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14th Mar 2008, 14:00
A cure for insomnia, Consider the Dutch.

Friday Joke, NY Governor linked to prostitution ring.

You get the idea, have at it. :)


14th Mar 2008, 14:06
I find the perfect cure for insomnia is listening to Golden Brown. The only problem is, when you wake up, he'd still PM. Depressing.

Alloa Akbar
14th Mar 2008, 14:07
do I need glasses now.. why is all the news blurred? bugger I've got cancer..

14th Mar 2008, 14:45
bugger I've got cancer

Aye, twit.

14th Mar 2008, 14:50
Airport Expansion & Objectors, Frinton.


14th Mar 2008, 14:57
Gay pilots, a cure for insomnia ?:E

14th Mar 2008, 14:58
Interesting Gravestones and Monuments and Plastic Bags.


Alloa Akbar
14th Mar 2008, 15:00
bugger I've got cancer.. Maybe I shouldn't have said that..

sorry, didn't mean to offend... just thought, jet blast... faint hearted... nevermind..:oh:

Bonus points for apologising whilst maintaining the spirit of the thread though??:rolleyes:

14th Mar 2008, 15:09
Thread names UK politics most expensive bus ride in the world (leading to) astronomical embarrassment.

(Ok, that's the front page of tomorrow's Sun sorted out)

14th Mar 2008, 18:27
Are Cornettos getting smaller and what do the Martial Arts & Keep Fit Enthusiasts have to say about it?

Did you know The most expensive bus ride in the world bypasses Frinton?

The creeping complexity and astronomical embarrassment of the thread names thread.

Friday joke: Gay Pilots........... maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Well it made me larf. :cool: