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Flying Lawyer
6th Mar 2008, 21:59

Apologies if it's been posted before.

Brian Abraham
7th Mar 2008, 04:03
Thanks FL, nice to see His Honour has not lost his sense of humour. Then again I guess you'd need one. Would the fella be able to claim damages - expense incurred for air bag fix?

7th Mar 2008, 12:34
He's lucky - it could have been a lot worse!


Flying Lawyer
7th Mar 2008, 21:32
Brian Would the fella be able to claim damages - expense incurred for air bag fix?In theory: Yes. (Subject to the old lady's ability to pay.)
In practice: I couldn't possibly comment. ;)

7th Mar 2008, 23:29
Would the video be admissible as evidence?
In the absence of corroborating witnesses (the photographer and his cohort?) the case might be difficult to prove (though I have known Magistrates find based on allegations).
Judges, however, would be exceedingly fair . . .

7th Mar 2008, 23:32
I would have thought that your average old dear could not have prediected that a swipe at a radiator grille with a soft (but possibly full) shopping bag would have caused the air bag to deplay.

I wouldn't have!!!



7th Mar 2008, 23:35
No, I wouldn't have either, unless you're very unlucky/lucky (depending on your point of view) and manage a direct strike on one of the impact sensors.

It's all a wee bit suspicious if you ask me!

Still bloody funny though! Might have to try that next time some oik tries to run me over on a pedestrian crossing!

8th Mar 2008, 00:18
How big is your handbag?
I suppose a pilot's case might do it . . .

8th Mar 2008, 09:07
I thought the Merc airbag systems relied mainly on accelerometers rather than impact switches for the front airbags?

I know the side airbags use what are effectively strain gauges taped to the inside of the doors, but I'm sure the front airbags are triggered by the deceleration caused by a head on collision, backed up by trigger switches set well back in the crumple zone, set to trigger only when a significant deformation of the deformable elements was detected?

Could be wrong of course.

8th Mar 2008, 11:38
Would the fella be able to claim damages - expense incurred for air bag fix?
In Canada he could charge her with mischief under the Criminal Code and seek restitution if she were convicted. However, the media and public would come down so hard on him that he would probably back off.