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7th Feb 2008, 12:40
Hey Guys,

I passed my class 1 yesterday and by coincidence CTC have progressed me to stage 2 applications.
I currently have a degree in aerospace engineering and work for a major airline.
I am now however torn to what to do.

Ideally I would like to wait until I get sponsorship from an airline (any) since I would have “guaranteed” employment.
I am also a member of the airlines flying club (0 hours however!)

What do you guys think?

7th Feb 2008, 13:21
Go for the CTC assesment, not a guaranteed job but 100% of their graduates are in employment or in a holding pool (correct me if im wrong people). Once the partner airline picks you up they will give you an extra £1,000 a month to pay back fees.

If you pass the assesment or even before that, why not go get a trial flight? see what you think before you commit to anything

Good luck.

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