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10th Mar 2008, 20:15
Has anyone out there info on the runway length, LCN, etc at Arusha. Anything will be appreciated.

11th Mar 2008, 06:36
Unless they have worked on it in the last 6 months (which means it will be shorter) TORA is 1600m, only 1000m is tarmac. Apparently it is cerified to handle a/c with a MTOW of 29,000kgs so precision air can bring in the ATR 42. Elev 4530', mountains everywhere, no navaids and ATC who like to put aircraft on a collision course (without knowing it).

What are you planning to take in there.
Consider Kilimanjaro, 3km runway, ILS, ATC still wants to kill you bust most likely vice versa and only 45mins from Arusha by car and its a hell of car ride. good luck :E

11th Mar 2008, 08:30
Thanks for the info. Have been to HTKJ but not Arusha. Have experienced the car ride from Kili to arusha, what a rush and that was midnight. I think we will stop at Kili and let the pax ferry with something else to to Serengeti.

Once again thanks for the info

12th Mar 2008, 06:08
Thats probably the best. I used to work for regional Air. They will get your pax to the serengeti with no problems. Most operators out of Arusha are good such as Northern Air, Federal Air and Air Excel. Don't venture too far away from those companies.
The midnight drive from Kili, what an experience. Best described as one eyed cars, sleazy bars and speed humps.
Glad to be of help. Let me know if you want info on where to eat, drink or party.
Most of the folks will be glad to show you around. :ok:

12th Mar 2008, 20:02
Hahahaha Mo ya crazy [email protected] you miss it dont you? CJ750 just so you know Mo has been through most of the chicks in that town and he is dirty. :E

14th Mar 2008, 07:07
Mo has been through most of the chicks in that town and he is dirty.
You say it like its a bad thing helldog :}

I do miss the flying, the characters and rugby. My liver doesn't miss it though.

15th Mar 2008, 07:24
Mo.. no you are right its not an ALL bad thing... but there are moments worth forgetting!! :E