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12th Feb 2008, 07:12

afriend of mine tells me, that guys flying always the same routes and airports have lack of skill when they fly to new airports. is that true? getting a little bit frustrated about that. i love my homebase, the routes are sometimes variable, but often enough we fly the same legs every day.

i thought before that i can fly to every airport, i have the skill and i dont need to be afraid of that.

what are your experience and tips for me?

maybe its a matter of self confidence

thanks guys i appreciate all comments


12th Feb 2008, 08:13
"maybe its a matter of self confidence" Adversely, yes.

When one is flying the same routes day in, day out, it can become tedious. As we are all human we tend to "switch off" a little and can, if we are not very careful, become dangerously complacent.

On the other hand going to a lot of new airfields on a regular basis you tend to be more awake as you are ready and expecting more of the unexpected.

Been a victim of it myself and seen it happen on numerous occasions to.

12th Feb 2008, 21:09
Hi Olendirk

yes you have the skill and you CAN fly to all airports and yes it's a matter of self-confidence..so don't let anybody affect your self-confidence

The only difference is that with a familiar airport, you know what to expect,..with an unfamiliar airport, you just need to be more careful, that's all

I fly to london heathrow since a looong time ago,..i find it easy in retrospect....BUT tomorrow is my first time into manchester..no drama..it will take me that much longer to prepare the flight but i am confident in my ability to do it...i just need to be more careful..but i am confident that my 2nd flight will be easier and the third will be a piece of cake

i will start by looking into the star overview and tryfrom there to build a mental picture of what to expect but at the end of the day an ils is an ils is an ils...
do not let anyone make you question your flying capabilities and self-confidence
careful....sure....afraid....NO WAY

13th Feb 2008, 01:50
i thought before that i can fly to every airport, i have the skill and i dont need to be afraid of that.
To an extent that is true...

I've been flying to CV41 for the past 3 months, so it doesn't matter if I fly to CV63 or CVN69 -- they all look the same from the cockpit...

OTOH, there is no terrain around any of them, and I don't have to worry about runway length.

OTOOH, if I have to divert to an airport that doesn't move, I might forget to turn on the antiskid, and run off the end of the runway...

Stuff like that happens. Study the charts for the airport for EVERY landing!