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old,not bold
13th Mar 2008, 09:34

The remarkable thing about this report is not that rail carries a much higher share of the total market on routes such as London - Leeds, or London to Newcastle than the airlines do.

The real news is that the airlines have achieved the share they have.

It is the cost, delays, over-crowding, cost, appalling customer service, poor rolling stock, and cost of rail travel that has pushed such a high share into flying, even when airports are often miles from the city centres, beset by security hassles, and badly affected by weather.

Any higher share for air travel is probably almost impossible in terms of airline, airspace and airport capacity. If more passengers could go by air, they probably would.

Is it not true that the fact that so many prefer the airport/airline option is an indictment of the railways, not something for them to boast about?

13th Mar 2008, 10:15
Well, I agree with you: it's a major convenience to have rail stations in city centres, compared to outlying airports, though I can see how someone who works in the City or Docklands would find flying from London City convenient.

It's been a few years since I used the UK rail system for anything more than trips around London, but this weekend I'll be doing a lot, so I'll get a chance to see just how bad it's become. :oh:

13th Mar 2008, 10:28
I can drive to Gatwick in 30 mins..check in on the BA shuttle 60 mins before departure..and be in MAN 2.45 after I walk out the door.
It takes an hour for me to get "into" london so that I can sit on a train for 3 hours to get to MAN.

I just love how this mythical passenger who lives in central london is always trumped out as a reason to use the train...lots of us live bloody miles from a train station.

13th Mar 2008, 10:46
Doesn't the requirement to check-in an hour before departure (or lose your slot - including your money) seem unnecessarily restrictive for air travel?
Just imagine if you had to do the same for train journeys . . .

Trains tend to be more frequent than flights so choosing a time to suit your schedule can be more convenient.

13th Mar 2008, 11:16
I just love how this mythical passenger who lives in central london is always trumped out as a reason to use the train...lots of us live bloody miles from a train station.
That must make me a semi-myth, then. I lived in North London, closer to Kings Cross & Euston than any airport. Lots of people iive in cities too, not just the rich folks in "Zone 1".

13th Mar 2008, 11:58
Bnt, I think you are missing my point.......

Yes, plenty of peeps live near Euston, Liverpool street, and Kings Cross etc...but the argument is ALWAYS perpetuated in a way that suggests that it is far easier to hop on a train..and head on off to Manchester..Glasgow etc, as its sooo convenient and easy.
Plainly, in my case its not...nor is for the other 250,000 or so souls that live in my general vicinity.
The point is, not one size fits all, and anyone who suggests or even try's to suggest this is deluding themselves.

13th Mar 2008, 23:00
I regularly commute from South London to Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle on business (just returned from Liverpool ce soir).

Apart from Newcastle - Gatwick (nip and tuck) flying does not come even close. I have to chuckle at the fantastic drive - turn - up - check-in and fly without any grief posters. Clearly they don't fly from Heathrow and misery that entails.

Personally I love flying and would be my preference but on price, reliability, convenience and civilisation (apart from FGW that is crap) it just doesn't compete with inter-city rail. You can work on trains. You even get free internet access on NXEC (Virgin WC soon to follow).

If those who could fly would they please explain why VLM pulled out of Liverpool - City (no Liverpool London service at all anymore), capacity on Manchester - London reduced and BMI considering pulling out of LBA - LHR?

Beatriz Fontana
13th Mar 2008, 23:05
Believe me, if I could helicopter each working day between home and Battersea, I would.

South West Trains - *shudder*