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I. M. Esperto
15th Jan 2002, 16:16

Captain Elwood "Woodie" Menear of U.S. Air was stopped by a security checker, questioned, then removed from the terminal at PHL, arrested, and suspended by U.S. Air for simply making a statement that was totally blown out of proportion. He is facing a trial for Disorderly Conduct, and Making a Terrorist Threat.

After noticing the story in a local newspaper, I contacted Woodie and offered my sympathy and assistance in some way. Being he was facing a trial, he was unable to give me specific details, but assured me the whole thing was a case of making a mountain out of the proverbial molehill.

My interpretation is that an agency of our government has gone berserk
with newly given powers, which they use indiscriminately, and unwisely. This is just one of hundreds, perhaps thousands of such cases, and this time it has hit home, targeting one of us.

Woodie is being represented by an ALPA attorney, but we must remember that they are limited by certain rules. He hired a PHL lawyer, Lisa, who I contacted at 215-972-6430. I suggested to Lisa a letter writing campaign. She agreed that this was a good idea. She would appreciate responsible letters to US Air management, plus letters to as many editors as possible. Lisa can also be contacted at [email protected].

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15th Jan 2002, 16:22
The link doesn't work.

15th Jan 2002, 16:23
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15th Jan 2002, 16:58
I cannot BLINDLY support the captain when, as yet, I have not seen any FACTS about what was said. I know that I too have at times been close to making inappropriate comments when subjected to equally inappropriate and rude treatment from moronic imbeciles that are in charge of airport security in the USA (haven't we all perhaps), but managed to keep my trap shut knowing full well that I would be the loser. Perhaps, on this occasion, the captain let his frustrations get the better of him. Who knows!

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Greg Baddeley
15th Jan 2002, 17:23
Hang on, I feel an overwhelming sense of Deja vu coming on.............someone being detained over a misunderstanding??? Greek plane spotters????

At least he's in the USA and will be innocent until proven guilty!! Won't he?

15th Jan 2002, 17:38
A few more "facts" or as close as we can get to them, would be a good start. Like everything in dispute there will be 3 sides to the story. His, thiers, and somewhere in the middle (or I hope more towards his story)the truth.

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I. M. Esperto
15th Jan 2002, 21:48
On the phone #, I got it from the white pages. It is a listed number.

Anyone can get it either by a 411 search, or calling the operator 00.

16th Jan 2002, 00:23
What if he had been a nutter with a uniform and fake ID and was let through?
Would this thread be titled "Let's Assist the victims families"..........

16th Jan 2002, 06:20
[quote]What if he had been a nutter with a uniform and fake ID and was let through?

He wasn't......what's your point?

BTW, is there a reason that my last post was removed?

16th Jan 2002, 12:33
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It does appear that a huge amount of hypocrisy exists in this website.

If the "inappropriate comments" had been made by a passenger you would have all jumped on the case suggesting that the "self loading freight ought to know better . . . ." and "have they forgotten the 11th of September . . . ."

One rule for one and one rule for another? <img src="mad.gif" border="0">

16th Jan 2002, 18:05
While none of us wants to get caught up in the hype and knee-jerking going'round these days...it may be a good idea to find out exactly what this fellow said before heading off in one direction or another.... regarding the above post of double standards...point taken...crew should be held to a higher standard than that of the public...after all we are the industry professionals.....

16th Jan 2002, 18:24
I read on a website (i'm sorry, I don't know which one it was. I came across it last week but didn't make a note of it - i'll try and find it again) that he alledgedly said something when the security people questioned some tweezers he had.

This is not a direct quote but the website reported it as it was something like, "Checking my tweezers won't do anything. If I want to crash the plane I can do".

If this report was correct then once again, it's a case of common sense going out the window......Bin Laden is still roaming free but a US pilot is up in front of a court for what seems a jovial remark. Where is the perspective?

16th Jan 2002, 18:27
Found it!!

<a href="http://news1.iwon.com/article/id/201627|top|01-14-2002::01:05|reuters.html" target="_blank">Report Here</a>

16th Jan 2002, 18:42
My sympathy to the chap in question.

Spent 1hr 40mins at IAD last friday trying to get through custom's. The dedicated chap behind the screen was concerned about me being in possesion of a US student visa and being an airline pilot! Despite having passport, BA id, and the contact number at the pentagon of the friend i was visiting, a usaf major, i recieved a rude and prolonged interrogation.

As i was about to point out that if i intended to hijack an aircraft i would have probably have used the one i had control of the previous day i had a rare attack of restraint and continued my mantra of "hello old boy, nice brit here, let me in please".

I therefore would like to my lend support to "woodie" but that does require knowledge of what he actually said.

I await with intrest.

16th Jan 2002, 20:46
Here's what it took for me to travel from Miami to Birmingham, Alabama, Monday:

- Showed up two hours early, found out I was on the "to be scanned" list (I bought a one-way ticket); taken to a back room and my checked bag was searched by hand for 15 minutes. They did not like the fact I had a pilot uniform.

- Proceeded through the security checkpoint. Carryon bag was scanned electronically. Computer taken out and inspected.

- At the gate, had to get physically patted down, had to remove my belt and shoes, they felt the bottoms of my feet. Another 15 minutes spent hand-searching my carryon.

All this for a **** -ant hour and a half leg to Atlanta. More fun when I got there. At some point I realized - I may not be able to put up with this for the rest of my career......

17th Jan 2002, 01:40
Look boys and girls...you all must realize the US gubmint is trying to do a job without the proper tools, and until they realize this, things will be a mess...don't fault the joe-blow at the metal detector, fault the morons who put them there without the proper training and educational background to do the job properly..and further...these folks are the front line "point men" so to speak...so lets work toward getting them the tools to do the job properly, and also to weed out the tossers...

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Ignition Override
19th Jan 2002, 09:37
You said it IronButt. By the way, were you ever above the Ho Chi Minh Trails, or Laos, by chance? Lots of scary AAA reported in those areas.
Anyway, let's hope that they don't hire the Village People for airport security. I don't want any of them flamers massaging people.

Pardon the truth. It is so incorrect these days, whereas perversion is the in thing.

Here is where I stand. Period.

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