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'Chuffer' Dandridge
7th Mar 2008, 18:37
Just had a letter from my insurance broker telling me that i owe them a 20 'cancellation fee' for having the cheek to sell my car and cancel my insurance, even after 8 years of claim free motoring. Yesterday, I had a letter from the local council trying to extract a substantial amount of council tax for a property I had never even heard of, and had a similar request a few years ago from an ISP who wanted the same. Is it me, or are these money grabbers just taking the pi$$?

What with the banks, insurance brokers and the like, who else do you think are charging money for old rope, or just being cheeky. Obviously the Government will feature....tax on petrol etc:ugh:

Krystal n chips
7th Mar 2008, 19:03
Might as well start the ball rolling here........the TOC's for one.....and the next....the so called HIPS "providers":yuk:....now this lot really are taking the p4s for what they actually do.....and the one I got landed with were in a class of their own....such as taking money before the agreed date, demanding personal data ( think one of those nice begging letters from Nigeria etc here ) they had no right to ask for....to name but a few issues...and are so arrogant they can't even be bothered to call back despite having lost the contracts with the estate agents concerned.

As for what they actually did......sweet FA as far as I can see...although HM Gov't will duly gush forth as to how wonderful the HIPS packs are...which is yet more boLLeaux of course.

7th Mar 2008, 20:11
Inland Revenue :*:*:*:*

7th Mar 2008, 20:19
Cabbies who start the meter before you even get in the cab.

7th Mar 2008, 20:22
My state's Department of Revenue
Toll roads
Luggage trolley dispensing machine owners
Airport bars....

7th Mar 2008, 20:42
The "church" of scientology....in fact all churches, mosques and synagogues.

C130 Techie
7th Mar 2008, 20:43
Norwich Union Direct who doubled my car insurance this year. No change to circumstances and no claims.

NCP - Charging extortionate amounts of money to park on what are in many cases nothing better than pieces of waste ground.

First Great Western Trains - High prices, [email protected] service.

Utility companies

Oil Companies

Car Manufacturers/Dealerships for the prices they charge for labour and "genuine replacement parts"

7th Mar 2008, 20:51
Commissioners for oaths.


7th Mar 2008, 20:53

1&1 Internet where I had an (unused) account, closed it last May, and they are now pursuing me through debt collectors for the renewal I cancelled.

More Th>n, who added 50% to my premuim for changing to a car with the same engine size and a lower insurance rating.

I'm sure I'll think of others.

7th Mar 2008, 20:55
Ex partner


HSBC loan sharks

Scottish Power


C130 Techie
7th Mar 2008, 21:00
More Th>n, who added 50% to my premuim for changing to a car with the same engine size and a lower insurance rating.

And yet More Th>n have just halved the price I was paying to Norwich Union Direct for House Insurance. They then let themselves down by quoting in excess of 500 to insure our crossbreed dog, twice what we are paying with Tesco. It just shows that all insurance is a rip off and it pays to shop around.

8th Mar 2008, 00:01
The lovely parking attendants of Bedford council, for giving me a ticket when I parked and walked to the shop 20 yards down the road to get some change to put in the metre.

"You were gone more than five minutes Sir"

"No I bloody well wasn't. I walked 20 yards down the road to get some change, then walked back to the car, 2 minutes MAXIMUM!"

"Well, you should have change with you when you park"

Cue me banging head against nearest brick wall and thanking the young lady for her useful public sevice. I don't think she got the sarcasm!

Appeal in the post, and if they don't cancel it I'll be absolutely bloody raging!

Howard Hughes
8th Mar 2008, 00:07
Governments of all ilks, surely make the rest look like amateurs...;)

8th Mar 2008, 00:16

You want to watch the telly sir? That'll be 150 a year.

Oh, you want an extension on your house sir? Well just send us several hundred pounds and we'll tell you if it's allowed. Oh yes, and if we DO deign to allow you to do it, we'll have to re-assess the value and charge you more tax for living there.

I say scrub ALL the hidden taxes. VAT, CGT, Fuel tax, Road tax, TV licence, Fag tax, beer tax, and just have a flat rate of 50% income tax. Ok, so you'd take home less, but then things would be hugely cheaper so it'd go further! And I reckon the simplification would mean a huge reduction in red tape (and thus jobs for government pen pushers) and so more of the money could be put to good use, more coppers on the beat, more teachers, more nurses, better roads.....

8th Mar 2008, 01:27
Good proposal, matt! Pensioners living on (already taxed) savings would be able to manage on less (I presume that there would be a 'zero taxation' band to obviate things like tax credits and the like (thereby saving on Sybil Serpents). 5000 tax free then 50% above 5000. Skandi system works along similar lines (though banded and increasing, so everybody ends up with roughly the same).

Lance Murdoch
8th Mar 2008, 09:16
Letting agents. I left my old place about five weeks ago. In the contract it states the deposit is to be repaid within two weeks. Havent seen hide nor hair of it. Ive sent them a nice letter requesting payment. If no reply within a week a trip to the small claims court may be in order.

8th Mar 2008, 09:22
Tell them they owe you a 'reading fee' for considering their correspondence. A solicitor would.

Done that, twice. Once to Reader's Digest, after being bombarded with piles of their sweepstake rubbish, I sent them an invoice for Reading and Editorial services. That was near two years ago and I haven't heard from them since. ([email protected] never paid, either :suspect:)

The other was to the Statistics Department, in response to a letter requiring me to fill out a Small Business questionaire. It was actually their second letter (I binned the first one, though I fibbed about that fact in my reply :p), and had words like COMPULSORY and REQUIRED and even MANDATORY written on it, in a large unfriendly font. This triggered a response from my Irritability and Rebeliousness Gland, and I replied thus;

xxx xxxxxxxxxxx Rd
x x x xxxxxxxxx
Wednesday 2nd November 2005

xxxx xxxxxx
Contact Centre Manager
Statistics New Zealand

Dear xxxx

Thank you for your letter dated 28th October 2005 (copy attached). I confirm being in receipt of it today, along with the Business Exploratory Survey questionnaire.

I regret to advise that I have not been in receipt of any letter or questionnaire from your office prior to the one received today.

A brief initial examination of the enclosed questionnaire indicates that a full and accurate completion of it will require a not insignificant commitment of my professional time.

Whilst I accept that the provision of the requested information may be compulsory under the relevant section of the Act to which you refer, I must advise that my time may not be compulsorily acquired without appropriate compensation.

Completion of your questionnaire falls most appropriately into the category of Reading and Editorial services, for which I advise my standard fee incorporates a minimum one hour charge at the rate of $75.00 plus GST.

Please advise to whom, or to which office, such service should be invoiced, and I shall be happy to complete your questionnaire and return it forthwith.

I regret that as you are not an established client, I am unable to provide you with this initial service on a monthly account basis.

As a matter of further interest, I advise that Postal Services to Rural Delivery addresses in New Zealand do not occur within the same timeframe as that which is applicable to urban areas. An additional two days in each direction may be expected over and above that which may generally apply within metropolitan districts.

I hope and trust that you are able to take this fact into account with regard to this correspondence.

Many thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.


A couple of days later the manager of the local office phoned, was very apologetic and rather contrite, just wanted to ask a few questions, would I mind answering them, it would only take a minute or two....so I said yes, and he was right, it only took a minute or two, simple yes or no answers, and I haven't heard from them again either.


Sailor Vee
8th Mar 2008, 09:37
The Irish government, who levy a 'stamp duty' for the issue of ATM and credit cards.

So to draw out my cash or pay for goods without cash I have to pay the [email protected] for the privilege. F:mad:k 'em.

Even though my credit cards are issued in the UK, they still charge my account on a renewal basis. :(

8th Mar 2008, 09:38
Speed cameras!

8th Mar 2008, 09:57
Speed cameras!

Surely you mistyped that.

Shouldn't it be Safety cameras?

'Chuffer' Dandridge
8th Mar 2008, 10:03
Speed cameras?

What, you mean all this time I was under the impression that they were there for Road Safety purposes and now you're trying to tell me it's a scam where they are just raising money for no apparent reason?

Pull the other one!

8th Mar 2008, 10:04
New Labour.

8th Mar 2008, 10:59
Chuffer, sorry you're absolutely right, the 'Road Safety Cameras' are there purely for road safety reasons. The revenue they generate is purely to finance their presence and the collecting of fines.

'Chuffer' Dandridge
8th Mar 2008, 11:55

I really should have added to my previous post "Dont get me started on speed cameras", but forgot, so here it is!

I'm well aware of what they are 'supposed' to be there for (My previous post was somewhat ironic!), but the fact that they also create huge sums of hard cash for the local police forces means that the road safety message gets lost somewhat. Are you telling me that the revenue they produce equals the costs of installing, maintaining them and sending out those self confession forms?

I think we can all see it for what it is. Its purely a scam that is blindly accepted by all & sundry in Government under the "Speed Kills" banner.

Speed doesnt kill. It's poor driving standards that kill, and the sooner the Government & DVLA start educating & testing people properly, and not giving licenses to kids who learn to drive on a playstation set, the safer we will be. Oh sorry, I forgot, it might infringe someone's civil liberties & human rights if we insist on it

I truly believe that a driving license should be revalidated just as we have to for a license in the aviation world. Lets face it, a car is a lethal weapon in the wrong hands. A re-test every 5 or 10 years (yearly for the over 70s) - would soon sort out the chaff and the dozy pensioners who manage to drive the wrong way on a motorway.

rant over.:ok:

8th Mar 2008, 12:41
The Irish government

Sailor Vee, this could be the type of reason the Irish government needs so much of your hard earned folding stuff...


Beatriz Fontana
8th Mar 2008, 12:48
My solicitors... they seem to earn their money by making molehills into mountains...

8th Mar 2008, 13:16
The Irish government again, but delete 'Irish' and insert your own country and you won't go wrong.

<your> local council. One example, my sister in law owns a house which was only used for holidays for a couple of years. Didn't use the bins at all. The house was rented and that year's bin charges paid. But no collection. Turns out the council wanted payment for the previous two years. So they expected to be paid for a service they neither provided nor were asked to provide. And they wonder why people are using the local private operator who is cheaper.

Galway Airport, charges a user fee of 6 Euro to anyone who transits their airspace and who talks to them. Unsurprisingly aircraft transit their airspace without talking to them. 6 Euro may not seem like much but their real target is all the heli traffic generated by the famous race meeting and all the private choppers who live in the zone but never go near the airport.

<Any> bank. If I get overdrawn beyond my limit they charge me a fee. This further overdraws the account so they charge me an additional fee for that further overdraft and so on. Then they write me a letter complaining about my overdrawn account which in fact they have made worse. Naturally this is all deducted from any money I deposit, thus leading to a possible further overdraft situation. Before anyone suggests I should just keep the account in credit. Well you have to have money to do that. :{

Solicitors: The only business where they do nothing for you and still get paid. OK not the only business.

Ryanair: Enough said.:E

8th Mar 2008, 15:33
Cab Air!!!!!

Sailor Vee
8th Mar 2008, 17:30
could be the type of reason Nah! they need the money to help hide the contents of the brown envelopes they receive!

8th Mar 2008, 18:42
My "EX" :rolleyes:

8th Mar 2008, 20:05
Strange isn't it? UK Pensioners pay tax on anything over (about) 6500, depending on cirucumstances but the poverty level is defined as something around 16,000. I am still working, to keep my ex-wife in caviar and gin, but my age enhanced (over 65) personal tax allowance is reduced to the lower rate because I dare to work in my very late 60's. I hope her next poo is a hedgehog!

8th Mar 2008, 20:07
Gollum Brown and his cohorts at New Labour.
My employers ripping off a load of money every month for the type rating to fly their aeroplanes to run their unprofitable business...
The council
mobile phone companies
Petrol stations

8th Mar 2008, 20:19
I hope her next poo is a hedgehog!

A classic!

10th Mar 2008, 09:23
From my latest solicitor's bill:

E mail to wife

10th Mar 2008, 09:29
From my latest solicitor's bill:

Email to wife $50.00
Perusing email from wife $40.00
Email to wife $50.00
Perusing email from wife $20.00
Perusing further email from wife $20.00
Letter to wife $50.00
Email to wife $50.00
Telephone attendance on wife $40.00

... and so on and so forth to a total of $600 on a $1000 invoice.

Not sure just who I'm being screwed by ....the ex wife or my solicitor! :mad: