View Full Version : Thread for Capot to swear in

9th Mar 2008, 18:29
Hi, Capot and welcome to this thread. You can post your vitriolic bile here, swear away to your heart's content. Carry on...

(for the bemused, Capot is posting foul-mouthed rantings on the BA strike thread)

9th Mar 2008, 21:14
Intrigued by your post, I've just had a look at that thread.

Seems like a fair bit of common sense from Capot, without the "foul-mouthed rantings". Perhaps it's been cleaned up by someone?

9th Mar 2008, 21:41
Perhaps it's been cleaned up by someone?No, honest. Funny old world, isn't it?

I think my crime was presenting an alternate point of view among the BA pilots' posts.

And perhaps that handle should have 'ed' added at the end.

10th Mar 2008, 10:36
Really? How about: But whatever the rights and wrongs of your case, for f***s sake spare us the sanctimonious bull and crocodile tears of ................


You are using your customers - the travelling public - and their anger and inconvenience as your weapon. That's what strikes are for. So cut the c**p.

This prompted the responses:

If you want to get on your high-horse then suit yourself. It speaks volumes to me when all that someone can retort with is a bunch of expletives. from idol detent and


swear properly if you must... but I can absolutely assure you in the 12 years I flown with BA I have never seen any arrogant or uncaring attitude from a pilot towards passengers; from toro

Obviously I was imagining things. :hmm:

Oh, and today, Capot wrote:

The place is a badly-managed s**t-hole,

Funny old world, isn't it?

PS: Capot, you can swear here in JB, but it's not good form in the main, public, discussion forums. It diminishes your argument and says a lot about the writer.