View Full Version : I do hope

8th Mar 2008, 17:12
that that the English rugby fans enjoyed their team's trip to Murrayfield as much as I did.... :E

8th Mar 2008, 17:17
The only thing in sport worse than a bad loser is a bad winner.

Sailor Vee
8th Mar 2008, 17:18
England were definitely outplayed, BUT, my only gripe is that the Scottish mob were more like football hooligans. Since when has whistling during a penalty kick been acceptable behaviour for a rugby union crowd?

Chesty Morgan
8th Mar 2008, 17:19
:mad:you:mad::mad:and:mad::mad:your:mad:mad:big:mad::mad::ma d::mad::mad:and:mad::mad:and:mad:up:mad::mad:off!

8th Mar 2008, 17:24
I'm more concerned with those who were whistling and hand-clapping when Lamont was injured, Sailor Vee. No idea which side's supporters it was, but I do hope they were at least removed from the ground for such behaviour.

And surely we are allowed to gloat a little, firestorm. After all, it ain't as if we get the chance to do so very often!

Chesty Morgan
8th Mar 2008, 17:51
...and another thing you:mad:of:mad::mad:should:mad::mad:your:mad:with:mad:balls: mad::mad:and:mad:and:mad:and:mad:...so there!

8th Mar 2008, 17:56
Nice to see you taking things so well, Chesty...

8th Mar 2008, 18:07
Congratulations Scotland on winning the Calcutta cup, nice to see you have won a game now and of course against the old enemy even better ;). Of course one is in a very celebratory mood being that my team Wales won the Triple Crown :ok::):ok:

8th Mar 2008, 18:10
I'm looking forward to your last game next Saturday, Flower, should be a cracker.

On a side note, I am still giggling at the headline that actually appeared on the BBC Sport website (was changed quickly, of course)....

"Inspired England Shock England"

I wish I'd done a screengrab, but was to busy trying to not spit a mouthful of tea out....

Stone Cold II
8th Mar 2008, 18:16
Nice one the Scots. Looking forward to Wales taking on the French for the Grand Slam. Grand Slam!!!! I can't believe Wales are in the running again having only won it 3 years ago. Could a new golden era be returning to Welsh rugby? I hope so. :)

8th Mar 2008, 18:23
Well with Gatland having affectively two first teams to select from Stone Cold we live very much in hope. Town next week will be electrifying.

Sorry to hijack your thread there hellsbrink

8th Mar 2008, 18:28
no worries, best to have one thread talking about the rugger imo

Standard Noise
8th Mar 2008, 19:36
Well done to the leek munchers today but they were only the better of two poor teams. Here's hoping they can turn the onion sellers over next week.

As for England, I thought the best bit was Eddie Butler and Brian Moore, bickering like old wimmin. Moore's such a miserable pr!ck. Did he even congratulate the Jocks?

8th Mar 2008, 20:00
One has to congratulate the Welsh on their Grand Slam an the Scots on the Calcutta Cup.

Well done to both teams. :{:{:{

For this Six Nations England seem to have had no idea what they were doing.

9th Mar 2008, 05:45
Seemed more, to me anyway, that England had a gameplan but when that went sideways they didn't have a plan "B".