View Full Version : Work to live or live to work?

12th Mar 2008, 10:11
How many working days a week is enough to make us feel part of the industry and pay the bills but still allow for a healthy home life?

A perceptive and timely article from ABC Australia to read on budget day in UK about the changing work/life balance (in oz) that has parallels for many western countries.



12th Mar 2008, 17:31
Well worth following up the responses to that article. It makes a nice change from the usual knee-jerk talkback radio crap that constitutes what passes for public opinion.

Nice link, mjb.

'Chuffer' Dandridge
12th Mar 2008, 18:16
I'm 'work to live' definitely at the moment. Once the girly has finished at uni, i'll leave my well paid job in the aviation industry and downsize, leaving the rat-race and the South East of England behind for an easier pace of life. Driving round the M25 each morning, mixing it with the feckwits who learnt to drive on Playstation is no fun.

Then sitting in an office, dealing with the various feckwits and senior managers who know jack about the subject is also depressing to say the least. Paying a whole lot more to this pi$$ poor 'Government' than they deserve, even though i have no choice is also depressing.

It's definitely the salary that keeps me here for now:{

Lance Murdoch
12th Mar 2008, 19:04
I work from home but also have to travel alot. My general rule is that I am prepared to work long hours Mon - Fri but come 5pm Friday I switch my phone off and it stays off until 8am Monday. As far as I am concerned weekends are sacred. I only work weekends if I really have to. I do travel at the weekends sometimes when I have to go abroad but I get the time back when I am ahem:suspect: report writing (usually up a mountain somewhere or at the flying club). One of the advantages of working from home.

12th Mar 2008, 19:40
As a freelancer, well, kind of, who has also been the permie for a while at various times, it's an interesting view.

As a permie - you're there to make the company a profit. The directors put in minimal effort in the day to day operational bits & sit in their tower planning & playing bulls*hit bingo. You're a slave & nothing more. Oh & not to forget make the government a profit.

As a freelancer - you're there to make yourself a profit & you're your own boss, for the most part. You work for your own company & are providing a service B2B. However, clients fail to realise you are your own company & may have your own working hours which dont suit theirs.

OK we're in an industry that never sleeps, but the area I look after really doesnt need babysitting - ok, some may argue differently if they use my systems but hey...

On a day to day basis I dont really NEED to be in the office, in fact, it would be better for all if I werent but the client insists I be there - I can do my job remotely with ease & would save the company alot of expense if I did.

I have adopted a policy of doing 9-5 & taking an hour for lunch - stuff what the "standard working hours" of the permies are. Yes, this means I charge the company for a lunch break but then, when you think about it, they're getting the value of a refreshed staff member who will work better & also covering the expense of having to arrange lunch.

Having been taken for a ride by many companies, used & spat out, I have decided it's time to value what I do & blow my own trumpet - nobody else will.

There is a culture in England, Scotland & Wales that working more hours makes you somehow a better person - wrong - quality is better than quantity surely? Look at the outputs & the quality of service in other countries, where people work less hours & spend more time resting & you will see what I mean.

Don't forget, work won't look after you when you have a cold, work won't hug you, work won't be there when you come home at night, work won't love you or give you a companion, work won't go out with you for the night to enjoy life, work isn't going to pick you up when you feel shite, work won't come to your funeral. Family & friends will do all of that & more.

Am I the only one who puts home first & work second?? Hope not!

galaxy flyer
12th Mar 2008, 21:46
If you love what you do-no question. Working makes getting up worthwhile, if you hate what you do--get out.