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12th Mar 2008, 22:12
Does anybody have the wiring diagram for the Airbus (A320 family) mod which allows powered ANR headsets to be powered via Pin 5. Some of our aircraft have had this mod carried out and was wondering what exactly the mod does?

Many thanks

Dream Land
14th Mar 2008, 11:13
Have you tried contacting Sennheiser? Interested to know too.

14th Mar 2008, 12:45
Hi Guys,

You will find what you're looking for on the Sennheiser website, here:


"Connector Assignments" is the pdf you're looking for. You can buy the adapter from the standard Boeing type (2 plugs) to the XLR5 connector used on the airbus from Transair etc for about 30. You will find that you will spend the better part of 30 on the bits you need to make it yourself. I've made one so far for my HMEC25, and just doing another two. If you do, solder very carefully.

Hope this helps.