View Full Version : Fixed seatpitch airframes

25th Jan 2008, 11:00
Which airliner frames have fixed seat positions and how do airlines handle them?

On Convair 240/340/580 family, normally 4 abreast, the seat as well as window pitch is 38 inches.

The same applies on Convair 880/990 family. There is economy class with 5 abreast while first class is 4 abreast, but seat pitch is equally 38 inches in both classes.

Douglas DC-8 has 40 inch window pitch. Some DC-8s were supposed to have coach seat pitch 40 inches equally with first class, with 6 seats abreast in coach and 4 seats abreast in first. However, this turned out to be forbidden because coach seat pitch over 34 inches is forbidden by IATA. So many DC-8 coach seat rows must face blank wall.

How do Convair 880/990 planes deal with maximum coach seat pitch? Allegedly, seat locations in wrong places are impossible on Convair 880/990 family because of floor structure...

Caravelle has 37 inch window pitch. Does anyone know the window pitch of Fokker 27 Fellowship? What about E-jets and CRJ-s?