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7th Mar 2008, 15:34
From http://www.metcheck.com :

"Basically, on Monday we have, probably, the most intense storm of this Winter heading into the UK. At present, there is general agreement within all the model of the position and track of the low. The difference is in the intensity, however we'll give you the best fit at the moment.

The storm will wind up to the West of Ireland, bottoming out at around 935mb (incredibly impressive for this time of year). The storm will then push West into Ireland, the Irish Sea and then into the Midlands with gales, severe gales and even storm force winds wrapped around its core. Heavy rain pushing in from the West during Monday morning will also spread quickly across all regions with the damaging winds following on behind later in the day.

In short, Monday is looking pretty damn nasty and if you have any outside plans then please do follow forecasts over the weekend on the latest for this system. "

Don't shoot the messenger!

7th Mar 2008, 15:40
Crosswind landings in an Airbus, anyone....:8

tony draper
7th Mar 2008, 15:41
We seem to have been subjected to constant heavy wind for about a month here varying from irritating to full gale,its still blowing hard as we speak,the beginings of March were traditionally rough hence that old saying, but it seems to have started early this year.
Fecking hate the bloody wind it gets right on me tits.:suspect:

7th Mar 2008, 15:51
Put a shirt on then

7th Mar 2008, 19:43
http://www.windfinder.com/ paints a scary picture: Monday 1200Z, they're estimating winds in excess of 60kts (approaching Force 12) off SW Ireland and Cornwall. Not as bad inland, but I'd stay in if I could - but I have stuff to do. :ooh:

7th Mar 2008, 20:15
Woohoo! day off work! :}

west lakes
7th Mar 2008, 20:25
Discussion in the office this afternoon about this forecast.
YC we've got a severe wx warning for Monday
LW Oh not heard that yet
Me Yep Met Office forecasting up to 80mph gusts Monday/Tuesday, but at the mo we look to be on the northern edge
LW 80 - is that all

(in Jan 2005 there was a recorded 126mph gust locally)

Krystal n chips
8th Mar 2008, 04:01

I hope you're not fishing here ?

henry crun
8th Mar 2008, 06:53
Nah, I don't think he would be fishing in that wind.

It would be impossible to cast into it, and casting downwind you would never see your sinker again. :}