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11th Feb 2008, 19:29
Further to a previous post regarding the route to a CPL/IR, and having read D1 of LASORS, can anyone clarify the state of play with this scenario:

If I was to complete my ATPL theory exams and get my CPL, then possibly leading to an FI rating, would I still have to complete the IR within the 36 months of passing the first ATPL theory exam?

To put it another way, would an FI instructing on a CPL need to resit all of the ATPL exams if he didnt get an IR within the 36 months from passing his first exam?

Or, is it possible to sit the 9 of the exams required for the CPL theory passes then at such time as the IR sit the further 5, or does it just not work like that.

Thank You

11th Feb 2008, 19:36
JAR-FCL 1.185:
(c) If the IR(A) has not been
revalidated/renewed within the preceding
7 years, the holder will be required to retake the
IR(A) theoretical knowledge examination and
skill test [...]

11th Feb 2008, 19:43
Thanks Selfin, not really sure that relates to my query though, Im talking issue of the IR as opposed to revalidation.

Clearly for issue of the CPL/IR fATPL I need passes in the 14 theory exams.

However, If I didnt complete the IR module within the normal 36 months since the exams, would I therefore have to re sit all of them again if I wanted to do the IR at a later stage?



11th Feb 2008, 20:05
yes, you would have to resit them all.

11th Feb 2008, 20:18
Ah, bit hasty of me. You want JAR-FCL 1.495:

(a) A pass in the theoretical knowledge
examinations given in accordance with JAR–FCL
1.490 will be accepted for the grant of the
CPL(A) or IR(A) during the 36 months from the
date of gaining a Pass in all the required
examination papers.

(b) Provided that an IR(A) is obtained in
accordance with (a) above, a pass in the
ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examination will
remain valid for a period of 7 years from the last
validity date of the IR(A) entered in the CPL(A)
for the issuance of an ATPL(A).

If you intend to complete the IR outside of the ATPL theory exam validity period you could opt for the IR theory exams but these wouldn't enable you to apply for an ATPL (afaik.)

11th Feb 2008, 20:23
Selfin, correct; you'd end up with a CPL/IR. However, I suspect the OP would be after an ATPL and therefore would be required to sit all the ATPL exams again if no IR was obtained within the 36 months.



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