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Loose rivets
12th Mar 2008, 18:01
Over the years, Frinton has done its best to become known as a town for posh folk. Tonight, there's a prog about it...I'm waiting with baited breath.

Funny thing about this place is that folk seem to want to alter it. I have come home to so many small changes, that within another decade or so I would guess the place will have lost all its music-hall-lampoonable identity and just be...gasp, ordinary!

I plucked up corage and went to see my old house. Just could not believe my eyes. So many years altering it, and many of the jobs that i'd done were ripped out. Such a waste of life, making things that others won't like. It must take the record of the most altered house...ever, in the history of the world, or the galaxy even. I don't think that it has ever not had a cement mixer on site somewhere.

One of the finer houses in the town has recently been purchased by a chap that is or was involved in the local holiday industry. Their family has been here since I was a todler. This guy's dad lived 15 mins from me in deepest Texas, a stone's throw from Mexico. How strange is that?

How can anyone afford to live in the UK? Geeeeeees, the prices!!!! The overcrouding...even more!!!!!!!! Paying to park????? A concept lost on Texans, unless they live near an airport of course.

Still, I did see a stop sign the other day. First one since I came home. The Americans would save n-zillion tons of fuel a year if they scrapped their fettish for STOP signs.

Still, there are so many good things here at home. If it wasn't for 'my' babies it would be a no brainer, I would never leave these shores again. Mind you, I wouldn't drive a car...or own a house...have sex...or even eat, just couldn't afford it. The beutiful countryside, even at this time of year. I miss it so much. Being local I'm in the know, and can get to unspoilt places in a few minutes.

There is nothing for it. If the powers that be permit my return to the US, I'm taking my pub with me. Mellowing on ale, in a 400 year old building, while talking absolut bollox is so important to one's mental equalibrium, that extremem action must be taken to see that one is not separated from one's pub for so long again.

Wish it took 30 mins to commute to the US. :{

12th Mar 2008, 21:25
What's the road sign say?

"Harwich for the continent......
Frinton-on-Sea for the incontinent"

tony draper
12th Mar 2008, 21:38
Apart from yerself Mr rivets, has anybody famous ever come from Frinton. :rolleyes:

12th Mar 2008, 21:45
Check this out Drapes, Frinton famous for.....

Owner of towns only toyshop is now a viscount following the demise of his cousin but is too embarrassed to use his title being only a lowly 'tradesperson'
Douglas Fairbanks Jnr, Hattie Jaqcues,Eric Sykes
anyone betwwen the age of 16 and 60
First Avenue boasts an ex-footballer who used to play for........ I forget
Cliff Richard playing tennis at tennis club - the shorts, the hair, the shame.
If Cliff had a colostomy here it must have been on the beach. The nearest hospital is 5 miles away. Never seen Tony Hart, either. Noddy lives here though.
David Gray lived here for fifteen years and went to Tendring Bitch College. He also invented the Tesla coil whilst studying the Hindu art of 'Arse Rolo Catching'.
Cliff had his colostomy here
Jack Watling (once had a walk on part in On the Buses as a Bus Stop)
Jack form Coronation Street lived here in 1975, as did Ver Lynn in 1939. One man who live shere now is Tony Hart who often draws big a picture of knickers in the sky with his remote controlled jet planes.

12th Mar 2008, 21:47

Frintonians are famous for being just that... Only on one side of the gates mind.

12th Mar 2008, 23:40
Weird programme, weird people.

Lucky I know they're not all like that (just most of them).

13th Mar 2008, 08:02
And then there's the famous Freddie Frinton.

tony draper
13th Mar 2008, 10:29
Yer I remember Freddie,tell these youngsters today an they wunt believe yer.:uhoh:

13th Mar 2008, 11:03
My parents retired to Frinton 30+ years ago and I lived with them there for a couple of years after I left the RAF. I found it a wonderful place, decent pubs in the locale, though none inside the gates, we used to drink at the vaious hotels, one of which was knocked down and flats built instead, the other, the Maplin, still sort of survives.

Used to drink in the Marine in Walton, with all the lifeboat crew, who only drank from 1/2 pint tankards in case of a call-out, less to glug back. Also the Red Lion and the Ship in Kirby. Ah, The Ship, run by a very stout landlady called Pam, and a smashing barmaid at the Red Lion called Tina. Met some great chums there, still in contact with most of them.

Played rugby for Clacton for a season before moving to West Kensington prior to getting married. Still go back to Frinton, though as my mother died last year, it is only to sort out the selling of the house. Very happy memories. If I remember, the footballer guy was an ex-Spurs player, from their Double side of the 61-62 season, halfback, Something Norman.


13th Mar 2008, 11:27
My Grandparents lived in Frinton. used to spend couple of weeks every summer there. As well as the manicured greensward, my lasting memory is of the fabulous beach-huts with steps down to the beach....used to go shrimping...

..you could probably buy a house for the amount that one of those beach huts changes hands for these days....

13th Mar 2008, 11:34
Maurice Norman I think, Mr Fairr.

13th Mar 2008, 12:19
Anyone remember Freddie Frinton; played a drunk 'lacky' to comedian Arthur Haynes.
One sketch; Arthur was selling tortoises in the street; Freddie comes along and buys one then walks off; comes back and buys another with the remark 'best pork pies I ever tasted'!!

13th Mar 2008, 13:36
Freddie Frinton is remembered every year over here at New Year. His "Dinner for One" is shown on a number of TV channels on New Year's eve. Always shown in English as he would not allow them to dub it into German.

13th Mar 2008, 13:50
According to this week's Radio Times, Big L Radio has set up shop there and Mike Read, Diddy David Hamilton and Adrian John are sharing a house there.

I remember Freddie although not being acquainted with real drunks (in those days at least) I didn't find comic drunks funny.

13th Mar 2008, 14:53
Last time Freddie appeared on TV in a series (as far as I recall) was opposite Thora Hird in a sitcom called 'Meet the Wife'; seemed to last for years at the BBC TV Theatre in Shepherd's Bush.

13th Mar 2008, 22:31
Gosh, this brought a childhood memory rushing back, clear as day!

Once met Freddie Frinton - at Blackpool, of all places. He was doing a summer season there. I was about six years old and was out walking with my parents and siblings. We instantly realised it was him, for he was on the telly!

He stepped out of his car to go into his hotel.

My father said: "Excuse me, are you Freddie Frinton?"

He replied "I am..!"

My father asked "Then would you be so kind as to sign your autograph for my kids?"

"Certainly!" said Freddie. He smiled at us all, and he did!

Beatriz Fontana
13th Mar 2008, 23:19
A mate of mine confessed that they often get confused between Frinton, Farnborough, Fleet and Farnham. I can see why!

13th Mar 2008, 23:22
I thought it was Hull, Hell and Halifax that was the source of confusion?

Beatriz Fontana
13th Mar 2008, 23:32
Hell, Hull and the Halifax gibbet - no, you really wouldn't want to get those things confused.

13th Mar 2008, 23:45
"From Hull and Hell and Halifax, Dear Lord deliver me".

Old beggars prayer. It seems that these two towns were not exactly PC when it came to dealing with mendicants in the old days.

Beatriz Fontana
13th Mar 2008, 23:48

It's about methods of execution and incarceration. Hull Jail and the Halifax gibbet. Nothing to do with the places themselves.

Although then again, having lived near both at one time in my life....

Krystal n chips
14th Mar 2008, 05:45
My father was at Frinton prior to embarking on his Club Med cruise....as he said, the locals at the time were "less than enthusiastic" about the arrival of the Signal Corps in their midst......so they banned them from the pubs.....alas..... this was "not a good idea"... they had to lay the heavy duty cables out somewhere.....and the green and pleasant flower beds and lawns on the front were duly deemed perfect for the job.....:E.....it was all downhill after this of course....strangely.

Just wondering if you have to pass a vetting interview to take up residence in the town ? :p

14th Mar 2008, 14:13
Mr Loose has gone awful quiet................

14th Mar 2008, 20:59
Bin a few snorts of protest on 'Look East' tonight from the good folk of Frinton, over a BBC2 PROG. that apparantly portrays them as a bunch of eccentrics.

Loose rivets
15th Mar 2008, 13:37
Well, Mr Loose can't get tp a puter these days...and have fourteen mins before my session ends So...

I was steaming angry with the BEEB about that programe. Feckin' Beavis and Buthead productions. That pustulatory pair would have sniggered less.

That little lady has run Dickens curios for many many years, and the other day was the first time that she has made eye contact with me. Shame, but to keep going in Frinton is something of an achievemt.

The lady at the gates was obviously another victime that only a bounder and a cad would pick on.

Film people eating and sooner or later you'll get them with food doing something norty....sure enough, "Snigger snigger, bit of food hanging on his lip...keep going, make him look a ****."

It was the production team that were the twats Ba:mad:rds even.

There was an outcry about the prog and folk in this library were all concered that our little Margret will be seriously affected by this.

Probably in all my time watching TV over the last 55 years, this is the lowest depths that they have sunk to.

Drapes....The Watling family have kept the teatre going for many years, and my neibour Giles, walked by on camer the other night. An articulate actor and town counciler??? Naaaa Can't make a fool of him.

Loose rivets
28th Mar 2008, 13:58
Well, it seems (according to a newspaper) that this program received more complaints than any other programe in the history of television.

One waits to see if the BEEB will hammered over it.

28th Mar 2008, 14:15
Ahh, Frinton-on-Sea, went there quite a few years ago and clearly remember the area with the beach huts- boy did they look run down. I've been to Soweto in the 80's and more recently to the favelas in Rio and I would put that area of Frinton in the same category.

I'm sure (oh god, I mean, I hope) Frinton has many redeeming features but it's the general 'rundowness' of the place that will always stick in my mind.

Apologies to any Frintonians reading this.