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Nearly There
15th Mar 2008, 12:13
Found this in classic cars on ebay if anyone wants one!!

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/JET-PROVOST-TMK5-FIGHTER-JET-TRAINER-3500-HP_W0QQitemZ110232291804QQihZ001QQcategoryZ2192QQssPageNameZ WDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

tony draper
15th Mar 2008, 14:20
Once saw a F4 Phantom for sale on ebay,didn't have a engine but any chap wi a shed could soon rectify that,but rather unfairly it were only for sale to Americans and the ad further stipulated, no bidders with beards need apply.

15th Mar 2008, 19:25
Well, well! XW404!

I flew that exact airframe on 13 June 1978 out of Linton on Ouse. We went up to FL420 and flew max possible turns (a 6G spiral descent) on the way down. My sinuses blew in at about FL60 and I didn't fly jets again for 10 yrs!

Oh, happy memories :uhoh:

tony draper
15th Mar 2008, 19:39
Interesting Mt T, as one who refuses to venture higher than the upper deck on the 55 bus,what was the cause of yon sinus implosion?:uhoh:

Nearly There
15th Mar 2008, 19:45
Thought there might be the odd one or two who recognised it..

Sounds like you had fun in it Shy Torque! will you be bidding? not sure how your neighbours would react to an alternative gaden feature!!:ok:

Fg Off Max Stout
15th Mar 2008, 20:15
Would you buy a JP from someone who describes it as a 3500hp fighter? Methinks he doesn't know what he's talking about.

15th Mar 2008, 22:35
We went up to FL420 and flew max possible turns (a 6G spiral descent) on the way down.

Well, I won't be bidding for THAT now then. It's obviously been thrashed! :\:ok:

16th Mar 2008, 00:52
Mr. D,

As the human body climbs into a less dense atmosphere, the air pressure inside the sinuses reduces to match the ambient air. Excess air can easily find it's way out, even if the sinus lining is inflamed, as mine obviously was. In a fast descent, the ambient pressure increases rapidly but because of the "one way valve" tendency of the human sinuses, regions of much reduced pressure can remain inside one's sinuses which can cause intense pain. In my case it felt like I had been severely kicked full in the face by a donkey and I was suddenly in no fit state to continue to fly an aircraft.

Thrashed? No, the limit was 7G. ;)

tony draper
16th Mar 2008, 01:13
Oh dear! buggah that!! bad enough you chaps had to deal with the Hun in the Sun without bits of you getting hurty just flying.
Remember reading a novel once about deep sea divers,one of them is murdered by being inserted into a pressure chamber taken up to 500 atmospheres or summat then the air suddenly released,even the root canals in his teeth exploded.:uhoh:

16th Mar 2008, 12:42
shy torque

you got up to FL420 ?

mine runs out of ooooomph at FL330. But as you know the JP5 has a pressurised cockpit......so at a theorectical FL420 (ahem...), you'd be at cockpit altitude of about FL230, if my memory serves me right.

16th Mar 2008, 13:24
Bugger, I want it!

Anyone got a spare 10k they can bung my way?

16th Mar 2008, 14:43
Yes, the pressure inside the cockpit doesn't ever get anywhere near as low as outside ambient. I'm sure you're correct in your caculation, except a cockpit altitude isn't a flight level :) . I don't go that high any more, except when going on holiday :O

My personal problem occured at around an indicated (outside) FL60 on the way down.

P.S. Ever tried sucking your tongue hard at altitude? You can't do it; your saliva goes strangely "fizzy". :p

16th Mar 2008, 15:36
shy torque

Memory fades but I understood that the operational ceiling was 32,000' and the G limit was 6, or am I wrong (again!). Remember getting to in excess or 40,000 in a JP4 but I thought the bleed for the pressurisation would have reduced this maximum altitude on a JP5 ?

16th Mar 2008, 15:45
Well, it could be my memory is bad, not yours, but a JP4 isn't pressurised; there may be a limit on altitude for that very reason.

However, I certainly wasn't trying to claim an altitude record for the type! That figure has stuck in my mind all these years though.
Had I known that thirty years later it would stir up controversy, I would have had my logbook written up in more detail.....

I merely wished to express my delight, or otherwise ;) , that it was the last JP5 I flew, and the reason why. :)

16th Mar 2008, 23:01
See, told you it had been thrashed. :E

Flap 5
17th Mar 2008, 09:17
Damn! I shan't be bidding for it now. :(