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19th Feb 2008, 17:48

I am trying to list all of Australia's RPT Airlines past and present.

I have a page set up here http://australian-airlines-list.wikispaces.com/ (http://australian-airlines-list.wikispaces.com/)

It explains clearly what I am doing and why.

Any help that I can get would most appreciated.


20th Feb 2008, 06:16
Good luck with that mate.

I had a quick look thru your list and there were several hundered airlines already listed. I'm surprised that there have been so many in a country with such a small population.

20th Feb 2008, 08:19

I think there are a lot of charter and freight companies listed.
That list was bought together form many sources.

The idea now is to weed it out.

Australia is a very tough place for airlines to survive.


tail wheel
20th Feb 2008, 09:39
"I think there are a lot of charter and freight companies listed."

Not so. All listed (with the possible exception of "Woods Airline" - don't know that one) operated scheduled air services in Australia either with an airline AOC or R203 Exemption (DCA), SAL AOC (CAA) or LCAOC (CASA).

You have many, many more to go. Just a few that come to mind, even put them in alphabetical order for you.......

Air North
Bush Pilots
Cape York Air
Connellan Airlines
Eastland Air
Guinea Airlines
M a c a i r
Mandated Airlines
Norfolk Island Airlines
Queensland Air Lines (QAL)
Torres Air
T r a n s t a t e Airlines
Yanda Airlines

And that is after only a couple of minutes of brain scratching...... :ok:

Tail Wheel

Fris B. Fairing
20th Feb 2008, 22:00

I visited your list and even edited the dates for one of the lesser known airlines.

My initial thought was that it's a pity you are intending to limit the list to RPT as this will entail culling a lot of names and therefore (imho) reducing the usefulness of the list. As you have chosen the name "Australian Commercial Aviation Collection" you should be able to accommodate all operators without having to amend your constitution. Speaking of which, have you made provision for the preservation of donated items in the event (God forbid) that your organisation is wound up?


24th Feb 2008, 06:31

Thanks you both for your input.

The collection is private collection.
There is no group or constitution, just me.

I have in place when I die, the collection goes to my children, if they do not want it, it will be donated to the State Museum of what ever State we live in.

On the web site is a Donations Policy which is very clear about ownership.

I have my hands full with RPT, but there is no reason why someone could not compile a list of all companies RPT/ Charter/ Freight.

Thanks again.


24th Feb 2008, 06:50
Air Tasmania originally operated a DC-3 VH-MMF, before going broke and restarting with a Piper Chieftain VH-TXD in the late 1976.

Airlines of Tasmania was the combining of Executive Airlines which had become H.C.Sleigh Airlines(operating 3x C404 DLF, SON, UOP and AerocommanderAC680 VH-EXP) and Air Tasmania which was operating Piper Chieftains TXD, TZY ,TYV and PFS. The enforced merger was driven by the Tasmanian Government to provide a stable air service to the Bass Strait Islands. Airlines of Tasmania went onto operate the DH114 Herons CLY, CLX, CLV,CLT,CLZ and KAM, Piper Chieftains TAS, PFS, NPC, TZY and TAR, Piper Navajo CFE, Piper Mojave XGW, Embraer Bandierante WPI and Shorts SD360 TAO. They commenced operating in July 1982 and ceased operations in March 1997.

A few from the memory bank;

Basair-operated Chieftains and Bandierantes into the Bass Strait Islands.

Bizjets-operated a number of C402B's on RPT from Essendon to Strahan and Smithton, Essendon to Portland and then acquired a Metro II to run a service Essendon to Devonport in an attempt to break the two airline monopoly Ansett/TAA had on the run.

Flinders Island airlines

King island Airlines


Paravion-operated the Nords across Bass Strait during the 1989 Pilots

24th Feb 2008, 14:41
From "A History of the World's Airlines"-
Woods Airways flew the 26 miles from Perth to Rottnest Island using Ansons.
Started 1948 and lasted until 1962.

24th Feb 2008, 21:42
Transair also ran from the late 80's (I think - I certainly worked for them in 1990) up to 2006.