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Chris Royle
3rd Feb 2008, 19:17
Dear all,
Can anyone provide details of the Reid & Sigrist RS.1 Snargasher prototype (no subsequent production).
A friend wishes to make a radio control scale model of this aircraft.
He is aware of the following and of the Wikipedai information (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reid_and_Sigrist_R.S.3) and photos that are available.

Reid & Sigrist RS.1 Snargasher prototype
c/n 1 G-AEOD
2 x 205hp DH Gipsy Six II Series II piston engines driving 2-blade propellers
Designer: W/Cdr George Lowdell
Plywood/wood construction.
First public appearance at the Heathrow garden Party of the Royal Aeronautical Society 15/5/39, CofA issued 3/6/39. Used for manufacturer's communications during 1939-44.
Scrapped 1944.
Can anyone help, ideally with a 3 view drawing and photos other than those already in existence?
Many thanks

3rd Feb 2008, 20:41
Should you not have already accessed this site. There was an article regarding this aircraft published in Flight on the 13th May 1939. This can be accessed as a PDF file on the Flight International Archive website:- http://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/index.html.

3rd Feb 2008, 21:39
Just a biit condescending in a superior sort of way, MReyn.

I am sorry if that was the impression I gave. It certainly was not meant to be so. I was merely directing Chris Royle to a possible source of information on this aircraft, which I had found following his enquiry and rather than post several pages of information on this thread that he may already have I posted a link.:\

3rd Feb 2008, 21:53
According to a short item in the September 1976 issue of Air International the name "snargasher" was applied to the R.S.1 by the factory workers during its construction and had no meaning other than as a "family joke".

BTW.. I have a zipped copy of that article available for download on request...

Chris Royle
4th Feb 2008, 06:51
Thanks MReyn. A fascinating archive. And may I have a copy of the article to download.
It's cm_royleAThotmail.com
Thanks again.

Chris Royle
4th Feb 2008, 19:29
Can I just say thanks to MReyn and Windriver who have supplied just about everything my chum needs to build the RC scale model.

4th Feb 2008, 20:45
You are more than welcome. I hope you will persuade your friend to post a photograph of the model when it is finished.

4th Feb 2008, 22:34
I hope you will persuade your friend to post a photograph of the model when it is finished. Yes it would be good to see.. Meanwhile here's a "Flight" piccy of the aircraft to be going on with...


Brian Abraham
5th Feb 2008, 00:04
The photo is not unlike an aircraft some chap built in the UK during the 90's with twin O-200's and two seat tandem arrangement. Featured in the EAA magazine. Anyone any clues? I know MReyn24050 is up to speed on these sort of questions.

5th Feb 2008, 16:39
That would be the Phillips Speedtwin is/was a twin engined with tail wheel U/C and a tandem cockpit. Has been discussed before here:-

Photograph here:-
and here

Brian Abraham
5th Feb 2008, 23:00
Thanks MReyn24050, thats the one, nice little aircraft.

Chris Royle
6th Feb 2008, 17:31
Fully aerobatic too. Peter Phillips used to do a cracking display.
I believe that it's languishing somewhere. I seem to remember seeing it. Can someone remind me where it is now?

6th Feb 2008, 17:44
This photograph I think was taken at Shoreham Sussex Sept 2007.

Brian Abraham
7th Feb 2008, 02:10
There were two Speedtwins built as I found out after MReyn24050's reply, G-GPST and G-STDL. The former had O-200's fitted and the latter Walter inverted four cylinder in line engines.

7th Feb 2008, 07:34
The RS1 looks very much like the Desford before it 'grew' it's prone pilot cockpit.

Chris Royle
3rd May 2010, 17:18
Dear all,
My chum Dave Chinery has now completed the Snargasher model using information from you good chaps on the Aviation History and Nostalgia forum. You can see a couple of photos of the aircraft on the Hayes and District Model Flying Club web site. (The Club is interesting in itself, having been in existence since 1933 when it was started by a number of Fairey Aviation employees.)
Hayes & District Model Aero Club :: A Quiet Experience (http://www.hayesdmac.co.uk/index.shtml)
I think that you will agree that the model looks very handsome. Dave is hoping that it will cause a few heads to be scratched as to it's identity.
Here is a description of the model specification in Dave's own words;
Span 64" Unusually for me, the structure is all wood - the only foam in it is the pilots! Weight about 6.5lb 2 x 300W outrunners on 3S 2200mAh each, turning 10x5 props. Static thrust about 1:1! The full-size was apparently aerobatic and the model definitely will be!
Given good weather, I believe that it was intended to test fly the aircraft this weekend.
Once again, thanks everyone,