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The AvgasDinosaur
25th Feb 2008, 10:20
Dear All,
First flight dates are often recorded in great detail, with a little
research the first flight date of every one of thousands of Boeing
737s could be traced.
What about last flights of any given type ?
Heres a few to start the ball rolling
DH-86 Express G-ACZP was damaged on landing at Madrid 21/9/58, when
attempts were made to move her the main spar was snapped thus
rendering the type extinct.
Miles Aerovan c/n 6397 OO-MAR was damaged beyond repair at Spa in
Belgium 25/6/61. This was I believe the last flying example.
Avro Tudor c/n 1345 G-AHNL flew Lisbon - Stansted on 16/6/59 and into
When Vickers Viking F-BMEU was WFU at Nice in 1971 was she the last
flying example? A date anyone?
DH-95 G-AFYF, FYK and FYL were broken up at Redhill in May 1954 which
one was the last to fly?
Hermes G-ALDA arrived at Gatwick on 13th December 1964 the last flight of the type, where from ?
Miles Marathon JA 6009 c/n 136 lingered until broken up at Nagoya as
late as 1974. Were the Japanese twins JA 6009 and JA 6010 last two
flying or does that honour belong elsewhere?
There are many many others, this hopefully will become a thread that
runs and runs.
Your contributions, time and trouble much appreciated,
Be lucky

25th Feb 2008, 16:00
Ex RAF Britannia 253 EL-WXA Landed Kemble 14th October 1997 to become XM496 again. (First flight 24th August 1960).

25th Feb 2008, 20:58
Excellent thread idea, could be good. OK answer # 1 Hermes G-ALDA arrived at LGW at 12.05 on 13-12-64 following a flight from Pakistan via Brindisi for fuel.
Although on 22-12-64 she flew Gatwick to Southend only to be axed by the scrapman during 1965 ............... End of Hermes .........Although maybe the Royal Radar Establishment at Pershore were still using one ? Keith.