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tony draper
14th Mar 2008, 00:45
Just thinking about the new server,and what a shame it was that it is almost impossible to come up with a subject that has not at one time or another been covered on Jetblast and lo,one found this,a fascinating Gravestone somewhere on Angelsey.
Beat this forra Gravestone.
Wouldn't bee allowed now as it would prolly break some health an safety rule

14th Mar 2008, 01:15
A great one was posted to Snopes (http://www.snopes.com/photos/signs/expired.asp) recently, confirmed as genuine:


Standard Noise
14th Mar 2008, 01:18
Cost of headstones these days, a headstone maker could retire on that one job alone!

Were you on Angelsey Mr D? Trip to South Stack lighthouse is a good old workout, down the cliff side and up the lighthouse. 1100 steps in all. Glad to see the tea shop at the top of the cliff again.

tony draper
14th Mar 2008, 02:17
This was the caption with that photo Mr N.

14th Mar 2008, 04:43
This would be my choice .
Yer gets plot attendant "Sambo" to keep everything tidy like.
Dunno if I would bother with the cross.


14th Mar 2008, 07:08

Solid Rust Twotter
14th Mar 2008, 07:13
...And then there's yer Ghanaian decorative coffins:


Arm out the window
14th Mar 2008, 08:22
What's that one, Wholigan, Gaudi's grave?

14th Mar 2008, 09:12
And this for a king....



14th Mar 2008, 10:28

Loose rivets
18th Mar 2008, 13:58
There's a marble lamp post in Walton on Naze. It's short. Threason is that part of it is in a graveyard, and the restorers havn't got the heart to ask for the middle bit back will try to get photos

18th Mar 2008, 14:10
Wholli, is that gravestone one of The Forrester's?

There are a lot of similar ones here in Texas; gravestones that lookl ike logs. It was something to do with an organisation called something like the Forresters that was either a fraternal organisation or a way of buying the plot early.

I'll have to look it up

Sid Departure
18th Mar 2008, 14:19

tony draper
18th Mar 2008, 14:31
The Forrester are a similar organisation to the Buffalos,both sort of poor mans Masonry,there's still a Forresters Club im my town,or should one say there was, been a long time since one visited that Bailywick.
One is a member of none of the above,the Bilderberg Group forbids membership of other oganisation.
Here's a gud un,Memorial to Nusance a Great Dane who served in the Royal Navy at Simonstown,he was on the books as a AB,apparently he intercepted drunken Matelots and escorted them back to their ships,and was a well known character about town,a guide dog for the inebriated as it were.
His life is celebrated on a special day every year in Simonstown to this day.
PS tiz one's observation that Matelots oft seem to need a guide dog even when sober.

Hill Walker
18th Mar 2008, 14:50
Then there's the famous inscription on Spike Milligan's gravestone in Chichester: "I Told You I was Ill". Although apparently it's written in Gaelic ("Duirt Me Leat Go Raibh Me Breoite").

18th Mar 2008, 16:48
Here Lies Mary Watson
Spinster and Postmistress of this Parish

"Returned Unopened"

18th Mar 2008, 18:50
Something along the lines of...

It was not f*cking cancer,
I was just bloody old.

Have you noticed how NOBODY dies of just good old 'old age' anymore?

(the above applies unless I die young in an accident of course!)

18th Mar 2008, 19:01
check out findagrave.com (http://www.findagrave.com/) for celebrity graves, some good ones on there

18th Mar 2008, 19:42

18th Mar 2008, 21:27
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Sorry mate I don't know the answer to that. I was just browsing unusual gravestones (as you do) when that one caught my eye.

A little more info mebbe here: .........

http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.heritageinterp.com/Byways/Rockford_6.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.heritageinterp.com/gravesto.htm&h=568&w=720&sz=157&hl=en&start=2&tbnid=JCpI981BSxTriM:&tbnh=110&tbnw=140&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dunusual%2Bgravestones%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den%26sa% 3DG

henry crun
18th Mar 2008, 22:39
Hill Walker: Spike is buried at Winchelsea, not Chichester.

20th Mar 2008, 05:43
Billy Connolly once said that he wants something written on his gravestone in such small letters that you have to get up close to read it,
the words are - "You are standing on my balls"