View Full Version : Electrical Harnesses (LH & RH)

7th Feb 2008, 09:23
I've got a question for any harness installers on aircraft with different configs (MD-90, V2500 if possible).

Could you tell me what the term "Max Neutral" means? In addition, when swapping the harnesses from RH to LH (or vice versa) do you really need to fully remove & install, or are there a large number of common clipping points?


7th Feb 2008, 18:07
If you are talking wiring to the engines, R/H and L/H wire looms will not interchange. All the connections that are on the inboard side of the R/H engine will be on the outboard side of the L/H engine. So they will not interchange and should be routed differently. Same goes for the fuel lines and air ducting.