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25th Feb 2008, 20:28
:ugh:when flying managed and standard APP,you inter the terminal area with SPD 250kts without ATC SPD restriction,for A-320 airplane CAT is C,and according to JEPP max SPD during initial app phase is 240kts.how come airbus did not mention any thing about it or put it as spd restriction in the data base when we start IAP

25th Feb 2008, 23:41
Because you're supposed to have the charts out and read them before starting the approach...

BTW, what airport/arrival/approach?

Dream Land
26th Feb 2008, 00:26
Did the approach chart mention to lower the landing gear? :hmm:

26th Feb 2008, 02:50
A bit of a 'Deep Question' A320 crew:zzz:

26th Feb 2008, 08:36
Your charts came from Jepp but where did your database come from? If the speed limit is general to the airport then it should be in the airport record and should apply to all procedures below a certain altitude. If the speed limit is specific to the procedure then it should have been charted and coded for that procedure. Unfortunately the coders don't always pick up all the associated data from the charts/AIP - often because of failings in the State publications. Oh yes, and in some FMSs you can't code a speed limit without an associated altitude restriction. Moral of the story? Don't rely solely on your database - cross check with the charts before flying any procedure.

27th Feb 2008, 12:28
Check your FMGC database next month AFTER having filed a report to your ops office on this divergence , and youŽll see how this wonŽt appear anymore in it, and youŽll be able to " follow " your machine.

By the way, you ask so many times "pls,.." in your post, I began to wonder if what you REALLY needed to navigate your A320Žs SPEED, was your FMGC.

( Hope not )