Actually, it was C-GAUN.

You're right. Two out of one people are dyslexic, ya know.