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14th Mar 2008, 10:58
A five minute bus ride at London Heathrow from terminal to hotel and back on a hotel HOPPA bus for a family of four costs 32 or US$64 can you beat that!

14th Mar 2008, 11:12
And I bet the hotel description of this is a COURTESY bus:=.

You're probably better off in a taxi:ugh:.

14th Mar 2008, 11:22
Wow, that's bloody grim. Surely there's a way around it? :=

14th Mar 2008, 11:32
Yes, take the free bus instead.

Its common knowledge that you pay for the Hotel Hoppa if you want the convenience of being picked up at your hotel. If you are prepared for a 1 minute walk to a public bus stop then you don't pay.

14th Mar 2008, 12:53
Better off in a taxi? From LHR!!

14th Mar 2008, 12:55
Most expensive bus ride in the world?

How did I guess it would be (Y)UK. :mad:

14th Mar 2008, 13:03
Unlike most international airports Heathrow's hotels are not allowed to offer free complimentary shuttles.
There is a flat fare of 4 per person on any Hotel Hoppa service.
Children aged 3-15 years cost 0.50
Children under 3 are free.
A curious policy is being operated by the owner of Heathrow Airport - BAA. The Official Hoppa Bus charges 4 to each hotel. At the same time BAA subsidises all public buses so that any journey from the terminals to anywhere on the perimeter roads is completely free.
In many cases these buses stop within 100m or even closer to the hotel entrance.
If you are staying at the Quality Inn, Marriott Slough/Windsor or Comfort Inn the local buses frequencies may make them attractive in their own right.
So if you are able to carry your luggage a short distance, you may want to take advantage. For terminals 1.2.3 make your way to the central bus station which is clearly signposted in the middle of all 3 terminals.
For Terminal 4 you can catch the Heathrow Connect train (free, running every 15 minutes) between Terminal 4 and Central (Terminals 1,2 and 3).
Unlike the Hotel Hoppa these buses don't go to each terminal.
Buses are free as long as you get off on the Bath Road, the northern perimeter road. All of these buses go onto local towns, the maximum fare is 2.00.
The 285 bus is one of many, but may be particularly attractive as it is set low for ease of boarding and its layout has facilities for luggage. It is also frequent running every 10 minutes much of the time and runs a 24 hour schedule.
Free Hotel Buses:-
Hilton Heathrow - At T4 has own bus every 30 minutes between hotel and Terminal 5
Heathrow Lodge - Runs its own minibus on demand to all terminals.
(From:- http://www.londontoolkit.com/lhr/hotel_hoppa_bus.htm )

14th Mar 2008, 14:28
What about the Double Decker that Ken Livingstone is sending overland to the Beijing Olympics.


"A total of 450,000 of public money is being spent sending a London double-decker by road to Beijing.
Eight drivers are being recruited to take the bus 5,000 miles to the Chinese capital to coincide with this summer's Olympics.
Transport for London and London Olympic chiefs are paying for the trip, which Mayor Ken Livingstone believes will celebrate Anglo-Chinese cultural and economic links and provide a showcase for London's "world-class transport".

"TFL and London Olympic Chiefs are paying for the trip"! B:mad:cks, the taxpayer is, and not a cheep of protest from Greenpeace et al.

14th Mar 2008, 16:39
Not sending a bendy bus then?

Wonder why?