View Full Version : BRAL LBA-LGW service to start Oct 28th

Propped Out
20th Aug 2001, 21:58
According to Leeds-Bradfords website: www.LBIA.co.uk (http://www.LBIA.co.uk) British Regional are to start a 3 times daily service to London Gatwick with effect the 28th October.
Good news for business, leisure & connecting pax.

Anyone know of any other new services from LBA this winter? ;)

682ft AMSL
21st Aug 2001, 01:51
Good news indeed, esp. following their recent announcement to increase the LBA-DUB service to 6 x daily. Should be an increase to 4 based J41s to cope with the increases I'm told.

As for other new services, everyone's looking at bmi. Common sense suggests they will seek to better utilise their based Emb 135/145 fleet (currently the wet-leased 135 and two 145s). No news of anything concrete as yet.


21st Aug 2001, 14:58
Excellent news for us Yorkshire types who need to get back every so often and don't fancy letting the train take the strain!Any idea what aircraft they plan to use. J41 may mean the M1 still looks good!

rhythm method
21st Aug 2001, 19:55
Sorry to be the bearer of sad tidings, but yes it is going to be operated by a wetdream 41 with 3 flights per day.

21st Aug 2001, 20:08
I think they will have problems getting slots for this operation unless BA are giving up some of their slots ?

21st Aug 2001, 22:24
Supposed to be taking over from cityflyer according to fax on our crewroom wall.

Sharjah Night Shift
21st Aug 2001, 22:41
BA are supposed to be dropping some long haull services from LGW. I suspect this will be a slot holding exercise.

22nd Aug 2001, 01:16
CityFlyer stopped the LGW-LBA services over 4 years ago, so I guess the slots are coming from elsewhere.....

And definitely a J41 - at least for now...

(At least they're pretty fast, if a little 'painful')



Steven Mendelsohn
22nd Aug 2001, 01:48
LBA's gain is GLA's loss. Alas poor Cork, I knew you well.

682ft AMSL
22nd Aug 2001, 01:54
I think it's past the stage of trying to find the slots....the flights are already on sale. Departures from LBA at 06:40, 13:40 and 18:30. Flight no's in the BA 87** range.

For the record, CFE operated until Mar 98 although ironically enough the last 3 months were sub-contracted out to Sun Air who flew 4 x daiy with a J41 (CFE axed the LBA service to use the slots for LGW-ZUH).

Propped Out
23rd Aug 2001, 00:52
I imagine this route will prove a big success.

Suprised at a J41 though (not that there's anything wrong with a J41) would have expected a shiney new Embrear 145 on a route like LGW... perhaps next year!?

beaver eager
23rd Aug 2001, 01:17
It would have to be a J41 as CFE decided it wasn't worth it with an ATR42!

Considering the usual Wx and unusual (main) runway direction, I was pleased to see the back of the LBA service with CFE. You guys who are based there must have pretty big Cahones!

(BTW, Zurich is ZRH not ZUH)