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15th Mar 2008, 10:27
Had a day in London yesterday to see the terracotta army. Went for a coffee and sandwich afterwards and, sitting in the cafe, noticed that all the newer double-deckers seemed to have "swimming-pool-type" rail handles at the front, on the top deck. Some looked like they were designed in to the coachwork, some looked like add-ons. Anybody know if there is a reason for this? Is there a real genuine reason for them? Or is it some politically-correct or nanny-state idea of Red Ken, so that, for example the windows can be cleaned by one-legged, one-armed lesbians?

Practice Auto 3,2,1
15th Mar 2008, 10:41
If you mean the ones on the outside, they are there to try and deflect tree branches away from the windows and bodywork.

Sad that I know that :8

15th Mar 2008, 10:44
Are there very many narrow country lanes in London these days?

It's while since I went there; Friday in fact.

15th Mar 2008, 11:10
Plenty of lanes in London - you know them well; H4, H7 etc :}



15th Mar 2008, 11:14
PA321, yes, that is sad, but I have come to regard pprune as the fount of all arcane and useless knowledge, and this immediate answer has not shaken my faith.
Thanks for the info. I now have visions of the bull-bar, as I suppose we should call it, holding back a branch until it is past, then the branch "twanging" back against the first LH window with a much greater impact than it would have done without the bar, smashing the window into the face of the pax. I will not be sitting in those seats in future!

Windy Militant
15th Mar 2008, 11:50
You'd better not come to Swindon then! Whitehouse bridge strike (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=097hbIFuqoA)
This was actually a staged event by Railtrack and the Highways agency for a campaign to try to reduce the rise in bridge strikes caused by drivers using GPS :eek:
Apparently the White house bridge used to have the highest strike rate in the UK till they put up a light warning system. :ugh:

15th Mar 2008, 13:26
He wasn't trying. I bet I could have removed the entire top deck and completed the rest of the route.

15th Mar 2008, 14:06
I wonder what protection the driver was afforded. At some stage the 'bus actually stopped after travelling at 'speed' so there would be deceleration. Was some sort of seatbelt fitted, or did they choose a driver who had already done the deed previously (and therefore knew what to expect)?
Those vehicles weren't fitted with airbags (or even any padding on the steering wheel).

Was your visit to the Terracotta Army 'effective'? Last time they mounted an exhibition of same in London the queues were several hundred yards long around the square and waiting time was 3-4 hours - so we didn't bother.

15th Mar 2008, 14:26
Exhibition was good, I suspect they have learned from the past. Tickets are timed, and we only had a couple of minutes queueing for bag security inspection. Took us about one and a half hours to go round, most other visitors about the same - kept on seeing the same faces. Strange that, normally we take much longer than others. No advance tickets left for sale on BM website; they sell a few early at the door, but people are queueing up from 0730. If you want to get a booked ticket there are still a few left on the "Sainsbury's bag offer" - if you don't have the tag vouchers for the discount you can still book the ticket and pay full price, that's what we did - the document that you print out acts as your ticket (go straight to the entrance with it) and nobody asks to see the voucher. There were a few people selling odd tickets at the ticket desk from friends that couldn't come, anybody desparately wanting to go could prolly get one of those given an hour or two to hang around, or stand outside with a sign.

15th Mar 2008, 16:00
As I remember them, but not on London buses, those rails are on the inside. To stop the branches from driving the shards of broken glass further into one's face?

Actually, we all know that they are for small boys to hold on to while they are driving the bus from upstairs. That's how I used to get the No 30 all the way to Cheadle without mishap!

15th Mar 2008, 17:06
kept on seeing the same faces.

I thought all the faces were deliberately made different?:E

15th Mar 2008, 18:15
Plenty of lanes in London - you know them well; H4, H7 etc

Try not to use them though, Whirls; I always ask for straight line transits instead! ;)