View Full Version : VFR minimums (United States)

20th Feb 2008, 01:12
How come the VFR minimums for Charlie are stricter than Bravo?

I thought the reason was because Bravo usually is better organized and controlled. However, an FAA employee gave me a totally different explanation. Unfortunately I cannot remember what he said. Does anybody know the exact reason?

20th Feb 2008, 12:46
VFR minima Class C : 3 SM visibility and 500' below, 1000' above and 2000' lateral distance from cloud. Class C radar service provides Traffic advisories to VFR traffic.

VFR minima Class B : 3 SM visibility and clear of cloud. Class B provides separation to VFR traffic.

Therefore you only need the 3 SM visibility in order to be able to visually navigate, you do not need the cloud clearance requirements to see and avoid other traffic as you would in C,D and E airspace.

21st Feb 2008, 00:43
Thank you! You saved my day :)

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