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7th Mar 2008, 18:25
The little 125cc motorcycles that is....
I dunno.... you wait years for a bit of British talent to come on the GP bike scene and 3 come along all at once!! The "little" bikes have always provided the best entertainment on a race weekend and now we have 3 'kids' who look to make a mark on the world of GP racing. Well done Messrs Smith, Redding and Webb in todays pre GP qualifying. Bradley Smith showed what could be expected last year if only he had a decent bike, but t'other chappies have been a revelation!! Put me down for a tenner. :ok:

7th Mar 2008, 19:19
2000 Zulu, Eurosport, for the first quali sessions from Doha if ya want to see how Brad The Lad does, boris

(is a night race under floodlights this weekend)

7th Mar 2008, 19:29
On the way back from Portsmouth on Sunday for the 125 race.... bugger. Lets hope Bradley the Ginger Ninja can make his mark. :}

7th Mar 2008, 19:41
I'll try to remember to post the results for ya

Lon More
8th Mar 2008, 02:06
Used to enjoy watching the 50cc class. Power band about 100rpm wide, 12, or more, speed boxes and running on tyres with about a 2 inch section

9th Mar 2008, 06:06
Boris, don't know if you noticed or not but Brad got POLE!! :ok::D:D

9th Mar 2008, 18:48
Sorry Boris, but Brad had a howler.

Had a massive tankslapper early on and went backwards, possibly mech troubles.

Scott Redding and Danny Webb flew the flag for Britain though, 5th and 6th

9th Mar 2008, 19:40
Thanks. Caught the podium, just. Toby and Jules on Eurosport saying Redding had a blinder? Just hope Bradley doesn't have the same troubles as Mr Passini did on that bike last year :\ Nice to see some good young talent sticking it to the big names. Redding has only just turned 15 hasn't he? :ok:

10th Mar 2008, 06:37
15yr 65days, I think.

He did have a blinder, was up to third and challenging for 2nd at one point

Let's just say he certainly showed he has no fear of mixing it with the more experienced guys!

Can't wait for Jerez

10th Mar 2008, 10:22
Well done Scott and Brad.

JT didn't do too bad either.

10th Mar 2008, 11:33
Excellent racing, well done to the young lads, it's about time Danny Webb had a decent bit of machinery underneath him. Real shame about Bradley, I think he's got a good chance at the championship as long as the bike doesn't go pop every time like it did last year.

How great was it to see Pasini get some good luck for once? I was shouting at the TV during the last few laps, just willing that bloke to win it.

And then JT shows that he's got the class and talent to push Rossi even on an inferior bike. This should shape up to be a great season.

Great to see that tyre manufacturers didnt have much bearing on the results.

The only fly in the ointement is that poxy Ducati. for the first half of the race I was so pleased to see that the other teams had caught up and that it wasn't going to be a boring, dull season like last year. It was terrific to see Stoner, Rossi, Pedbot and Toseland mixing it up.

Then Stoner just changes the full map to full race and widdles off into the distance, great riding and great bike but it's a downer for a close championship.

Hopefully Valencia will prove to be a real test of bikes and ability.

10th Mar 2008, 18:05
How great was it to see Pasini get some good luck for once? I was shouting at the TV during the last few laps, just willing that bloke to win it.

Apart from the John Cleese moment, he showed great maturity and class after all those heartbreaking breakdowns. Very pragmatic and a worthy winner.

BTW, on the motogp front, I nearly put a tenner on Jorge Lorenzo prior to testing.... he was 80-1 for the championship! Mr Pillock-Brain here didn't do it! :{

11th Mar 2008, 10:34
Yeah I agree that riders throwing strops is not good to see. But after the continual break downs and nightmares that he had gone through with that bike, I think most of the viewers and paddock were willing him to give that heap another kick.

11th Mar 2008, 14:26

Blummin well deserved it too!

11th Mar 2008, 20:49
Didn't Hopkins have a bi of a moment last year too?

Strangely, the Suzuki worked better after it had been kicked a couple of times.