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15th Feb 2008, 14:52
I've recently found a photo album from my father in law's time on national service with 14 Squadron at Fassberg, and there are a few interesting photos in it, so I thought they may be worth posting on here.
One thing I would like to know is the type of the trainer parked outside the hangar.







Kieron Kirk
15th Feb 2008, 15:24
Balliol T.2.


16th Feb 2008, 12:00
My one and only flight in a Balliol was in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1957 at RAF Negombo (Katunayake), courtesy of a sailing friend who was an RAF exchange pilot instructor with the RCyAF.

We went north from Negombo for a lovely low-level flight along the river which the year before was the overseas location for the film "The Bridge on the River Kwai" (with many extras recruited from airmen at RAF Negombo for the crowd scenes).

The Balliol had a wonderfully raspy Merlin and view from the side-by-side cockpit was superb.

Happy memories, just sorry I left my camera behind.

Steve Bond
19th Feb 2008, 16:04
Gorgeous photos, many thanks for sharing them. Any more?

19th Feb 2008, 20:02
Cracking photo's, thank you for sharing.
Got a bit of a shock as not having broadband the picture downloaded from the top and the Canberra looked as though he was doing a VERY low pass. Until the u/c came into view that is. Could not quite read the serial of the Meteor, though it was WD868, however Google states that this belonged to an AS6 Firefly!.

Many thanks,


Charlotte Bailey
12th Mar 2022, 16:44
Great pics - would you happen to have any others of your father's time at Fassberg?

Brewster Buffalo
14th Mar 2022, 14:11
Assuming the F-84 Thunderjet is 49-2289 and courtesy of joe.baugher.com -

49-2289 - USAF 27th Fighter Escort Group. 1950-52; USAF 23rd FBS (36th Fighter Bomber Wing)

Damaged 28th Dec 1951 near Ingolstadt, West Germany,
Crashed 15th Aug 1952 near Diessen, West Germany.

15th Mar 2022, 02:52
Fishtailed, wonderful photos, you can post photos direct from your computer, so getting rid of the Photobucket watermark, it obscures detail for the aficionado..

15th Mar 2022, 20:42
I'm still amazed anyone uses Photobucket; it's not a great platform for hosting images if you ever want to share them. And that's without the awful customer 'service' of a few years ago.

Self loading bear
15th Mar 2022, 21:45
Fishtailed posted these photos in 2008 and Fishtailed’s most recent post is of Nov 2012.

20th Mar 2022, 00:00
I'm still here and surprised that the photos appeared as I have not paid for the asked for subs on photobucket, not needed now. I will post them again and some more if I find them. Thanks for the interest. BTW my last post on here was July 2020.

21st Mar 2022, 16:46
A minor point, but can we post something at 00.00? I was taught that the time 00.00 did not exist, and that the choice was either 2359 or 0001.