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1st Oct 2001, 08:24
Can you imagine it?
sitting on a filthy A/C for 50 minutes is bad enough but could you stick it for six hours?


1st Oct 2001, 10:15
not this load of bol!ocks again !! never even in the most affulent times for aviation would ryanair go transatlantic

1st Oct 2001, 10:27
Of course not, never, things will always stay the same. If you are paying yourself then price is the main factor.

EI - E I - O
1st Oct 2001, 11:32
RyanAir- ETOPS?

With respect, I don't think so.

In the slot
1st Oct 2001, 13:37
Only time you'll see a Ryan Air 737 over the Atlantic ocean is flying eastbound as a delivery flight from Seattle!! Having said that, I wonder if they actually do take delivery of new aircraft as most I've been on seem to be second hand from Kenya Airways!!

1st Oct 2001, 16:19
Well, their 737-800 ETOPS can do the trip, not the 737-200's (economically and oceanic route wise that is) But doubt they will get in to that market.

1st Oct 2001, 18:18
wrong !!
the 737-800 has not got a 9hr fuel endurance to fly the north atlantic. even on a good day nyc is 6+hrs, then you have got to load sufficient north-atlantic div fuel. all this with what an hours etops rating? i don't think so - oh and thats before they carry any pax. as for the cost - the big boys will eat them alive - even today the vs/ba the us carriers and even ei have nyc fares from as little as 200gbp. there is no way that fr could rival that sorst of cost and break even let alone even smell a profit. + the fact they would make shed loads more dosh doing 7 or 8 return dub-uk flts in the same time as it would take 1 dub-nyc a/c to operate. sorry to all you boys at fr but - dream on. unless you can prove me wrong that is ?

1st Oct 2001, 18:41
So, Kenya Airways had twenty or so brand-new -800s did they? I think not. Before we get onto the M.O.L. bashing, who said 737? If Ryan get their hads on 757/767 we could all be in for a surprise.

1st Oct 2001, 18:48
Herod: The Ryanair and Easyjet model is based upon a 737 operation - that's why everyone is assuming a 737....

In the slot
1st Oct 2001, 20:09
Calm down "herod!" Just harmless fun! Unlikely in a 737, and as mentioned, to diversify to other types would ruin the whole philosophy.

1st Oct 2001, 20:10
if fr can operate the route, using whatever a/c they can and make money, then good luck - but the pitfalls will be HUGE, and there will be many, many, many of them. i still reckon that even with a 757 with 2+hrs etops clearance (61/2 flt) and a full 235 pax, you will be pushing the limit on the a/c range. and thats assuming that they will get etops certification for there a/c, crew, and mainanence - all of which takes a long time to obtain - and a hell of a lot of effort to retain. if an experienced etops operator like one of the big uk charter operators last year can have there etops cert, suspended - then fr dont stand a big chance on there lack of engineerig experience alone.

EI - E I - O
1st Oct 2001, 20:13
RyanAir will have alot of work, to get their maintenance up to ETOPS Standards, we are talking, no ADD's, a sufficent out station to repair incoming defects etc, etc, it will never happen. Anyway, the RyanAir Jockeys won't settle for a one sector a day bonus!

Celtic Emerald
1st Oct 2001, 20:50
Would you guys stop all your FR bashing You're beginning to get on my nerves. A bunch of knockers some of ya are that's all, have to knock anyone who's been successful & what successful businesses have you ever started????? :mad:

As for FR A/C's being dirty, I've never noticed. I'm usually too busy up in the cockpit getting a complete rundown (of the instruments that is shucks :( ) by their lovely pilots anyway. Judging by your attitude you'd have been lucky to get a tour of the loo :p


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The Flying Helmet
2nd Oct 2001, 17:23
Has anyone heard about a 747-300 low cost operation out of LPL to JFK, apparently fares to be 150GBP all seats all flights. Heard some mention of a People Express model.

2nd Oct 2001, 19:10
Now thats a rumour(?) and a half!!!!!!!!!!

gravity victim
2nd Oct 2001, 19:32
Go Ryanair! I've just had an excellent sixty-quidsworth back from Denmark, brand spanking new 737-800, on time, attractive cabin crew. Only slight jarring note was the spotty youth tickling the pretty F/A (successfully) to sabotage her safety PA, but hey, we were all young once.. ;)

2nd Oct 2001, 19:41
Perhaps it would be poss to do this if you could find some 2nd hand A320s and A330s, instead of using 737s?

A320s would do short-haul, A330s would do long- haul :cool:. You'd get all the benefits of fleet commonality, same pilots could be trained to fly both a/c etc etc...

But I suppose it depends if people can put up with cramped conditions for 6 hrs..... :eek:

EI - E I - O
2nd Oct 2001, 20:49
Yeah, the Airbus option, sounds great in theory, but compare A320-200 lease payments with an 18 year old 727-200,(even if FR did lease them), parts for the old B737 can be found at just about any airport, or the next closest, and they don't cost the earth, not like the 320, when you have to re-morgage your house for every black box change needed.

2nd Oct 2001, 21:01
MOL has said "no" publicly to this suggestion repeatedly......so think the answer is no! Especially not in the present market conditions......you would have to be a real loon!

2nd Oct 2001, 21:03
Ryanair seem to stick very closely to Herb KelleherŽs South-West formula and going transatlantic is definitely NOT something youŽd ever see South-West doing.

Sounds doubtful to me.

3rd Oct 2001, 08:20
You haven't seen them lay-off anyone yet have you?

3rd Oct 2001, 08:25
Light wing, they don't lay off staff they sack them!
The only ones they lay off are pax.