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3rd Feb 2008, 16:27
See? I thought that would get you interested... However, back to the mundane (and arguably geeky, but with apologies to modellers) - I am trying to find the name of a series of small card model kits, printed and produced in the 50's/60's, which I remember buying from my local model shop. They quickly lost out as Airfix took over my life. My memory says they were small, included a/c like the Vampire and Meteor, featured metallic printing and required razor blade trimming. They were postcard size or slightly bigger and not that cheap. Also any sources of the late lamented Hooton Aircraft paper models would be gratefully received. If however you still have any of the above, the Paypal a/c is.......
PS tried eabay but no luck.
Hat, coat, off to my shed now.
Mike (aged 55.75..):O